VIDEO: Motorcyclist Gets Double Whammy

  • An Indian motorcyclist got into a double whammy traffic accident.

  • He miraculously survived the entire ordeal.

  • The accident highlights the importance of wearing a helmet at all times.

A motorcyclist in India received a double whammy in a traffic accident in what is known as “Jatuh ditampa tangga (hit by the ladder after falling down)” in the Malay language.

In the CCTV footage shared by the Daily Mail UK, a white car first stopped at an intersection before turning left into the rider’s path. The unfortunate rider hit the front of the car, sending him and his motorcycle flying down the road.

The motorcycle then hit a lamp post. As the rider got on to his feet, the lamp post came crashing down squarely on his head. The second impact sent him back down onto the ground.

Thankfully, the motorcyclist survived the ordeal as the helmet saved him.

According to the Daily Mail UK, the incident happened in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The lives of 15 motorcyclists and pillions are lost every hour in India due to not wearing helmets. Indian law mandates wearing a helmet while riding but many still flout the regulations.

As for the rest of us, we keep stressing on the importance of wearing a good helmet at all times. Spending some money on a better helmet is a sound investment. Better to have one when you don’t need it, rather than need it in an accident but don’t have one.

Source and video: Daily Mail UK




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