New Royal Enfield Scram 411 is a stripped-down Himalayan poised for the urban scramble.


Jelas apa yang anda lihat ini adalah mirip sebuah Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R generasi terakhir yang sebenar.

Namun hakikatnya, motosikal ini adalah sebuah produk replika yang dicipta menggunakan jentera model Bajaj Dominar 400.

Kisah Bajaj jelmaan Suzuki ini diperoleh dari channel YouTube, Vampvideo dan pujian harus diberi atas hasil kerja-kerja binaan mereka yang cukup kemas sehingga berjaya memperdayakan ramai peminat permotoran di India.

Menurut perkongsian video, proses ubah suai Bajaj Dominar 400 kepada model generasi terakhir Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R ini bermatlamat untuk kelihatan sama seperti varian Hayabusa ‘stock’ yang ada di pasaran India.

Bahagian asal motosikal seperti ‘handle bar’ dan ‘console’ telah diubah suai bagi mengikut posisi asal dan rupa sebuah Hayabusa.

Setiap inci motosikal ini kelihatan tulen ditambah dengan kemasan pelekat Suzuki Hayabusa yang menaikkan lagi seri sebuah motosikal ‘stock’.

Manakala, aliran pada bahagian tepi ‘fairing’ dipasang dengan kemas pada ruang fairing hadapan tanpa kelihatan aneh apabila dipadankan bersama lampu utama.

Rim aloi motosikal ini turut disembur dengan cat hitam supaya kelihatan sama seperti sebuah Hayabusa dengan tambahan ‘double disc brake’ pada roda hadapan.

Motosikal ini menggunakan sistem suspensi jenis ‘USD Fork’ di bahagian depan dan ‘monoshock’ di bahagian belakang.

Replika Hayabusa ini dikuasakan dengan enjin Dominar 400 yang mencatatkan kuasa sebanyak 35hp pada 35Nm (tork) dan dipadankan bersama kotak gear 6-kelajuan.

There are many methods on how authorities around the world to get their people to stay at home during this Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. India took things to a whole new level as one particular Indian police officer was seen wearing a ‘Coronavirus’ helmet to raise awareness as well as to get people to stay at home. (more…)

  • It’s not everyday that motorcyclists get chased by a tiger.

  • This video came from the Pambra, Wayanad region in India.

  • The region is surrounded by tiger sanctuaries.

This news may have gotten around somewhat, but it’s not everyday that motorcyclists get chased by a tiger.

In the video, the pillion spotted something moving in the bushes parallel to the road, which suddenly turned out to be the striped apex predator. You can hear him screaming in panic as the big cat lunges out onto the road and started chasing the motorcycle. They got away, fortunately, otherwise this would’ve been a real-life “found footage” news.

The video was shot in the Pambra, Wayanad region in India. The area is flanked by the Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve to the north, and the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park to the east. The former is reported to house 9 tigers for every 100 square kilometres, while the latter is home to another 231 of the majestic cats.

The Nagarhole Park is completely wild, meaning the animals are not caged and allowed to roam freely. This is why two-wheeled vehicles are not allowed to travel through. Instead, they need to go around the sanctuary. However, there are safari tours by jeep and boat.

We don’t know about how these guys felt afterwards, but we’d need new underwear if it were us.

  • Seorang penunggang motosikal berbangsa India telah ditimpa musibah berganda dalam satu kemalangan jalan raya.
  • Ajaibnya, dia terselamat dari sebarang kecederaan yang serius dalam kemalangan tersebut.
  • Kemalangan berkenaan menunjukkan betapa pentingnya pemakaian helmet pada setiap masa.


  • An Indian motorcyclist got into a double whammy traffic accident.

  • He miraculously survived the entire ordeal.

  • The accident highlights the importance of wearing a helmet at all times.

A motorcyclist in India received a double whammy in a traffic accident in what is known as “Jatuh ditampa tangga (hit by the ladder after falling down)” in the Malay language.

In the CCTV footage shared by the Daily Mail UK, a white car first stopped at an intersection before turning left into the rider’s path. The unfortunate rider hit the front of the car, sending him and his motorcycle flying down the road.

The motorcycle then hit a lamp post. As the rider got on to his feet, the lamp post came crashing down squarely on his head. The second impact sent him back down onto the ground.

Thankfully, the motorcyclist survived the ordeal as the helmet saved him.

According to the Daily Mail UK, the incident happened in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The lives of 15 motorcyclists and pillions are lost every hour in India due to not wearing helmets. Indian law mandates wearing a helmet while riding but many still flout the regulations.

As for the rest of us, we keep stressing on the importance of wearing a good helmet at all times. Spending some money on a better helmet is a sound investment. Better to have one when you don’t need it, rather than need it in an accident but don’t have one.

Source and video: Daily Mail UK




  • Seorang pegawai polis trafik Delhi telah mengambil pendekatan yang unik dengan memegang cermin di hadapan pesalah trafik.
  • Langkah ini diambil bagi menggalakkan pesalah untuk memakai helmet sewaktu menunggang motosikal.
  • Menurut pegawai berkenaan, langkah ini berkesan setakat ini.


  • A Delhi traffic policeman holds up a mirror to traffic violators.

  • He does it to encourage violators to start wearing helmets while riding.

