QJMotor ialah salah satu daripada beberapa jenama di bawah empayar Qianjiang yang sering menghasilkan model demi model motosikal, antaranya yang menjadi Benelli, atau sekurang-kurangnya berkongsi platform. Contohnya, QJMotor SRT600 ini yang bakal menggantikan SRT550.

Model SRT550 berdasarkan satu platform yang amat penting. Seperti yang kami nyatakan sebelum ini, enjin dan casisnya adalah sama dengan Benelli TRK 502. TRK 502 telah dihentikan produksinya tetapi masih boleh didapati di Malaysia. Platform ini juga digunakan oleh MV Lucky Explorer 5.5, hasil kerjasama Qianjiang dan MV Agusta.

Tetapi di sini ada sesuatu yang agak mengelirukan. Walaupun dokumen kelulusan jenis adalah untuk QJMotor SRT600 baharu, ia menggunakan kapasiti 554cc yang sama. Walau bagaimanapun, terdapat peningkatan besar dalam kuasa daripada 47 hp kepada 60 hp. Melihat katalog, kami mendapati bahawa tahap kuasa itu same dengan model sportbike SRK550RR dan RS, bermakna enjin SRT600 “baru” sebenarnya adalah unit berspesifikasi lebih tinggi.

Satu kelegaan yang dialu-alukan (jika motosikal ini itu menjadi Benelli dan dijual di Malaysia), ialah pengurangan berat. Dokumen itu menyenaraikan 220kg, berbanding 234 kg yang lama.

Reka bentuk SRT600 juga menunjukkan satu lagi perubahan yang dialu-alukan, iaitu tanpa rupa mudguard depan seakan GS yang murahan. Sebaliknya, QJMotor merekabentuk semula motosikal itu untuk mirip model adventure SVT650 yang menggunakan enjin V-Twin.

Ciri-ciri lain yang boleh dilihat dalam gambar ialah kaliper brek depan Brembo dengan pemasangan jejari. Saiz tayar ialah 110/80-19 untuk hadapan dan 150/70-17 di belakang.

Adakah ini akan menjadi kelas pertengahan Benelli baharu untuk menggantikan TRK 502 yang sudah terlalu lam? Masa akan menentukan.

QJMotor is one of several brands under the Qianjiang empire that keeps churning out model after model of bikes, some of which become Benelli, or at least share platforms. Case in point, the QJMotor SRT600 which is set to replace the SRT550.

The SRT550 was based on an important platform. As we mentioned earlier, its engine and chassis are the same as the Benelli TRK 502’s. The TRK 502 has since stopped production but is still available in Malaysia. This platform is also used by the MV Lucky Explorer 5.5, as the result of Qianjiang and MV Agusta’s coorperation.

But here’s something a bit confusing. Although the type-approval documents is for the new QJMotor SRT600, it  uses the same 554cc capacity. However, there is a large increase in power, kicking up from from 47 hp to 60 hp. Looking through the catalogue, we find that power level in the SRK550RR and RS sportbikes, meaning the “new” SRT600 engine is actually the higher-spec unit.

One welcomed relieve (if the bike becomes Benelli and is sold in Malaysia), is weight reduction. The document lists 220kg, against the exhuastive 234 kg of old.

The SRT600’s design is also another welcomed change, breaking away from the cheap GS beaked look. Instead, QJMotor redesigned the bike to a more familial bond with the V-Twin powered SVT650 adventure bike.

Other features apparent in the pictures are Brembo radial-mount front brake calipers. Tyre sizes are 110/80-19 for the front and 150/70-17 at the back.

Will this be the new Benelli middleweight to replace the overstayed TRK 502? Time will tell.

QJMOTOR Malaysia has launched their newest scooter, the QJMOTOR LTR150.

Despite its retro classic shape, it is equipped with a single-cylinder, SOHC, 4-stroke, 149cc engine that is quite powerful. It produces 16.4hp (12.2kW) at 8,500 RPM and 14.8Nm at 6,500 RPM. (For comparison, the 150cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled Yamaha Y15ZR engine produces 15.1hp at 8,500 RPM and a maximum torque of 13.8Nm at 7,000 RPM). The engine’s power is sent to the rear wheel through a CVT transmission.

The chassis features a disc brake system with a large discs measuring 190mm at the front and 225mm at the back. A dual-channel (front and rear) anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a standard feature for rider safety.

The QJMOTOR LTR150’s seat is made for the rider and pillion’s comfort even if it is for long rides. The storage space under the seat is also very spacious enabling the rider to carry things with ease. There is also a USB charging socket in the front storage compartment.

Other features include an LCD digital meter display, LED lights, an Idling Stop system that turns off the engine when idling, and a 6.5 liter fuel tank.

