Energica Plans To Enter The Indian Market By 2024

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica Motors is set to enter the Indian market to expand its brand exposure whilst reaching for a bigger audience.

  • Energica to enter India by 2024 with a wide range of electric motorcycles.
  • Energica Motor will establish a partnership with an existing India-based motorcycle firm soon. 

Although the Italian firm is still considered small compared to larger and established two-wheel companies, penetrating the Indian motorcycle market within the next two years is the most likely option to compete with more prominent players.

Considering India is the single most significant motorcycle market globally, seeking growth in the region makes sense for Energica.

That said, Energica Motor CEO Livia Cevolini admitted that it is essential for the company to seek the right partner and get the timing right.

According to reports, Cevolini already spoke to multiple potential Indian partners.

“We have a couple of very big manufacturers (from India) interested in working with us and we have also some other requirements for our own brands from importers. 

“India is a very is huge it’s the biggest market so we want to be ready for that. We don’t want to rush and make mistakes, so we are taking our time to be sure that we are entering the market the right way and also have the right partners.

“You cannot go to a market like that (India) alone, if you are not from there. 

“You need to have the right partner to be to have bigger shoulders and the good thing is that it seems that we like each other because we have many contacts in India and it is a really exciting partnership,” reveals Cevolini.

However, the biggest hurdle Energica needs to overcome is trying to sell high-performance and premium-priced electric motorcycle to a market that focuses on entry-level and smaller displacement two-wheelers.

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