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QJMOTOR Malaysia has launched their newest scooter, the QJMOTOR LTR150.

Despite its retro classic shape, it is equipped with a single-cylinder, SOHC, 4-stroke, 149cc engine that is quite powerful. It produces 16.4hp (12.2kW) at 8,500 RPM and 14.8Nm at 6,500 RPM. (For comparison, the 150cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled Yamaha Y15ZR engine produces 15.1hp at 8,500 RPM and a maximum torque of 13.8Nm at 7,000 RPM). The engine’s power is sent to the rear wheel through a CVT transmission.

The chassis features a disc brake system with a large discs measuring 190mm at the front and 225mm at the back. A dual-channel (front and rear) anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a standard feature for rider safety.

The QJMOTOR LTR150’s seat is made for the rider and pillion’s comfort even if it is for long rides. The storage space under the seat is also very spacious enabling the rider to carry things with ease. There is also a USB charging socket in the front storage compartment.

Other features include an LCD digital meter display, LED lights, an Idling Stop system that turns off the engine when idling, and a 6.5 liter fuel tank.

QJMOTOR LTR150 is offered in three colors namely Lime Creme, Sky Blue, Mint Green and Carnation Park. It retails at RM8,888 (off-road) and is covered by a two-year or 20,000km warranty (whichever comes first). It is available at all authorised QJMOTOR dealers throughout Malaysia. BR

Sometimes events in the real world have plot twists that no filmmaker could have imagined. The case of a driver who was beaten to death become the subject of much discussion lately. In particular, how could someone can beat another human being to death. However, the police has revealed that a drug tests found him positive for syabu and ganja at the time of the incident.

Selangor Police Chief, Datuk Hussein Omar Khan said the victim had 10 previous drug records, and is wanted by the police in connection with drug cases.

Datuk Hussein also revealed that the police had received two reports made by two vehicle owners against the man. They stated that the victim had hit their vehicle and fled.

On the night of the incident, the police received a call about an accident and therefore deployed traffic officers there. They found a Proton Saga car that was believed to have skidded and hit the fence of a residential area there.

They also found the driver of the car lying on the road. Paramedics arrived later and found that the victim had died. Further examination found that there were ligature marks on his wrists.

Man Beaten to Death Allegedly Running after Hitting e-Hailing Rider

Commenting further, Datuk Hussein said the police are still investigating the motive for the incident, adding that the autopsy found that there were no significant injuries on the victim that caused his death. “We are still waiting for the results of the laboratory analysis to identify the cause of the victim’s death,” he said.

At the same time, he asked the public who witnessed the incident to come forward to help the investigation. “We will see what people write on social media related to the case if we can be called to testify to help the investigation.

“We also advise the public not to exaggerate and fabricate stories related to this case. Because it will affect the investigation carried out by the police and cause alarm to the public.”

The police have arrested 5 suspects aged between 22 and 52 years old in relation to this case. They also arrested 2 more new suspects aged 22 and 39.

The updated 2024 Yamaha MT-09 has been revealed.

The MT-09 is one of the best-selling naked motorcycle the world over by offering performance, low weight, styling (albeit controversial) in an affordable package. Yamaha is not resting on their laurels, hence updating it for 2024 with improved technology, new chassis components, and styling tweaks. Oh, it has some aural features too.


The most obvious update is its styling after the last exercise in 2021. However, the last updated headlamp unit was not warmly received. It was either you loved it or hated it.

Gone is the bug-eyed cyclops headlamp for 2024. Now, a rectangular LED projector headlight takes its position, while flanked with two LED positioning lamps. In fact, the entire headlamp unit has changed to which Yamaha says is more harmonious with the fuel tank.

Speaking of the tank, Yamaha has also reworked its styling to be sharper with more defined edges for a better riding position. As for those speaker vents, yes, they do emit sounds. Not your favourite songs, however, instead they allow more induction howl to come through from the air intakes. The airbox itself features revised intake trumpets to cut back on high frequency sounds while maintain a linear throttle response.

Other revisions include a new radially-mounted Brembo front brake master cylinder, revised riding position, new rear brake and gear levers, split seats (finally), revised fork settings, and new rear shock linkage to provide a better feel when cornering.

The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 sells for £10,100 in the UK.

National motorcycle racer, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman hints early retirement from active racing on the Asian stage.

In speaking to Harian Metro, Azlan revealed that he has not received an answer on his team’s participation in the 2024 Asian Road Racing Championship (ARRC). His current team, TKKR Racing Team posted on Facebook recently that they could not secure a sponsor for the 2024 season, thereby throwing theirs and Azlan’s immediate future into doubt.

“I will retire early from Asian competition if I do not receive an offer. I have already set a target to race at the Asian level until I am 40,” he said.

“Realistically, other teams prefer hiring younger racers compared to older ones. My body isn’t as strong now… I can still fight it out but I need twice the effort to slug it out with them in terms of stamina.”

On a more positive note, Azlan may switch to racing in the Endurance World Championship (EWC) in 2025 should this year’s ARRC participation does not come to pass. He had already raced at the 2023 Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance as part of the EWC calendar in the Formula EWC class with Frontier Racing.

