Ducati Panigale

Ducati sedang meraikan pencapaian yang cemerlang pada tahun 2023 dengan melancarkan lima edisi terhad Panigale.

Panigale terhad ini meraikan kemenangan pelumba Bagnaia, Bautista, Bulega, Martin, dan Bezecchi dalam MotoGP, WorldSBK, dan WorldSSP.

Terdapat empat model Panigale V4 dan satu model Panigale V2 dalam rangkaian ini, semuanya dihasilkan dalam siri terhad dan bernombor, disertai dengan tandatangan asli setiap pelumba pada tangki dan sijil keaslian.

Panigale eksklusif ini diperkenalkan dalam acara “Campioni in Festa,” di mana Ducati meraikan musim luar biasanya dan memperkenalkan motosikal terhad tersebut. Setiap model mempamerkan tanda tangan asli pelumba pada tangki, dilindungi oleh lapisan vernis transparent.

Dalam kalangan Panigale V4, tiga daripadanya diubah menjadi edisi tribut kepada motosikal Desmosedici GP milik Francesco Bagnaia (63), Jorge Martin (89), dan Marco Bezzecchi (72) dalam MotoGP.

Model-model ini meraikan kemenangan berturut-turut Ducati di MotoGP pada tahun 2022 dan 2023. Satu lagi Panigale V4R dipersembahkan kepada kemenangan WSBK Alvaro Bautista (19), menandakan dua tahun berturut-turut Ducati berada di puncak WSBK.

Akhirnya, Panigale V2 menghormati motosikal perlumbaan WorldSSP Nicolò Bulega (11), sambutan kemenangan pasukan pada tahun 2023.

Panigale V4 menerima peningkatan yang ketara, termasuk klac kering STM-EVO SBK sembilan cakera, ekzos Akrapovič (2kg lebih ringan daripada standard), sistem brek Brembo yang diperkukuh dengan caliper Stylema R. Footpeg boleh laras aluminium Rizoma, dan plexiglass perlumbaan.

Edisi istimewa Bulega Panigale V2 dilengkapi dengan suspensi Öhlins, ekkos Akrapovič (mengurangkan berat motosikal sebanyak 5kg), footpeg boleh laras aluminium Rizoma, dan pelbagai komponen karbon, termasuk pelindung lumpur depan dan belakang, penutup rantai, pelindung klac, pelindung lengan ayun, dan pelindung penyerap hentak.

Selain itu, Panigale V2 yang didedikasikan untuk Bulega lebih unik dengan memasang kit pelekat nombor dan cermin, serta penutup tangki lumba aluminium yang boleh laras.

Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk mendapatkan edisi terhad ini, harganya adalah seperti berikut:

– Panigale V2 Bulega 2023 World Championship Replica: $43,000 USD – RM210,000 (Terhad kepada 111 unit)
– Panigale V4 Bezzecchi 2023 Racing Replica: $63,000 USD – RM295,000 (Terhad kepada 72 unit)
– Panigale V4 Martin 2023 Racing Replica: $68,000 USD – RM318,000 (Terhad kepada 189 unit)
– Panigale Bautista 2023 World Champion Replica: $68,000 USD – RM318,000 (Terhad kepada 219 unit)
– Panigale V4 Bagnaia 2023 World Champion Replica: $73,000 USD – RM342,000 (Terhad kepada 263 unit)

Penghantaran model-model Panigale Race Replicas 2023 ini dijadualkan bermula pada Julai 2024.

Ducati is celebrating its exceptional performance in 2023 by launching a series of five collector’s limited edition Panigales. These motorcycles pay homage to the triumphs of riders Bagnaia, Bautista, Bulega, Martin, and Bezecchi in MotoGP, WorldSBK, and WorldSSP.

The lineup comprises four Panigale V4 models and one Panigale V2, all produced in a limited and numbered series, with each rider’s authentic signature adorning the tank, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. In addition to the customary features of collector-worthy limited editions, Ducati is including the technical equipment for each model, along with a wooden shipping crate.

These exclusive bikes were unveiled at the “Campioni in Festa” event, where Ducati celebrated its remarkable season and introduced the limited-edition motorcycles. Each model boasts the rider’s original autograph on the tank, protected by a layer of transparent varnish.

