Red Bull Malaysia Sponsors PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Racing Teams

Red Bull Malaysia sponsors the three PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Racing teams in the PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship.

The three teams involved are PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha 31 Racing, PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha CKJ, and PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor. All three racing teams competed in Round 3 of the prestigious PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship 2024 from 1st to 2nd of June at PETRONAS Sepang International Circuit.

“At Red Bull, we are not just about energising the body, but also igniting the spirit of every individual who dares to push the boundaries of possibilities. This partnership with the PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Racing Teams represents more than just a fusion of logos; it represents a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the fiery spirit of competition,” said Andy Lee, Co-Country Director of TCP Red Bull Malaysia.

Here is a look at each team’s background:

PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha 31 Racing Team

Driven by three pillars – RIDE. RACE. LEAD. – the team aims to be one of the best racing teams not only in Asia, but also globally. Since their inception, the racing team strives to conquer races as champions of bringing the trophy home, embracing all communities, wellbeing, and competing with pride. PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha 31 Racing Team has received numerous accolades over 28 years of motorcycle racing, including the Overall Wira KBS Category Championship titles in the PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship for four consecutive years.

PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha CKJ Racing Team

The team believes in always being ahead, never looking back. Comprising a squad of young talented riders, such as Afif Amran and Akid Aziz, who have clinched numerous Overall Champion titles at the PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championships, the racing team remains steadfast in their mission to fuel sportsmanship and ignite team camaraderie on the track.

PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor Racing Team

Established in 1997 by former rider Yong Ying Hoe, is driven with a purpose of attaining exceptional outcomes. The racing team guards the record for the most significant number of championships clinched in the PETRONAS MAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. With 5 competing riders this championship season, PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Racing Team aims to leave a lasting impact on each track they compete on.

Special contest commemorating the partnership

As part of the partnership, Red Bull will soon be running a contest, offering two lucky winners a chance to each own a limited-edition Yamaha Y15ZR motorcycle exclusively signed by selected riders from the three PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Racing Teams. Stay tuned for more details by following Red Bull’s Instagram and Facebook pages or visiting the official website.

Red Bull Energy Sparkling launched

To commemorate this exhilarating new chapter, Red Bull introduced a new beverage series – Red Bull Energy Sparkling, perfect for young, active individuals seeking a light, invigorating energy boost.

Available in 250ml cans, the new series offers a delightfully fruity aroma, refreshing taste, is sugar-free, and comes in two exciting flavours: Pomelo and Apple & Muscat Grape. The Red Bull Energy Sparkling series will be available from RM3.10/can at major supermarkets and convenience stores.

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