Electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica Motors is set to enter the Indian market to expand its brand exposure whilst reaching for a bigger audience.

  • Energica to enter India by 2024 with a wide range of electric motorcycles.
  • Energica Motor will establish a partnership with an existing India-based motorcycle firm soon. 

Although the Italian firm is still considered small compared to larger and established two-wheel companies, penetrating the Indian motorcycle market within the next two years is the most likely option to compete with more prominent players.

Considering India is the single most significant motorcycle market globally, seeking growth in the region makes sense for Energica.

That said, Energica Motor CEO Livia Cevolini admitted that it is essential for the company to seek the right partner and get the timing right.

According to reports, Cevolini already spoke to multiple potential Indian partners.

“We have a couple of very big manufacturers (from India) interested in working with us and we have also some other requirements for our own brands from importers. 

“India is a very is huge it’s the biggest market so we want to be ready for that. We don’t want to rush and make mistakes, so we are taking our time to be sure that we are entering the market the right way and also have the right partners.

“You cannot go to a market like that (India) alone, if you are not from there. 

“You need to have the right partner to be to have bigger shoulders and the good thing is that it seems that we like each other because we have many contacts in India and it is a really exciting partnership,” reveals Cevolini.

However, the biggest hurdle Energica needs to overcome is trying to sell high-performance and premium-priced electric motorcycle to a market that focuses on entry-level and smaller displacement two-wheelers.

Keeway has been making great strides in the Indian motorcycle market with a wide range of models.

  • The Keeway SR125 is a retro-style motorcycle powered by a small 125cc engine.
  • The SR125 will join Keeway’s 250cc bobbers and 300cc scooters. 

Retailing at INR119,00 (RM6.8k) the SR125 is undoubtedly one of the most expensive 125cc motorcycles in the country.

Nevertheless, the SR125 stays true to the retro-style DNA, including a straightforward design, an exposed frame and a 14.5L teardrop shape fuel tank.

Meanwhile, the single-piece brown saddle and circular halogen headlamp complete the retro vibe.

More importantly, the Keeway SR125 allows for customization jobs, making it the most significant choice among younger riders.

However, the SR125 will struggle to compete in terms of power as the 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine can only produce 9.7hp and 7.7Nm.

According to Keeway, the SR125 is available in three colourways; glossy black, glossy red and glossy white.

India and Kazakhstan will make their debut on the MotoGP calendar in 2023. 

  • India and Kazakhstan announced as host for the 2023 MotoGP season.
  • Buddh International Circuit and Sokol International Racetrack selected as the 2023 host. 

India to host the world’s biggest two-wheel event at the Buddh International Circuit while Kazakhstan to begin their new five-year deal at the stunning Sokol International Racetrack.

Located just outside Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, Sokol is a brand new motorsport complex constructed in the heart of Central Asia.

Meanwhile, with over 200 million motorcycles on its roads, India is the perfect venue to host MotoGP as the Grand Prix of Bharat.

The new circuit is located in Uttar Pradesh to the south of New Delhi. The location is strategic as it allows for more access for the fans in the country. 

“We’re very proud to announce that Buddh International Circuit will be on the 2023 calendar. 

“We have a lot of fans in India and we’re excited to be able to bring the sport to them. 

“India is also a key market for the motorcycle industry and therefore, by extension, for MotoGP as the pinnacle of the two-wheeled world. 

“We very much look forward to racing at Buddh International Circuit and can’t wait to welcome the fans through the gates to see this incredible sport in person,” said Dorna CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta.

MotoGP is heading to India in the next couple of years after the country’s race promoter has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dorna Sports.

  • India begins their first step toward hosting the MotoGP after signing an MoU with Dorna Sports.
  • The Buddh International Circuit was identified as the ideal location to host MotoGP in the country. 

Dorna visited India this week in an effort to promote MotoGP in the country.

Rumours regarding an Indian Grand Prix have been making their round for the past week that suggest the world’s biggest two-wheel event could be on its way to India. 

Standing as the second biggest population in the world with 1.38 billion people, Dorna has agreed with Fairstreet Sport to host the MotoGP under the name Grand Prix of Bharat. 

According to MotoGP, the race will be held at the Buddh International Circuit, located outside New Delhi, which hosted Formula 1 between 2011 and 2013.

While it may come as a surprise, but considering that India is one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world, it’s only relevant for the biggest sporting event to make its way there. 

“India is a huge country and market and a significant one for the two-wheeled industry and MotoGP as a sport,” said Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta.

