Hero MotoCorp To Electrify The Indian Market With Zero Motorcycles

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize the Indian motorcycle market, Hero MotoCorp has unveiled its grand vision for electric mobility by teaming up with California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles.

  • The partnership, fueled by a substantial USD60 million investment, is set to electrify the industry and drive a monumental shift towards sustainable transportation.
  • The announcement, which first surfaced in September 2022, left enthusiasts speculating about Hero MotoCorp’s intentions.
Hero MotoCorp


With a strong legacy in traditional combustion-powered two-wheelers, Hero ventured into the electric realm earlier in 2022 with the launch of their first electric two-wheeler, the Vida V1, developed in collaboration with Taiwanese electric scooter and tech company, Gogoro.

Now, the veil has been lifted as the Hero MotoCorp Annual Report for 2023 sheds light on the electrifying details of the Zero partnership. The report outlines Hero’s strategic plans to co-develop premium electric motorcycles, utilizing Zero’s expertise to create innovative and high-performance EVs. The collaboration aims to diversify Hero’s EV portfolio, reaching a broader customer base and capitalizing on the global trend towards electric mobility.

Notably, the report emphasizes that this partnership goes beyond just technological exchange. It combines Zero’s cutting-edge powertrain and electric motorcycle development prowess with Hero’s vast scale in manufacturing, sourcing, and marketing, creating a powerful synergy in the realm of sustainable mobility.

For Hero MotoCorp, the alliance with Zero Motorcycles represents a momentous opportunity to spearhead the electric mobility revolution in India. As the largest motorcycle market in the world, India is ripe for transformative change.

Hero MotoCorp envisions bridging the gap between international clean mobility options and Indian consumers by bringing the entire Zero portfolio into the country.

To achieve this, Zero Motorcycles will set up local manufacturing facilities in India, further bolstering the nation’s efforts to promote indigenous electric vehicle production. With Zero’s global reputation for excellence in electric motorcycles, combined with Hero MotoCorp’s extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution, the partnership is poised to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility not just in India but also across global markets.

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