QJMOTOR LTR150 is offered in three colors namely Lime Creme, Sky Blue, Mint Green and Carnation Park. It retails at RM8,888 (off-road) and is covered by a two-year or 20,000km warranty (whichever comes first). It is available at all authorised QJMOTOR dealers throughout Malaysia. BR

QJMOTOR Malaysia telah melancarkan skuter terbaharu mereka iaitu QJMOTOR LTR150.

Walaupun ia berbentuk retro klasik, ia dilengkapi dengan enjin silinder tunggal, SOHC, 4-lejang, 149cc yang agak berkuasa dengan menghasilkan 16.4hp (12.2kW) pada 8,500 RP dan tork maksimum 14.8Nm pada 6,500 RPM. (Sebagai tolok perbandingan, enjin 150cc, SOHC, sejukan cecair Yamaha Y15ZR menghasilkan 15.1hp pada 8,500 RPM dan tork maksimum 13.8Nm pada 7,000 RPM).  Kuasa enjin ini dihantar ke roda belakang melalui transmisi CVT.

Daripada segi casis pula, ia mencirikan sistem brek cakera dengan saiz cakera yang besar iaitu 190mm di depan dan 225mm di belakang. Sistem brek anti-kunci (ABS) dwi-saluran (depan dan belakang) merupakan ciri yang standard untuk keselamatan penunggang.

QJMOTOR berkata pelana skuter ini dibuat empuk bagi keselesaan penunggang dan pembonceng walaupun menunggang saban hari. Ruang penyimpanan barang di bawah pelana pula amat luas untuk kesenangan penunggang membawa barang. Terdapat juga soket pengecas jenis USB di dalam ruang simpanan depan.

Ciri-ciri lain termasuklah paparan meter digital, lampu-lampu LED, sistem Idling Stop yang mematikan enjin ketika berhenti, tangki minyak 6.5 liter.

QJMOTOR LTR150 ditawarkan dengan tiga warna iaitu Lime Creme, Sky Blue, Mint Green dan Carnation Park. Ia dijual pada harga RM8,888 (bukan atas jalan) dan dilindungi dengan waranti dua tahun atau 20,000km (yang mana tiba dahulu). Ia boleh didapati di semua pengedar QJMOTOR yang sah di seluruh Malaysia. MM

In what could be a defining moment for the global motorcycle industry, China’s QJMotor has joined forces with Italian heavyweight MV Agusta to create a superbike that might just shift the balance of power—meet the SRK1000RR.

Though the bike is still under wraps, insider information has confirmed its existence, setting the stage for its grand debut towards the end of 2023 and production starting in early 2024.

A Sisterhood with Benelli

QJMotor, which is closely connected to another popular bike manufacturer, Benelli, has already received formal approval for the SRK1000RR in China. Both companies fall under the umbrella of Qianjiang Group. Official documents that provide specs and even a completed image of the bike have been shared at QJMotor dealer meetings.

A Partnership Born from Previous Collaborations

The roots of this collaboration go back to September 2020 when Qianjiang hinted at plans for a new four-cylinder superbike under the Benelli brand. It was evident that the engine was provided by MV Agusta, who also struck a distribution deal with Qianjiang for the Chinese market at the same time. 

The partnership became even more apparent last year when MV Agusta showcased a prototype for an adventure bike featuring a Qianjiang engine and chassis. This new superbike can be seen as a sort of cousin to that bike, but with a design led by QJMotor. 

Taking Inspiration but Keeping Secrets

At first glance, it’s clear that the SRK1000RR takes design elements from MV Agusta’s iconic Brutale 1000 RS, particularly the unique swingarm and the special frame that combines metal alloys and steel.

However, MV Agusta has held back from lending the powerful engine that drives its Brutale 1000 RS. Instead, the SRK1000RR will feature a less powerful, 921cc engine, producing 125-127 horsepower and 95Nm of torque.

What’s Next?

The 921cc engine itself seems to be part of MV’s broader strategy, as it was also teased in a retro concept bike last year. There is also speculation that QJMotor might manufacture engines for other MV Agusta bikes and be allowed to use the same engine for their own models. This kind of partnership isn’t new in the motorcycle world; another Chinese company, CFMoto, has a similar arrangement with Austrian bike maker KTM.

This exciting alliance between QJMotor and MV Agusta seems to be more than a fleeting partnership; it’s a strong indication that China’s motorcycle industry is gearing up to compete on a global scale. And if the SRK1000RR lives up to the hype, it could very well become a significant player in the two wheels arena. 

Mforce Bike Holdings Sdn. Bhd., recognized as the official custodian of the QJMOTOR brand in Malaysia, stunned motorcycle aficionados by revealing the striking SRK600RC.