  • The measure has so far worked according to him.

A Delhi traffic policeman holds up a mirror to traffic violators to reflect upon themselves and their wrongdoings.

Prior to this, the cop Sandeep Shahi gave out free helmets to motorcyclists riding without them. Still, many are riding without helmets although the law mandates it, the risking being fined INR 1,000 and their lives. Motorcyclists are often seen zipping around traffic at high speeds without helmets, while carrying up to three pillions. The pillions themselves often shun head protection, too.

Shahi told AFP, “I was riding pillion with a helmet one day and say myself in a mirror. I felt ashamed. But at the same time, I thought it would be a great way of raising awareness. A mirror never lies.”

He says the measure is working so far. Offending riders apologized and promised to wear their headgear after that.

“I’ve also slides about road safety which I show to road users. But using the mirror is a much simpler way.”

A 2018 World Health Organization report showed 150,785 deaths due to road accidents in India, making it the highest in the world in terms of numbers. The number corresponds to a rate of 22.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

Source: The Express Tribute, the photo originally appeared here

Sumber imej:

  • Laporan Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dunia (WHO) menunjukkan Thailand sebagai negara dengan kadar kematian kemalangan jalan raya tertinggi di kalangan negara Asia Tenggara.
  • India pula mempunyai kadar kematian kemalangan jalan raya tertinggi di seluruh dunia.
  • Kemalangan jalan raya adalah punca utama kematian bagi kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa di bawah umur 29 tahun.


  • A World Health Organization (WHO) report highlighted that Thailand has the highest road accident death rate among Asian countries.

  • However, India saw the most killed in road accidents.

  • Road accidents is now the Number 1 cause of death for children and adults up to 29 years old.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published their annual Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018. In the report, Thailand still has the deadliest roads in Asia while India saw the greatest number of lives lost in traffic accidents.

Although published in 2018, the report provides data collected from 175 countries in 2016.

Thailand’s status as the second deadliest roads in the world has improved to eighth with 32.7 deaths per 100,000 citizens. A whopping 74.4% (16,178) of the 21,745 killed were drivers/passengers of 2-wheeled vehicles. Traffic accidents kill an average of 21,491 persons in the country each year.

Risks of Renting a Motorcycle in Thailand and How to Insure Yourself

Eight African countries and one South American nation join Thailand in the Top 10.

In terms of pure numbers, however, the Indian subcontinent saw an almost unbelievable 150,785 reported deaths. Conversely, the WHO believes many more fatalities were probably unreported and as many as 299,091 were killed on India’s roads. The country’s population of over 1.3 billion people had the effect of lowering the rate to 22.6 per 100,000.

By comparison, China has the second highest total number of reported deaths from traffic accidents at 58,022 among her 1.4 billion citizens. Again, the WHO believes that an estimated total of 256,180 were killed in 2016. China’s road death rate was 18.2/100,000.

Malaysia’s road death rate is still high but has seen much improvements at 23.6/100,000 with a total of 7,152 reported cases. There was no official number in the report, but it is widely believed that some 60% of all traffic-related deaths involve motorcycles.

Our neighbor Indonesia reported 31,282 traffic deaths in that year. Fatalities on two-wheel vehicles contributed 73.6% to the total figure. However, they have a low rate at 12.2/100,000 due to their large 261 million population.

The WHO added that traffic accidents are now the leading cause of death among children and adults up to 29 years old, and 8thhighest among people of all ages. At 1.35 million deaths each year, more die in road accidents than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and diarrheal diseases. The situation is worsening and a person is killed every 24 seconds somewhere in the world.

Sobering thoughts for 2019.

Source: World Health Organization

  • India has become the largest motorcycle market, beating out China in 2017.

  • A total 17.7 million motorcycles were sold during last year.

  • Benelli is the latest manufacturer to open up a factory in the sub-continent.

Chinese-owned Italian brand, Benelli will be the latest manufacturer to set up a motorcycle factory in India. India is currently the world’s largest motorcycle market.

Benelli is setting up the plant near Hyderabad and have also signed a deal with the Adishwar Auto Ride India-Mahavir Group to market the bikes in India. Remarkably, this new factory will start production beginning October 2018, albeit making motorcycles for the Indian market first.

Needless to say, manufacturing motorcycles in the country for domestic consumption avoids having to pay hefty levies.

India has naturally become the market where motorcycle manufacturers are flocking into, either to market or manufacture their motorcycles. In 2017 alone, a total of 17.7 million motorcycles and scooters were sold. Divided that number with 365 days and that’s a whopping 48,000 units per day!

KTM Motorrad AG was among the first to partner with an Indian motorcycle company, namely Bajaj Auto, to produce small capacity motorcycles for the Asian region before exporting them worldwide.

2018 KTM 200 Duke

Other manufacturers include Harley-Davidson who built their Street series there; BMW who partnered with TVS to produce the G 310 lightweight series; all the Japanese Big Four; Triumph Motorcycles had signed an MOU with Bajaj Auto; and Polaris had announced lately that they will assemble Indian Motorcycles and ATVs.

The largest motorcycle companies in India are Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto Ltd. and Eicher who currently owns the Royal Enfield brand. When it was speculated that Ducati was up for sale last year, Eicher made a bid of €1.8 billion.


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