KTM To Release A New Flagship Variants Of The 390 Adventure

KTM’s partnership with Indian automotive giant Bajaj Auto has resulted in a lot of developments for KTM’s smaller-displacement machines. The latest news from KTM is the upcoming release of new variants of the 390 Adventure.

  • KTM developing a premium version of the 390 Adventure. 
  • The upgraded 390 Adventure to feature adjustable suspension sourced from WP. 

According to Indian motorcycling publication BikeWale, KTM is set to release a premium version of the 390 Adventure equipped with adjustable suspension. This upgraded suspension system, sourced from WP Suspension, will make the already capable 390 Adventure even more capable and could result in one of the most capable entry-level adventure bikes on the market. The new premium version is expected to be called the 390 Adventure R.

On the other end of the spectrum, KTM is also reportedly working on a lowered version of the 390 Adventure. With a seat height of 33.7 inches, the current 390 Adventure is much taller than most Asian inseams. The new lowered version will be a welcome addition to the Asian market, where accessibility is a key consideration for many riders.

Both new variants of the 390 Adventure are expected to hit the market as soon as May 2023, with India being the first to receive them. When mated to the bike’s advanced electronic rider aids, tried and tested engine, and lightweight chassis, the upgraded 390 Adventure could set a new standard in the adventure bike segment.

KTM’s partnership with Bajaj Auto has been ongoing for over a decade, with the Indian conglomerate holding a 48 percent stake in KTM AG. Bajaj Auto handles the production of KTM’s smaller-displacement machines, including bikes with engines ranging from 125cc to 390cc.

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