  • Boasting a 600cc engine, this bike is poised to redefine the mid-range motorcycle segment with its captivating design and exhilarating performance.
  • The SRK600RC is available in two colour options, both offering Gresini Racing Moto2 livery.

Starting at RM39,888 (exclusive of insurance and road tax) and available in elegant shades of Black and Blue, the SRK600RC stands as a testament to QJMOTOR’s commitment to craft, performance, and value.

Delving deeper into its core, the SRK600RC houses a meticulously engineered four-cylinder, 16-valve engine fortified with a DOHC system. The liquid-cooled mechanism ensures optimal thermal management, allowing the motorcycle to deliver consistent power outputs across varying conditions. With a staggering 81hp @ 11,000rpm and an impressive torque of 51Nm @ 10,500rpm, the SRK600RC is set to offer riders blistering acceleration and thrilling performance with every twist of the throttle.

Complementing the robust engine is a Manual Multi-Plate Wet Clutch (ASC) paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. This combination ensures smooth gear transitions, granting riders a greater degree of control and responsiveness, essential for both city jaunts and long rides.

Weighing 225kg, the SRK600RC strikes a balance between agility and stability. It’s evident that every gram and every design line was meticulously thought out, guaranteeing optimal on-road performance. Further enhancing rider safety is the inclusion of an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and a quickshifter (for up-shift only).

This advanced braking mechanism ensures that the wheels don’t lock up during sudden or intense braking situations, thereby bolstering braking efficiency and reducing chances of skidding.

Beyond its mechanical prowess, the SRK600RC showcases an impeccable design ethos. It isn’t just a machine; it’s a work of art. The attention to detail, the sculpted bodywork, and the aggressive stance promise not only a delightful ride but also turning heads wherever it goes. 

For those eager to experience the SRK600RC firsthand, this magnificent machine is now available across all authorized QJMOTOR dealers in Malaysia.

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban mobility, electric motorcycles and scooters continue to redefine the way we traverse city streets.

  • the OAO Pro offers a good range of 170 kilometers per charge. 
  • powering the OAO Pro is a mid-mounted electric motor capable of producing a nominal output of 5kW and a peak output of 10kW. 

One standout contender is the QJMotor all-new electric motorcycle the OAO Pro. Previously known as the QJ Motor RX, this electric sportbike has undergone a transformation since its debut at EICMA 2022. 

Renamed and refined, the OAO Pro now boasts a remarkable range of 170km per charge, a significant upgrade from its initial 120 kilometers.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the OAO Pro houses a mid-mounted electric motor with a nominal output of 5k, peaking at 10kW during overtaking manoeuvres. These figures, while modest on paper, translate into an exhilarating and responsive ride experience thanks to its continuous power delivery. A 72-volt, 90-ampere-hour battery pack fuels the motor, benefiting from regenerative braking for efficient charging.

With a top speed of 60 miles per hour, the OAO Pro strikes a balance between urban commuting practicality and sporty dynamics. A manual transmission with four gears preserves the spirited feel of traditional sportbikes, catering to riders seeking an engaging ride.

Weighing in at a nimble 164kg and featuring a low seat height of 780 millimeters, the QJ Motor OAO Pro offers accessibility to riders of varying statures. 

Meanwhile, ABS-equipped brakes and LED lights ensure safety, while an LCD instrument cluster, complete with a convenient USB socket, keeps riders well-informed during their journey.

China’s motorcycle industry has been steadily improving in recent years, but there’s still room for innovation compared to their European, Japanese, and American counterparts. However, a promising development is on the horizon, as Qianjiang, the parent company of QJMotor and Benelli, has filed a new patent for an electronically controlled clutch system.

This exciting breakthrough is showcased on the QJMotor SRK700, a powerful 700cc twin-cylinder engine also used in the Benelli TRK702. Unlike the usual hydraulic or cable-operated clutches we see in most motorcycles, this electronic clutch is different. It allows for precise control using electronics, giving riders more options and flexibility.

What sets this innovation apart is that it can be used in different ways. On one hand, it maintains a conventional clutch lever look, but it is operated electronically, not manually. This could lead to smoother and more precise gear changes. On the other hand, it could also be part of a semi-automatic or fully automatic transmission system, making riding even easier and more enjoyable.

Some other companies have introduced automatic clutch systems in the past, but Qianjiang’s approach seems unique. It could allow riders to switch between a manual mode, where they have full control over the clutch and gears, and an automatic mode, where the bike takes care of shifting gears on its own, making riding effortless.

This innovative electronic clutch system represents a significant step forward for the Chinese motorcycle industry. It brings fresh possibilities for improving the riding experience and attracting more riders to embrace motorcycling. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect other manufacturers to take notice and work towards their own advancements.

