Yamaha LC 135 50 Years Anniversary Coverset

Yamaha LC 135 50 Years Anniversary Coverset Side View. Original footrest has been removed and replaced with Yamaha racing footrest.

Front disc brake has been upgraded to bigger disc. Fork also has been replaced with LC 135 Trust inverted telescopic fork (fork terbalik / upside down fork). The caliper used is still one-piston kit from the original stock. The rim used is the same rim design used in Kawasaki ZX-6R also known as ‘rim tulang ikan’ (fish bone rim).

Close up view of the LC 135 inverted telescopic fork with TRUST logo. Look carefully!

Gazi gas monoshock rear suspension has been choosen since it can make the ride more firmer and dampen the suspension a little further than the original.

More Gazi gas monoshock suspension view.

The fairing has been customised with a little bit of eyelid.

Carbon fibre style front mudguard.

Yamaha logo on brake lever. Very nice and stylish.

Seat has been cut to get a lower riding position.

Notice the footrest which is branded YAMAHA not Racing Boy as most people would use.

More views of the YAMAHA branded footrest.

Also notice this brake is NISSIN branded, not Racing Boy. This brake is taken from the X1R version of LC 135 where the rear disc brake is standard in Thailand.

More view for the rear disc brake.

The exhaust used for this bike is AHM. There are several brand of racing exhaust that can be fitted to LC 135 being the Arrow and the most popular YY Pang. I have asked for the price for the AHM, and the shop told me it is cheap compared to the original LC 135 Catalyzer exhaust that cost about RM480. So, will you change your exhaust?

Exhaust bracket YAMAHA.

Overall view of AHM exhaust, YAMAHA racing footrest and NISSIN rear disc brake installation. Copy This!

Next I will bring to you YAMAHA X1R Coverset! Keep coming!

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