Among the Panigale V4s, three have been transformed into tributes honoring the Desmosedici GP bikes of Francesco Bagnaia (63), Jorge Martin (89), and Marco Bezzecchi (72) in MotoGP. These models commemorate Ducati’s consecutive victories at MotoGP in 2022 and 2023. Another Panigale V4R is dedicated to Alvaro Bautista’s (19) WSBK triumphs, marking Ducati’s two consecutive years at the top of WSBK. Lastly, a Panigale V2 pays homage to Nicolò Bulega’s (11) WorldSSP race bike, celebrating the team’s world title win in 2023.

The Panigale V4s receive notable upgrades, featuring a nine-disc STM-EVO SBK dry clutch, an Akrapovič homologated silencer (2kg lighter than the standard), new Brembo braking system, Rizoma billet aluminum adjustable footpegs, and race-grade plexiglass.

The special edition Bulega Panigale V2 is equipped with Öhlins suspension, Akrapovič racing silencers (reducing the bike’s weight by 5kg), adjustable Rizoma billet aluminum footpegs, and various carbon fiber components, including front and rear mudguards, chain guard, clutch cover guard, swingarm guard, and shock absorber guard. Additionally, the Panigale V2 dedicated to Bulega offers further customization with a number plate and mirror removal kit, along with a billet aluminum racing tank cap.

For those interested in acquiring these limited editions, the pricing is as follows:

– Panigale V2 Bulega 2023 World Championship Replica: $43,000 USD or RM210,000 (Limited to 111 units)
– Panigale V4 Bezzecchi 2023 Racing Replica: $63,000 USD – RM295,000 (Limited to 72 units)
– Panigale V4 Martin 2023 Racing Replica: $68,000 USD – RM318,000 (Limited to 189 units)
– Panigale Bautista 2023 World Champion Replica: $68,000 USD – RM318,000 (Limited to 219 units)
– Panigale V4 Bagnaia 2023 World Champion Replica: $73,000 USD – RM342,000 (Limited to 263 units)

Delivery of these 2023 Panigale Race Replicas is scheduled to commence in July 2024.

Ducati has experienced unprecedented success in the first half of 2023, surpassing all previous records with its remarkable sales figures.

  • Delivering an impressive 34,976 motorcycles worldwide, the Italian-based company has achieved a 5 percent growth compared to the same period last year.
  • The Ducati Multistrada V4 continue to hold its ground as the firm’s most in-demand motorcycle. 

Francesco Milicia, Ducati VP Global Sales and Aftersales, expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding performance.

“This first half-year marked Ducati’s best-ever delivery record, with 34,976 bikes successfully reaching our passionate clients. This achievement demonstrates the continued appreciation for our wide-ranging product lineup.

“Although we faced supply bottlenecks last year, the intense competition in the post-Covid era, coupled with improved product availability, has motivated us to enhance customer satisfaction further. We are inspired by the trust our Ducatisti place in us,” he said.

Analyzing the market performance, Italy emerged as the leading market for Ducati, with 6,639 motorcycles delivered during the first half of 2023, representing a growth of 10 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

The United States ranked second, witnessing an 11 percent increase in sales with 4,505 bikes delivered. Germany secured the third position, experiencing an impressive 13 percent growth with 4,217 motorcycles delivered.

Among Ducati’s extensive range, the Multistrada V4 emerged as the top-selling model, with a staggering 6,382 units delivered globally from January to June 2023. Following closely behind, the Monster, Ducati’s iconic naked sports bike, claimed the second spot with 4,299 motorcycles delivered worldwide.

The Scrambler Ducati 800 family secured third place, with 3,581 bikes finding enthusiastic owners.

Exciting news awaits motorcycle enthusiasts, as Ducati has already unveiled five new color schemes for its motorcycles in preparation for 2024. The SuperSport 950 S offers the Stripe Livery, featuring a striking combination of white, grey, and red, further enhancing the bike’s sporty elegance.

The Monster has received a stylish upgrade with the addition of the new Iceberg White color option. Street art enthusiasts will appreciate the new Graffiti Livery Evo on the Hypermotard 950 RVE, infusing the fun bike with an even trendier aesthetic.

The Panigale V2 is now available in the captivating Black on Black Livery, combining boldness with performance. Finally, the Multistrada V2 S boasts the Thrilling Black & Street Grey color scheme, adding a sporty attitude to everyday travel.


The fourth episode of the Ducati World Premiere web series takes us to the unveiling of a more powerful Ducati Panigale V4 R.

  • The 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 R gets higher max rev at 16,500rpm.
  • DLC-coated piston and titanium conrod contributed to higher horsepower. 

