QJMotor has been making headlines in the global motorcycle industry over the last few years, particularly via its subsidiary, Benelli and Keeway.

  • MBP’s is the latest premium brand under Keeway that is owned by QJMotor. 
  • Similar to the Benelli, MBP also has an Italian origin. 

Benelli is going strong after the acquisition by QJMotor, with the TRK502 emerging as the most popular ADV bike in its home country, Italy. 

Also, thanks to the wide range of models including the upcoming TRK800, TNT500, BKX250 and BKX250 S, the brand will continue to grow its influence with years to come.

That said, QJMotor now wants to carve similar success with Keeway after the brand recently gave birth to a premium subsidiary called the Moto Bologna Passione (MBP).

MBP recently showcased several models at EICMA, but the one that caught our attention is the T1002V adventure-tourer. 

Mechanically, the T1002V is fitted with an all-new 997cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 80-degree V-Twin engine that pumps out 95hp @ 7,600rpm and 96Nm @ 6,500rpm. Power-wise, it is on par with the KTM 890 Adventure R and BMW F 850 GS. 

Adding to its ADV aesthetic is a set of tubeless wire-spoke wheels and adjustable KYB long-travel suspension. Braking is done via dual front disc brakes at the front and a single disc at the rear paired with Brembo-owned J.Juan callipers.

Similar to QJMotor’s current ADV range, including the SRT800 and TRK800, the MBP T1002V also features a full-colour dash, adjustable windscreen and a center stand.

However, pricing is yet to be made available, as well as when the T1002V will hit the market. Nonetheless, we’ll keep you updated on this interesting development. 

MForce Bike Holdings, the official distributor of QJMotor brand in Malaysia, is set to roll out three new motorcycles in November.

  • QJMotor SRK250RR, SRV250 and SRK250 to be available at authorized dealership beginning November 2022.
  • Alll model features the same 249cc two-cylinder engine. 

In an official statement, MForce will introduce the QJMotor SRK250RR, SRV250 and SRK250.

Despite the differences in styling and riding ergonomics, all three quarter-litre motorcycles feature the same 249cc two-cylinder 8-valve DOHC engine.

However, all models offer different engine tuning to best suit their purposes.

As a result, the SRK250 is the most powerful among the three, with 31.5hp @ 11,000rpm and 21.2Nm @ 9,000rpm. Meanwhile, the cruiser-style SRV250 makes 27.5hp @ 9,000rpm and 23Nm @ 7,000rpm. The engine is also tuned for a fiercer engine grunt. 

Next, the SRK250RR is intended for sportier riders, and as a result, the bike makes 25hp @ 8,500rpm and 24.1Nm @ 6,500rpm. The gear shift is also improved thanks to Assist/Slipper Clutch system. 

Spec-wise, the SRV250 gets inverted telescopic forks and dual-shock absorbers to allow for better stability on the road.

As usual, all three motorcycles feature LED lights and a digital LCD instrument display.

According to MForce, the SRK250RR is priced higher than the rest at RM18,888, while the SRV250 and SRK250 are available for RM16,888. 

QJMotor semakin dikenali ekoran kejayaannya memasarkan motosikal pelbagai kapasiti dengan harga yang lebih mampu milik.

Anak syarikat QJMotor, Benelli merupakan bukti kukuh kejayaan pengeluar motosikal China itu apabila jenama tersebut semakin mendapat tempat di Eropah menerusi TRK 502. 

Setakat ini, QJMotor mempunyai pelbagai model baharu yang merangkumi dari model 50cc hinggalah 800cc.

Tidak lupa juga, beberapa nama besar turut menjalin kerjasama erat denga QJMotor antaranya Harley-Davidson dan MV Agusta.

Terbaru, QJMotor memperkenalkan GS550 di China.

Menampilkan reka bentuk jentera ‘sportsbike’, GS550 dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 554cc DOHC dengan penyejukan cecair yang menawarkan 57.2hp dan 51Nm.

Menariknya, platform tersebut merupakan enjin sama yang akan menggerakan MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5. 

Meskipun tampil sebagai ‘sportsbike’ untuk penunggang baru namun GS550 menawarkan pelbagai ciri menarik antaranya ‘swingarm’ jenis ‘single-sided’. Menariknya, model ini juga dilengkapi dengan ‘winglet’ di sebelah kiri dan kanan panel badan.

Bukan itu sahaja, QJMotor turut memasang komponen premium seperti sistem suspensi Kayaba (KYB) dan kaliper brek Brembo.

