CFMoto 675 SR Aspar Special Edition Concept Revealed

There is much excitement surrounding the inevitable launch of the CFMoto 675 SR, including its inline-four engine. The Chinese manufacturer seems to be excited themselves, too, going as far as revealing this CFMoto 675 SR Aspar Special Edition Concept.

The bike has not been released, but this is a race edition which pays homage to Jorge Aspar Martinez. CFMoto’s Moto2 and Moto3 campaign in MotoGP are run by the Aspar team. They are enjoying their best season since arriving in 2022, with David Alonso winning four out of six Moto3 races and is currently leading the championship by 14 points.

Back to the CFMoto 675 SR Aspar Special Edition, it wears the number 5 made famous by Aspar when he raced in 80cc and 125cc world championships. The colour scheme of blue, white, and black colours also reflects the Aspar team’s.

Apart from the colour, the bike features several racing accoutrements such as large winglets, rear spoilers, brake cooling ducts, billet aluminium footpegs, billet clip-on handlebars.

The concept was revealed at the opening of CFMoto’s global racing and training academy at the Aspar Circuit in Valencia, Spain. The academy provides riders and mechanics training and links to the Spanish Championship to the MotoGP World Championship.

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