The introduction of the 2023 model year Panigale V4 R continue to set a new mark for Ducati’s racing department.

Ducati has seen remarkable results this season at the 2022 WorldSBK, with the current Panigale V4 R at the helm of Alvaro Bautista leading the championship with a massive gap. 

Watching Bautista flying by rival teams in a straight line is nothing short of excitement, but that doesn’t stop Ducati from upping the ante with the 2023 Panigale V4 R. 

On paper, the 2023 Panigale V4 R produces 218hp @ 15,500rpm but Ducati has increased the maximum revs to 16,500rpm at 6th-gear.

However, by adding a new racing exhaust combined with Shell-developed fuel, the new Panigale V4 R can hit a peak power of 240.5hp. 

The additional power is boosted by the use of gun-drilled titanium connecting rods and DLC-coated pistons, which Ducati claimed is a first for a road bike even though the technology is common in MotoGP machines and Formula 1 race cars. 

Thanks to a new piston geometry, Ducati also reduced the inertia significantly and the weight by 5g. 

In addition, the 2023 V4 R gets new engine modes with ‘Full’ and ‘Low’ added to the existing package. As the name goes, the ‘Full’ mode unleashes the full power of the V4 R while ‘Low’ reduces the power to 160hp, allowing for a calmer riding experience on the road. But hey, who are we to tell you not to go full blast on public roads? 

Ducati also revised the Ducati Quick Shift system to allow for a smoother shift during partial and full throttle.

The 2023 Panigale V4 R remains faithful with Ohlins suspension, but the travel in the NPX25/30 pressurised fork is increased by 5mm. 

Ducati also increases agility thanks to a higher swingarm pivot position that raises the rear height by 20mm. Also new on the 2023MY is a bigger 17L fuel tank. 

Finally, the 2023 Panigale V4 R will be a numbered model, with each bike verified by a plaque on the steering head. 

Ducati has officially completed its 2022 model year range by introducing another top-notch performance motorcycle, the Ducati Panigale V4 SP2.

The SP2 is the second generation of the Panigale V4 SP launched in 2020. The latest build focused on weight reduction and increased performance thanks to upgraded parts and accessories unique to the bike.

Despite nursing the same 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine, the mill is now housed in an aluminium front frame to reduce weight.

The SP2 also gets a new full-titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, which helps to reduce unnecessary weight by 5 kilograms and bumps the power to 228hp.

Other premium components fitted on the Panigale V4 SP2 include:

  • Ohlins NPX 24/30 front end
  • TTX36 rear shock and steering damper
  • Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 system
  • four power modes (Full, High, Medium and Low)
  • Brembo MSC 19.21 master cylinder

Stopping power comes from twin Brembo Stylema R callipers with STM EVO dry clutch, developed for the Ducati WorldSBK machine.

To ensure the best on-track experience, the Panigale V4 SP2 features Street and Sport ride modes (with Race A and Race B presets), Track Evo display option and Ducati Data Analyser with GPS module.

Meanwhile, if you think 228hp is too much power, worry not as the Panigale V4 SP2 comes with a host of safety features:

  • Cornering ABS EVO
  • Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO
  • Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO
  • Ducati Slide Control (DSC)
  • Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO
  • Auto tyre calibration
  • Ducati Power Launch
  • Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) EVO 2

The final touch comes in the form of a matt black Winter Test livery design purely to let everyone knows that a beast is lurking among the crowd.

Scheduled maintenance is at every 12,000km wwhile the valve clearance adjustment (Desmo Service) is set at every 24,000km.

The Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 is already available for booking in Europe for GBP34,295 (RM188k).

The Troy Bayliss name will go down in history as one of the gods of motorcycle racing.

In just 12 years of active racing, Bayliss has shattered records and created records that still stand.

Which is fantastic for a person who gave up racing, went into apprenticeship at a local spray painting shop in Australia, then started active racing at the ripe age of 26.

Troy Bayliss is still the only person to ever win a MotoGP and WSB race in the same season.

He also has 52 race wins and 94 podium finishes to his name.

His 52 race wins puts him third in the overall most ever race wins in WSB.

Throughout his career, Troy has almost exclusively raced Ducatis. Save for a couple of Suzukis and Kawasakis early on in his career.

Troy has brought the Italian brand some dazzling race wins, and in honour of that, Ducati has introduced a Troy Bayliss exclusive model.

It is aptly called the Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss 1st Championship 20th Anniversary edition.