Apparently, India is hoping to be named among the host for 2023, which is why Dorna is yet to announce the provisional calendar for next season.

Nevertheless, it is only likely that India will only make it into the 2024 calendar. After all, Dorna and Fairstreet Sports only just signed an MoU. 

Honda is likely to introduced an all-new electric scooter in India after filing a new patent application in the country. 

  • borrows similar design cue from the Activa.
  • features 12v battery unit, telescopic fork and double-sided swingarm. 

India’s motoring publication, AutoCarIndia published the new patent application showing what could Honda upcoming e-scooter would look like.

*credit: AutoCarIndia

As expected, the image showcased an e-scooter that looks similar to the Activa.

Firstly, the front fascia – including the handlebar and headlight – shares similarities with the Activa. However, the rest of the bodywork looks new.

According to reports, the e-scooter is equipped with hub-mounted motor to reduce clutter and the production cost. 

The patent also shows a 12v battery unit, telescopic forks, single rear shocks and double-sided swingarm. 

The swingarm is mounted to the 10-inch rear wheels with drum brake. 

The e-scooter is likely to be introduce in the Indian market in 2023. 

Seorang penunggang motosikal di India maut selepas lehernya dikelar tali layang-layang ketika dalam perjalanan bersama isteri dan anaknya yang berusia 8 tahun.

Vipin Kumar, 35, dalam perjalanan ke rumah kakaknya untuk menyambut perayaan Rakhi Khamis lalu apabila tali bersalut serbuk kaca tajam itu mengenai lehernya di atas jejambat Taman Shastri.

Susulan kejadian, mangsa yang berlumuran darah dibawa ambulans ke pusat trauma di Civil Lines di mana doktor memaklumkan Vipin telah meninggal dunia.

Mayat mangsa dibedah siasat dan kes itu sedang disiasat pihak berkuasa.

Kematian Vipin bukan satu-satunya kes membabitkan tali bersalut kaca di Delhi.

Pada 2016, dua kanak-kanak dan seorang penunggang motosikal maut selepas leher mereka dikelar tali layang-layang jenis itu pada perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan negara.

Menurut fakta kes, ketika kejadian, kedua-dua kanak-kanak itu dilapor berdiri dan menjengah keluar melalui bumbung kereta.

Seorang lagi mangsa, Zafar Khan, 22, sedang menunggang motosikalnya apabila kerongkongnya dikelar, lapor BBC.

Layang-layang ialah aktiviti popular ketika perayaan di India, namun penggunaan tali jenis itu amat berbahaya kerana ia disalut dengan serbuk kaca untuk menjadikannya lebih tajam dan kuat.

Tali bersalut kaca yang digunakan untuk permainan layang-layang telah diharamkan di Delhi sejak 2016 susulan beberapa tragedi yang antaranya meragut nyawa.

Namun, tali murah bersalut serbuk kaca dipercayai dari China itu masih digunakan secara meluas di seluruh negara.

Joining the Honda CB300R in the lineup is the new 2022 Honda CB300F launched in India.

  • the CB300F joins the already available CB300R in India.
  • features the same 293cc oil-cooled engine that makes 23hp and 23.05Nm. 

Power for the CB300F comes from Honda’s 293cc oil-cooled, 4-valve SOHC engine, the same unit used in the CB300R. The CB300F makes 23hp and 23.05Nm, mated to a six-speed manual transmission and chain final drive.

The Honda CB300F features a 17-inch alloy wheels suspended by an inverted front forks and five-stage adjustable monoshock.

Braking is done by a single disc at both ends with 276mm at the front and 220mm at the rear.

Inspired by the bigger CB500F sold in global markets, the new CB300F also features sharp bodywork with a low slung headlamp.

Other notable features include:

  • full-LED lighting
  • dual-channel ABS
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
  • digital instrument cluster
  • 14L fuel tank

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Pro variant gets you a Honda smartphone voice control technology.

The 2022 Honda CB300F is retailed at INR 225,900 (RM12.6k).

, The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) of Kerala, India, has decided to ban helmet-mounted cameras.

  • Helmet-mounted cameras is seen as distraction by Kerala’s MVD.
  • Some riders used the camera to record dangerous stunts and shared them on social media. 

The details were leaked to the public from an internal memo circulated among MVD officials.

According to the documents, riders caught using helmet-mounted cameras will face a penalty of INR1,000 (RM56) with driving licenses suspended for 3-months.

