Yamaha LC135 Modification with X1R Coverset

LC135 is known as X1R in Thailand. The differences can be spotted from the missing of front head lamp replaced by a bigger lamp on the fairing.The footrest used for this bike is different that the one which is used on the Yamaha LC135 50th Anniversary coverset whereby this one Racing Boy branded.

The radical dash here reminds me of Honda Nova Tena which is popular in Thailand and Kelantan in 1999. The dash here look a little bit naked due to the handle bar is not covered by the head lamp cover.

X1R sticker on the side fender shows that this bike is modded to resemble the bike from Thailand.

AHM or Ah Hong Motor exhaust is used again on this bike due to performance that can be gained from it and also because of the menacing looks that it provides to the bike. The price for the exhaust is also affordable since it is hollow inside to make the waste air from exhaust stroke to be extracted freely and quickly.

That’s all for this one, but there are bonus picture below. Next, I’ll try to bring you Yamaha LC135 MotoGP 2007 Coverset modification. But before that, there is an LC135 from Bermuda to be featured in this blog.

LC135 solid rear sprocket

Hard spring for firmer ride

Gear lever modification

Left side footrest


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