Azlan has an impressive resume, having won several national superbike titles while riding for Chia PJ Kawasaki and took part in the Moto2 World Championship from 2013 to 2015. He was also the inaugural ASB1000cc class champion in ARRC in 2019, riding for then ONEXOX TKKR SAG Racing Team.  He currently owns the AS25 Academy Racing Team which races in the WIRA category in the Petronas Malaysian Cub Prix Championship.

A man was beaten to death by a group after allegedly attempting to run away following him knocking down an e-hailing rider, in Taman Pelangi, Kajang on Tuesday night.

Police said a Proton Saga driven by the 42-year-old victim had crashed into the gates of a house. He was then dragged out of the car and assaulted by several individuals. His wrists also bore signs of being tied.

Police found the victim lying on the ground when they arrived. He was later announced as deceased by the paramedics who arrived on the scene. Witnesses at the scene described the victim being dragged out of his car and was beaten by a group of men. They also said that his hands were tied behind his back. The group then laid him down on the ground and left the scene before the police arrived.

The scene was subsequently processed by the Bukit Aman Forensic Unit who collected several blood samples and fingerprints. They also found two rolls of rope. Based on the available information, the police tracked down the suspects and arrested 5 individuals in the vicinity of Semenyih and Beranang.

“The suspects were aged between 22 to 52 years old and were apprehended by police officers of the D9 Branch of the Criminal Investigation Division of IPD Kajang at around 2.05am, Wednesday,” said Kajang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd. Zaid Hassan.

He added that the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code (classified as murder), as well as Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Police are encouraging witnesses to come forward with further information by contacting Assistant Superintendent Redzuan Mat Salleh from the Criminal Investigation Division of IPD Kajang at 013-7854100.

They may also provide information to Inspector Ammar Tahir from the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division at 018-2194013 with information to assist in the investigations.

Let us talk a bit about the single sided swingarm, especially considering a video that went viral recently.

The footage showed a rider and his pillion on a bike when the pillion suddenly became agitated. The camera then panned right to show their bike’s rear wheel running next to the divider and overtaking them. It concluded with a Ducati Hypermotard on its side sans the rear wheel.

Netizens were quick to provide their own comments of the incident. Some were just pure banter, some were jokes, some were derision, some were er… post-mortems.

One such comment in our sister site, MotoMalaya attracted our attention. The commenter said, “That’s the disadvantage of the single sided swingarm.” The comment was followed by plenty of derision.

Like it or not, that comment has some truth. However, before we proceed further, we would like to state that such occurrence is very rare. And it is not only Ducatis that are fitted with single sided swingarms as several other manufacturers do so, too. For example, BMW, Honda, Moto Guzzi, KTM, CFMoto, MV Agusta, Triumph, and of course scooters!

The main advantage of the single sided swingarm

The primary advantage of the single sided swingarm is quick and easy rear wheel removal and installation. Remove the tightening nut or bolts and out comes the entire wheel without upsetting the chain tension and rear brake as the rear sprocket, brake disc, and brake caliper are mounted on a carrier.

There is a very short and stout axle to hold the wheel in place. Thus, one only needs to reinstall the rear wheel and retighten the locking nut or bolts and not bother with chain tension and axle alignment.

In fact, this was why Massimo Tamburini designed the seminal Ducati 916 with a single sided swingarm. It was thought that Ducati had wanted to enter the 916 in endurance races. Tamburini himself said that he drew inspiration from the Honda NR750. Other contemporary rivals were the Honda RC30 and later RC45 – both also sported single sided swingarms because they were raced in endurance events.


However, Tamburini did also mention that aesthetically, the rear wheel appears as if it is floating and not connected to the bike. It then became the signature of high performance Ducatis and continues to be used until today.

The double sided swingarm, on the other hand…

Conversely, a double sided swingarm requires an axle/spindle to be inserted through the center of the wheel to connect both sides.

One needs to pull the axle out, take the chain off the sprocket, and pull the brake disc away from the caliper.

The drive chain requires tensioning and the entire rear end needs realignment when the axle and wheel are reinstalled. The tensioning and alignment process needs time and care. An improperly aligned rear axle will result in abnormal tyre, chain, and brake pad wear, besides handling issues.

But should the lock nut break loose and depending on the design of the rear of the swing arm, the chain can hold the axle in place albeit misaligned. Similarly, the brake caliper bracket or holder helps to keep the axle and wheel from sliding out.

Then again, there are incidents where the rear wheel came off double sided swingarms. Point is, it takes a longer time for the rear wheel to slide out and there will be plenty of warning symptoms if the axle nut was improperly tightened or had come off, such as the rear of the bike pulling to one side.

In a nutshell

So, is a single side swingarm inherently dangerous?

All engineering practices consist of compromises. That is why the rear wheel is locked with a large nut and pin or several bolts. Therefore, the proper tightening torque is essential, so use a torque wrench, for crying out loud!

We would like to state again that this was a very uncommon incident. In any case, always inspect your bike before riding.


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