But why would Ducati honor one of their greatest riders by dedicating a entry-level superbike instead of the flagship Panigale V4R?

Well, considering that Bayliss won all of his championships on a twin, Ducati thought it fit to honour him with the latest twin-cylinder superbike instead – the Panigale V2.

And boy what a machine it is.

From the outside, the unique Panigale V2 features Troy’s 2001 championship winning graphics with the iconic number 21 displayed proudly on its side – like a proper race bike.

The V2 is of course in red, but it also features a dash of green and white to channel the proud Italian heritage.

Still on the outside, Troy’s signature is displayed proudly on the tank while the triple clamp displays the production number of the bike.

Onto the fun stuff.

To make this unique Panigale V2 even more special, Ducati has replaced the standard Showa forks with Ohlins NX30 forks up front and Ohlins TTX36 shock at the rear.

There’s also an Ohlins sourced steering damper.

Ducati has also replaced the battery of standard V2 with a lithium ion unit and the bike now comes as a single seater.

Sports grip, a titanium and carbon exhaust kit and Troy’s number embroidered in white on the seat alongside the Italian national flag top it all off.

Combined, this limited edition Panigale V2 is 3kg lighter than the standard Panigale V2.

There’s no telling when this model will make it to Malaysia, if ever, but if it does, expect it to be in the RM140,000 – RM180,000 region.

The Ducati Panigale V4 is a beast on and off the track with its 214hp and 124Nm.

Despite the fact that it already boasts a monstrous power, the wonderful people at Ducati decided that there is no such thing as enough power. This brings us to the Bologna-based motorcycle company latest product, the Panigale V4 Racing Accessories Kit.

The kit features a variety of racing-oriented components, including an Akrapovic Titanium Full Race Exhaust that increases peak torque and horsepower by six per cent.

Not only that, but the full-system exhaust also shed 5.4 kilograms off the V4.

However, the installation of the race exhaust requires an update on the engine mapping.

Moreover, the racing kit also offers an assortment of carbon fibre components, including a swingarm cover, clutch cover, chain guides, crankcase protector, and many more.

The looks of your V4 will look even more menacing with Rizoma mirror plugs and a tail tidy.


For those who are interested, the Panigale V4 Racing Accessories Kit will only cost you around USD8,200 (RM33,700).

(source: motociclismo)

Turn five of the Jerez Angel Nieto circuit is a tricky one, especially for first timers. A fast flowing corner that suddenly tightens to catch you off guard and then threatens to send you off into the kitty litter.

I will not confirm it but I might have soiled my pants a little the first time I rode into the corner. After a few laps, I figured out the trick is to turn later than your instincts tell you to, holding your nerve as the edge of the 35 year old circuit rushes at you.

This has led to new found respect for MotoGP riders who race on this very circuit. The track is tight, fast and daunting. In comparison, Sepang Circuit feels like a multi-lane Californian highway, while Jerez feels like you’re racing down one of those tight Spanish village roads.

Good thing then that Ducati gave us a good 10 minutes of “familiarisation” time during the international media test ride of the brand new Panigale V2.

Turn five may be tricky, but the V2 is nimble and obliging; I had already found “my line” by the third lap – however slow the lap may have been.

But it wasn’t the corner that surprised me, it was how placeable the Ducati Panigale V2 was and how it responded so easily to what I asked of it.

A little roll off the throttle, a little more lean, point it where I wanted to be, add some squirt, and voila, I was at the exit of turn five at the long back straight heading to turn six.

Now I’m no track junkie, and neither am I a hardcore speed demon who “backs it in” every chance I get. In fact I still am a little clumsy on track, just as I am with chopsticks. Don’t judge me.

But this is what makes the Ducati Panigale V2 so special – it is such a friendly machine that it suits almost every riding style. And it makes riders like me feel like absolute heroes.

Easy! Seriously easy!

The Ducati Panigale V2 is the successor to the popular 959. The entrée to the world of Ducati superbikes if I may say, lovingly called by some as the baby-Panigale while others hail it as the beginners Ducati superbike.

It may look like a watered down version of the V4, and I wouldn’t blame you for mistaking it for one at first. Enthusiasts eyes will spot the grey Showa front forks that are in place of the golden Ohlins on the V4. And I absolutely love the fact that the V2 now comes with a single-sided swingarm, a feature the 959 did not have.

The court of public opinion may differ about the role of single-siders, but I am of the opinion a true to form Ducati should come with one. So tip of the hat to Ducati on this one.