Kerala’s MVD brought up the proposed ban on helmet-mounted cameras last year. The department claimed that the equipment could distract riders, leading to accidents.

However, in the latest report, the ban is an effort by Kerala’s MVD to crack down on riders recording their dangerous stunts and sharing it on social media, which could lead to others imitating the same stunt.

Nonetheless, riders may still be allowed to mount their cameras elsewhere – handlebars or jackets – as some riders still need the recorded videos, which can be used as video evidence in case of accidents.

BMW Motorrad telah memanggil semula 440,000 unit motosikal melibatkan model Gelande Strasse, R 1200 GS dan R 1250 GS.

Panggilan semula itu babitkan model GS yang dihasilkan antara 2013 hingga 2021.

Menurut laporan, kempen panggilan semula itu berkait degan risiko kerosakan yang boleh berlaku pada bahagian “cardan shaft”.

Bagi mengelakkan daripada maslaah tersebut terjadi, BMW Motorrad akan membuat lubang kecil berhampiran “cardan shaft” tersebut bagi memasukan “valve” baharu.

Valve tersebut akan membolehkan udara dan lembapan untuk keluar daripada “cardan tunnel” dan menyekat daripa kedua-duanya memasuki ruang “shaft” lalu memberi kesan pada aliran kuasa.

Sementara itu, kami difahamkan sebanyak 300 unit model berkaitan di Malaysia juga terkesan dengan panggilan tersebut.

Pihak BMW Motorrad Malaysia akan menghubungi pemilik yang terkesan dan membuat penambahbaikan sebagai komponen diperlukan itu tiba dalam beberapa minggu lagi.

Italian motorcycle company, Moto Morini is set to introduce four new models in India.

  • Moto Morini is bringing the X-Cape and Seiemezzo 650 to India.
  • Both are powered by a liquid-cooled 649cc DOHC parallel-twin that delivers 60HP and 56NM.
  • Key features include fully adjustable Marzocchi front forks, Brembo brakes, dual USB charge ports, and more.

The company made headlines in recent months since the introduction of the new middleweight adventure motorcycle, the X-Cape 650.

The mid-sized ADV was also recently launched in Malaysia, under local distributor, MForce Bike Holdings.

However, Moto Morini will now expand its reached to India with the introduction of the X-Cape 650, X-Cape 650 X, Seiemmezzo 650 Street and Seiemmezzo 650 Scrambler.

In addition, Moto Morini will also set up a new manufacturing facility in India as well as distribution network for the Asian region.

We’re particularly familiar with the X-Cape 650 and X-Cape 650 X as both model runs with 649cc parallel-twin engine capable of pumping 60hp @ 7,000rpm and 56Nm.

The X-Cape 650 will take on Aprilia’s Tuareg 660 and Yamaha Tenere 700 in India. While the brand is considered new in some part of the world, the X-Cape 650 comes with an affordable price tag compared to its rival.

Despite the lack in power, the X-Cape features premium components, including 50mm inverted Marzocchi forks, adjustable KYB rear monoshocks, Brembo brakes and a full-colour TFT display.

Meanwhile, the Seiemezzo 6 brings retro styling and the same 650cc parallel-twin mill but retuned to produced just 54hp with a higher rev range.

Similarly, it boast components like KYB suspension, Brembo brakes and dual-channel Bosch ABS.

Chinese motorcycle company, Zontes is set to penetrate the Indian market by introducing five new models.

  • Zontes to introduce five new models in India.
  • the 310 X and 310 T could be among the models. 

While some Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are only trying to make money by producing obscure copycats version of an established brand, there are those who are serious about contributing to the global industry.

Brands like QJMotor and CFMOTO are the best examples of Chinese two-wheel companies that are really developing affordable yet reliable motorcycles for the global market.

As such, Zontes is next in line to bring affordable – but not necessarily cheaply made – motorcycles to a new market.

While the brand has already established itself in Asian countries, Zontes is ready to take the next big step by infiltrating the world’s biggest motorcycle market, India.

To do so, Zontes will release five models in India, mainly ranging from 125cc to 310cc. According to reports, a few of those could be the 310 X and 310T2 tourers which is likely to do well in India.

Moreover, the 310 series will go up against the ever-popular Indian-made KTM 390 range. This could well be the main objective for Zontes, offering a cheaper option than the KTM 390 model in the country.

A more off road-focused Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 ‘Rally’ is supposedly in the pipelines, rumoured to pack an improved powertrain, transmission and on board electronics.



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