QJMotor terus mengukuhkan kedudukan selaku pengeluar motosikal China paling aktif dengan pelancaran SRV 700 Flash yang telah dikemas kini bagi tahun 2023. 

Motosikal segmen cruiser itu kini tampil dengan dua varian, dibezakan dengan penggunaan rantai dan ‘belting’. Namun begitu, tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada kedua-duanya akan dipasarkan di China atau salah satu daripadanya akan dijual di pasaran luar. 

Selain daripada kemaskini kecil itu, SRV 700 Flash terus dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 693cc dengan penyejukan cecair dan suntikan bahan api yang berupaya menghasilkan 76hp dan 65Nm. Enjin tersebut dipadankan bersama transmisi manual 6-kelajuan. 

Bahagian casis pula merangkumi kerangka besi konvensional yang dipadankan bersama fork jenis inverted di bahagian depan dan monoshock tunggal belakang yang diimbangi ke sebelah kanan. 

Ciri moden lain ditawarkan termasuk ABS dwi-saluran dengan cakera brek berkembar depan selain daripada penggunaan rim 16-inci depan dan belakang. 

Dalam pada itu, SRV 700 Flash ini juga didakwa akan menembusi pasaran global lain namun tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada pasaran tersebut membabitkan Malaysia. 

Di China, SRV 700 Flash ini dijual dengan harga CNY39,999 (RM25.6k). 

Harley-Davidson has made headlines once again with the launch of its new X 500 roadster, just weeks after unveiling the X 350 and “leaked” spy shots of the Hero MotoCorp-developed 4XX.

  • The X500 is the result of a partnership between Harley-Davidson and Chinese brand QJ Motor.
  • The motorcycle is based on the Benelli Leoncino 500.

Sharing many components with the Leoncino, the X500 boasts a 500cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, producing 47hp and 46Nm, as well as a steel tube frame, 50mm USD fork, offset monoshock, and 17-inch alloy wheels. However, the X500 sets itself apart visually with its neoteric styling, taking cues from the Harley-Davidson XR1200X.

The bike’s features are minimal, including a monopod semi-digital instrument console with a digital inset and dual-channel ABS as the only electronic aid.

The only notable departure from the classic Harley-Davidson aesthetic is the integration of rear indicators with the tail lights.

With a kerb weight of 208kg, the X500 is a heavy machine that promises to deliver the signature Harley-Davidson riding experience while appealing to a wider global audience.

Chinese motorcycle maker, QJMotor has ramp up its motorsport intiatives in 2023 by becoming the main sponsor for the Gresini Racing Team in Moto2. 

  • Gresini Racing Team announced QJMotor as the new main sponsor for the 2023 season. 
  • Filip Salac and Jeremy Alcoba to spearhead QJMotor-Gresini Racing Team’s effort. 


As a result, the racing team which was founded by the late Fausto Gresini is being renamed as QJMotor Gresini Racing Team for the 2023 season. QJMotor Gresini Racing Team Moto2 will take on the upcoming season with two 21-year-olds, Filip Salac and Jeremy Alcoba. 

“I’m happy to start my second year in Moto2 with a crew I already know. We did a good job in the last races of 2022 and I hope we will start right from where we finished,” said Salac in an official statement. 

The Czech rider is also adamant of delivering a better result in 2023, hoping to finish in Top 10. 

“My target is to gain as much experience as possible and try to finish all the races in top10 and points. For me, as a rider, it will be a very important season as I’m not a rookie anymore and it’s time for me to show my real potential,” he added. 

Aside from the premier class, the  level of competitiveness in Moto2 should improve greatly particularly due to Triumph has tuned the inline-three 765cc to produce 140hp. 

Chinese motorcycle giant QJMotor has launched its latest entry-level motorcycle, the SRK400, in Europe.

  • QJMotor ready to compete the entry-level naked bike segment with the all-new SRK400.
  • The SRK400 features 400cc parallel-twin engine and is equipped with modern equipment including ABS. 

The naked-style motorcycle is set to please new and young European riders thanks to its sporty and aggressive design and nifty equipment.

Mechanically, the SRK400 is equipped with a 400cc parallel twin-cylinder with a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine that makes 41.5hp @ 9,000rpm and 37Nm @ 7,000rpm. 

The power figure puts the SRK400, on average, in the entry-level segment, making it a good option for new riders seeking that extra kick. 

In addition, the SRK400 also features dual-channel ABS for added safety. 

However, similar to other QJMotor ranges of bikes, the SRK400 tips the scale at 176kg, making it the heaviest among its rival. 

That said, the bike might not offer the best handling and acceleration due to its longer and taller dimension.

Nonetheless, the standout part of the SRK400 is the price tag, coming in at just EUR5,790 (RM27.1k).


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