But as for its friendliness, don’t get me wrong. However friendly it may be, the Panigale V2 is a serious machine; one that lets you exploit it however you want but asks that you respect its abilities.

Forget lots of power, say hello to usable Power!

The Superquadro 90-degree twin engine is an evolution of the same 955cc engine as the 959. But as you would expect, further refined for more power, 5hp and 2Nm of torque more to be exact. It is also Euro 5 compliant now, which may not matter to most Malaysian bikers, but it makes the bike environmentally friendly.

It is a lovely sounding engine even with stock exhausts. It does however love to scream and makes all of its power at 10,750rpm, and it sounds beautiful at that rpm as the video below will show you:

MotoGP derived electronics makes it a very intelligent bike!

But what makes the V2 truly special is that it is a very clever motorcycle thanks to some trick electronics.

The EVO 2 traction control system for example is derived from Ducati’s MotoGP exploits. This system first made its debut on the top of the range Panigale V4R and has since trickled down to the rest of the Panigale range.

The new Traction Control system uses wider parameters than simply calculating wheel slip, and truly makes you feel like a hero.

The electronic brain of the bike, a six-axis Bosch IMU, sits at the centre of it all, and the package includes ABS Cornering EVO, Ducati Wheelie Control EVO, and lean-angle-sensitive Engine Brake Control, you guessed it, EVO.

What does EVO stand for? Evolution of course. And in this context it means it is the evolution of the previous systems – smarter to include more variables like cornering ABS, and quicker to calculate everything that is going on with the bike and to deliver the necessary measures such as ensuring you never run out of traction.

And yes, you can customize the sensitivity of each of these systems, not only by selectable ride modes (Race, Sport and Street) but by sensitivity settings. For example, there are eight levels to the Traction Control and four levels of Wheelie Control. And you can also opt to reduce total engine power as well. Did I say that the bike is incredibly smart? Yes? Well I’m saying it again, the V2 makes you feel like a f**king hero.

But how do you access all of these systems? Well, there is a smart phone sized 4.5-inch TFT screen, colourised of course. And you can also personalize the way all of that information is fed back to you, with different display modes that changes the way information appears on the screen.

Enough of the dry jargon, how does it actually feel?

Out of the pit lane and onto the circuit, as you can probably imagine, the Panigale feels familiar, almost like a 959 with its slim body and light weight.

The rear of the bike is about 5mm higher than the 959 while overall trail has been reduced. This gives the bike a more compliant character, one that follows your every move in the saddle.

This also puts more weight onto the front tyre, which gives you added confidence of tucking the front into the corner while the rear simply follows. Placeable is the word here.

And then there are the tyres – Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 – sticky by design and when paired with the genius electronics, gives the V2 a ballistic feel out of corners. This also gives you confidence to drop the bike and pick it up again, ever more aggressively corner after corner.

The Ducati Quick Shifter is speed sensitive – the higher the speed, the quicker it shifts. And this just gives the V2 incredible acceleration from corner to corner.

And though the 955cc engine may not have the face morphing power of the V4, but it is still a very fast bike.

When it comes to shedding speed, all that speed is managed by twin M4.32 Brembo Monoblock calipers on 320mm discs which require just two-fingers to operate while the rear is kept in check by a 245mm disc.

As you can probably imagine, this is enough stopping power here to sate the most aggressive of riders. The only threat to Malaysian riders though will be securing the callipers from theft.

To buy or not to buy!

In typical Malaysian manner – “buyyyy broooo, still need to ask meh? The price already so good, what you want some more. RM109,900 only mah! Cheap la!”

It is difficult to truly judge the depth of a bike with just a few laps, but these few laps are good enough to tell me that the baby-Panigale has matured to be a true superbike.

Hardcore trackies might miss the ballistic nature of the V4 and the depth of adjustability the Ohlins shocks offer, but the V2 is honestly a good enough bike for all your needs. The seat is wider and more comfortable which gives it added comfort for daily rides to the office and such.

If you are looking for a bike that is easy to manage, won’t scare the crap out of you (well, at least not all the time) and will still look fantastic 10-20 years down the road – the Panigale V2 is the bike you want!

And now is the perfect time to buy the Panigale V2 as Ducati Malaysia has introduced its latest Ownership Enhancement Program – more info on it here!