Antara ciri menarik lain ditawarkan termasuk paparan skrin TFT berwarna dan sistem hidup tanpa kunci. 

QJMotor is ready to set foot in Europe after successfully passing the safety and emission regulations. 

  • QJMotor to enter Europe with three new models.
  • QJMotor is betting on the SKR700, SKR400 and SRV550 for its first batch of bikes to reach Europe. 

For those who are not in the loop, QJMotor (Qianjiang Motorcycle) is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1985. 

While the brand is less known in Europe, its subsidiary, Benelli, has been making waves, especially in Italy, with the TRK 502 emerging as the top-selling bike in the country.

That said, QJMotor wants a piece of the pie and is ready to explore the European market by the end of 2022.

Several models, ranging from small capacity motorcycles up to 800cc adventure bikes, have just been awarded European type approval. 

According to reports, the first batch of bikes set to reach Europe is the SRK700, SRK400 and the SRV550. 

However, the SRK700 is the most unique as there is no Benelli equivalent and runs on a 689cc parallel-twin that makes 74hp peak power and 55Nm of torque.

QJMotor also claimed the SRK700 hit both peaks of power at lower RPM than the Yamaha MT-07.

In addition, the SRV550 shares the same parallel-twin engine that MV Agusta uses in their Lucky Explorer 5.5.

Benelli telah pun memfailkan tanda nama TRK 702 sekitar April lalu sekaligus mengesahkan kedatangan motosikal ‘adventure’ yang lebih besar selain TRK 502.

Memasuki bulan Ogos, jenama motosikal Itali-China itu dengan rasminya melancarkan Benelli TRK 702 di China. 

Seperti TRK 502 yang mencapai status selaku motosikal paling popular di Itali, Benelli mengharapkan TRK 702 juga mampu melakukan pencapaian sama. 

Oleh sebab itu, Benelli akan turut memperkenalkan TRK 702 di pasaran Eropah. Menariknya, model tersebut hanya akan membawa lencana Benelli dan tidak akan dijenamakan sebagai QJMotor di pasaran lain. 

Perbezaan ketara antara TRK 702 dan TRK 502 adalah di bahagian enjin, apabila model ADV lebih besar itu dihidupkan platform parallel-twin 693cc serba baharu yang dibangunkan Benelli. Enjin tersebut menghasilkan 75hp pada 8,500rpm dan 68.2Nm pada 6,250rpm. 

*Benelli TRK 702

Seperti kebiasaan, motosikal serba baharu itu juga tampil dalam dua varian, TRK 702 (standard) dan TRK 702 X yang menampilkan penggunaan rim spoke (lidi) dan saiz tayar berbeza. 

*Benelli TRK 702 X

Versi standard datang dengan rim 17-inci yang dipadankan dengan tayar 120/70 depan dan 160/70 belakang manakala versi ‘X’ pula dilengkapi tayar 19” depan dan 17” belakang di samping dilengkapi tayar ‘dual-purpose’. 

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan temasuk:

  • ABS dwi-saluran
  • paparan meter LCD digital
  • grip dengan fungsi pemanas
  • tempat duduk dengan fungsi pemanas

Menariknya, Benelli turut melengkapkan TRK 702 dengan kamera HD yang diletakkan di bahagian bawah lampu hadapan. Kamera tersebut bertindak seperti ‘dashcam’ yang bertujuan merakam perjalanan sewaktu menunggang.

Chinese motorcycle brand is growing, and despite the negative stigma, companies like QJ Motor and CFMoto are doing pretty well in their native country and also in Europe.

  • PFMoto set to become Geely’s third motorcycle company after QJMotor and Benelli.
  • To be position as Geely’s most high-end motorcycle brand.

A Chinese-owned company like Benelli is doing really well in Italy, with the TRK 502 emerging as the country’s best-selling bike.

CFMoto is also a surprise package, with the 800MT receiving good reviews from industry players thanks to its partnership with KTM.

The 700CL-X Heritage, Sport and the upcoming ADV also showcased top-quality components paired with a reliable – Kawasaki-sourced – 649cc parallel-twin engine.

However, there is a new player in town set to emerge on August 16. Chinese automotive giant Geely Group is scheduled to introduce PFMoto.

Presently, Geely already has Benelli and QJMotor under its wing, but PFMoto could position itself as a high-end motorcycle brand.

While not much detail is revealed, the report suggests that PFMoto could introduce a high-capacity touring motorcycle soon after its official introduction.

