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Yamaha Limited Edition Helmet
Yamaha LC135 Digital Speedometer

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UPDATE: I have check this item at SCK Motor and it seems that this meter can only reads RPM and not SPEED. So, this one is not actually Speedometer but RPM meter. There is good things about this meter as it can reads battery voltage, temperature and can also display time. The small round thing on the top right of the meter is actually shift light that will turns green when the RPM is right to shift to the next gear.

Racing Boy Yamaha Lagenda/Jupiter/Spark X Footrest

Racing Boy has updated their products recently and many is available at their official website. The one that interest me the most is the availability of this Yamaha Lagenda racing footrest. Racing Boy also stated in their website that this one is Made In Malaysia!
Yamaha Lagenda is used in Malaysian Cub Prix and Racing Boy is one of the sponsor. The combination of this can produce a very good items for us to use on the road.
Always remember, drive safely and race on legal track only!
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Fish Bone Sports Rim for Yamaha 125Z
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I have found this sports rim at Kian Huat Motor in Klang. I don’t know whether this is still available or not since it has only one displayed at the shop. I notice that this one is for Yamaha 125Z/ZR. Some called this fish bone rim, some called it Y-spoke rim. I have seen one fitted to Yamaha LC135 and this one also comes as standard sports rim for Suzuki Shogun 125RR/SP.
I really like the design of this sports rim since it looks simple and mechanical like Transformers.
Price is something I don’t know yet. If you have any info about it, don’t hesitate to share with the rest of us here!
Racing Boy Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Kit

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This time it is for Racing Boy Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Kit. I guess this one is more expensive than the one that I have featured recently.
I like this one since it has a very nice red colour for the caliper with the grooved and cut disc plate. This kit also consist of disc plate, caliper, brake pump, brake fluid reservoir, but some things has gone missing in the picture that is the brake lever and caliper mounting plate. I forgot to ask the shop whether it came with those items. If anyone have any info about this, hope you can share.
Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Kit

One of the most wanted modification by Yamaha LC135 owner is to use rear disc brake as opposed to original that is only equipped with drum brake. I have featured before Yamaha Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit. This one is just another model of it.
Stopping power is as much important as the engine power of the bike. I have asked the shop whether this one comes with front rim or not, and he said no.
The brand for the disc brake is unknown to me, but I know it is not original Nissin or Yamaha. This kit is complete with caliper, caliper mounting plate, disc plate, brake pump, brake lever, brake lever bracket and rear sports rim.
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