If you feel that the Ducati Panigale V4 range is a bit out of reach, the new 2020 Ducati Panigale V2 might just be the perfect solution for those looking for some serious middleweight sports bike fun, courtesy of Ducati. Their latest offering comes in the form of a new livery called “White Rosso”, a combination of Star White Silk with hints of Ducati Red. (more…)

  • Motorcycle names can be as interesting as the bikes themselves.

  • There are ones which made you wonder what they mean.

  • There are just too many, thus we’ll break them into parts.

Motorcycle names can be as interesting as the bikes themselves. Manufacturers usually choose them based on heritage, branding, range or the kind of emotions they allude to.

There are too many to think about, so we’ll put in what comes to mind.


The “GS” moniker made its appearance in 1980 with the R 80 G/S. It stands for Gelände/Straße (or Strasse), or off-road/road in German. Appropriate for the dual-sport bike.

2. Ducati 851, 888, 916, 995,996, 999, 1098

Ducati superbikes were named with numbers between the 750 SS/Pantah and Panigale. The numbers simply pointed out the bikes’ engine capacities. Other models had and do have their capacities in their names, of course, but they include specific names such as Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, Scrambler, Supersport.

3. Ducati Panigale

The Panigale is named after the Borgo Panigale industrial district in Bologna, Italy. It’s also where Ducati calls home. Do make sure that your Panigale doesn’t have the “e” missing, because “Panigal” is a soap manufacturer in the same district.

4. Ducati Paso 750

1989 750 Passo

Debuting in EICMA 1985, the Ducati Paso 75- was a tribute to Italian GP racer Renzo Pasolini. Popularly known as “Paso,” he crashed during the 250cc Monza race in 1973. Jarno Saarinen (who pioneered the kneedown technique) who was directly behind couldn’t avoid Paso and also crashed. The accident caused a chain reaction which involved 12 riders and took the lives of Paso and Saarinen.

5. Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville T100 Black

This one is quite easy. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, United States is the prime location where land speed records are made or broken. As for the Triumph Bonneville, it’s an homage to the “Devil’s Arrow,” piloted by Johnny Allen in 1955. The “streamliner” (which basically looks like a rocket) was powered by a Triumph 650cc parallel-Twin which was tuned to burn methanol. It hit a two-way average speed of 311 km/h.

6. Triumph Thruxton

The Thruxton name is actually a racetrack in the UK. But Triumph had built special models for the Thruxton 500 endurance in 1969. They came away with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placings. It was the start of the café racer era.

It was a tough financial year for some manufacturers last year, but Ducati managed to close the sales figures off on a positive note as they report a total sale of 53,183 units – a 1.4% increase compared to 2018 when they sold 53,004 bikes. A small growth is still a growth nonetheless, but manufacturers will need to hunker down for 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. (more…)

Ducati akhirnya mendedahkan Panigale V4 Superleggera 2020 selepas berminggu penantian.

Ramai yang menjangkakan jentera eksklusif ini akan diperkenalkan dalam masa terdekat selepas beberapa gambar termasuk spesifikasi jentera edisi terhad – hanya 500 unit dibina – ini bocor di internet.

Apatah lagi, beberapa klien penting Ducati telah menerima email secara langsung daripada Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ducati, Claudio Domenicali.

Panigale V4 Superleggera ini didatangkan dengan pelbagai teknologi terkini dan luar biasa meskipun tampak seakan-akan Panigale V4R.

Ini kerana, Superleggera ini merupakan V4R yang telah diselubungi gentian karbon – sekaligus menjadikan jentera ini 16 kilogram lebih ringan!

Perkara pertama yang paling menonjol adalah kehadiran biplane winglet yang tampak seakan kapal UFO mahluk asing sementara bahagian fairing didatangkan dengan livery Desmosedici GP-19.

Superleggera ini juga merupakan Panigale paling berkuasa dengan 224hp berjaya dihasilkan enjin 998cc Desmosedici Stradale.

Percaya atau tidak, Panigale V4 Superleggera ini hanya satu kilogram lebih berat berbanding Modenas Pulsar NS200!

Sistem penyerap hentakan pula dikendalikan fork tekanan Ohlins dan titanium shock manakala brek dikendalikan sepasang kaliper brek Brembo Stylema R.

Orang ramai yang berminat untuk mendapatkan jentera unik ini, anda hanya perlu membelanjakan USD100,000 (RM413,500) dan Ducati akan turut sama menawarakan peluang menunggang WSBK Panigale V4 R dan Desmosedici GP20 di litar.


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