Based on a rendered photo, PFMoto is currently working on a grand-tourer motorcycle called the Starship 3.

New middleweight QJMotor QJ650 middleweight adventure model surfaces in China, and it packs a 649cc V-twin with 75HP.


Here’s a much closer look around of the new QJMotor SRK600 naked that was also present during last weekend’s SRT800 launch.


Selepas kejayaan memperkenalkan QJMotor SRK600 baru-baru ini, MForce Bike Holdings terus memperkembangkan jenama QJMotor di pasaran negara menerusi SRT800.

QJMotor SRT800 merupakan motosikal segmen ‘adventure tourer’ yang diperkenalkan untuk pasaran Malaysia dengan harga bermula dari RM38,888 bagi varian standard dan RM42,888 bagi varian X.

Dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 754cc DOHC, motosikal ini menawarkan 75.1hp pada 8,000rpm dan 67Nm pada 6,5000rpm dengan kuasa disalurkan ke tayar belakang menerusi transmisi 6-kelajuan.

Antara ciri ditawarkan SRT800 dan SRT800X adalah seperti berikut:

  • fork depan USD boleh laras
  • penyerap hentakan belakang jenis ‘shock linkage’ boleh laras
  • cakera brek 320mm depan dan 260mm belakang
  • kaliper brek Brembo
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) dwi-saluran
  • klac Assist & Slipper

Selain daripada itu, QJMotor SRT800 juga didatangkan dengan ciri elektronik lain antaranya paparan skrin TFT berwarna serta pengecas USB.

Sebagai sebuah motosikal ADV, kedua-dua varian menawarkan tangki 18.5L sekaligus menjanjikan tunggangan jarak jauh.

Bagaimanapun, perbezaan ketara bagi kedua-dua varian menyaksikan SRT800X didatangkan dengan rim jenis spoke 19-inci depan (rim aloi 17″ pada varian Standard), luggage (top box dan panniers) serta ketinggian tempat duduk pada 835mm (berbanding 810mm pada Standard).

Menurut MForce, SRT800X didatangkan dengan pilihan warna Navy Blue dan Cadmium Green manakala varian standard menawarkan warna Stone Grey dan Passion Red.

Orang ramai yang berminat sudah boleh membuat tempahan di pengedar sah MForce seluruh negara dengan motosikal tersebut akan mula dipasarkan pada pertengahan Julai ini.

MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd continues new model onslaught by debuting new QJMotor SRT800 dual-sport model priced from RM39,888.


Selepas Zhejiang Qianjiang memfailkan paten motosikal ‘adventure’ pada Oktober tahun lalu, pengeluar motosikal China itu akhirnya memaparkan rupa sebenar QJ650 di China.

Imej QJ650 tersebut didedahkan menerusi permohonan paten terbaru yang difailkan di China yang turut mendedahkan beberapa info penting mengenai model terbaru itu.

Berdasarkan laporan sebelum ini, QJMotor QJ650 disahkan akan dikuasakan enjin V-Twin 649cc. Menariknya, dokumen kali ini mendedahkan bahawa QJ650 tersebut akan menawarkan sekitar 75hp dan mampu mencapai kelajuan maksima sehingga 185km/j.

Terdapat dua dokumen difailkan dan mendedahkan QJ650 akan tampil dengan dua varian, dengan varian tertinggi menampilkan ciri ADV yang lebih ketara terutamanya dengan kelengkapan rim jenis lidi (spoke) serta ‘top box’ dan ‘panniers’.

Dokumen tersebut memaklumkan bahawa varian Standard adalah seberat 219 kilogram manakala varian ADV adalah 19kg lebih berat (238kg).

Walaupun spesifikasi lebih terperinci tidak didedahkan namun setakat ini QJ650 tersebut menawarkan ciri berikut:

  • panjang 2340mm
  • lebar 950mm
  • tinggi 1380mm
  • ‘wheelbase’ 1520mm
  • tayar 110/80-19 depan
  • tayar 150/70-17 belakang

QJMotor turut mendedahkan bahawa QJ650 serba baharu ini juga dilengkapi dengan ABS.

Buat masa ini tidak dapat dipastikan bilakah QJMotor merancang untuk memperkenalkan model ADV serba baharu ini namun dijangkakan QJ650 ini akan dilancarkan lewat tahun ini.

Patents surfacing online indicates a possible new twin-cylinder Benelli 402R sport model to battle against the Kawasaki Ninja 400.



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