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Right after the official global live stream of the 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4, Ducati released a short clip on YouTube showcasing the performance of their most powerful track-oriented yet street-legal machine yet, the Ducati Superleggera V4. (more…)

A second teaser video regarding the highly anticipated Ducati Superleggera V4 was released on YouTube by V4Evo, an American company specializing in carbon fibre. It’s weird that it’s not Ducati themselves that are releasing the videos, but we’ll probably get an explanation in the future. (more…)

Streetfighter V4

Selepas Ducati mencuri perhatian dunia dengan memperkenalkan Streetfighter V4, pengeluar motosikal Itali itu dikhabarkan bakal menghasilkan versi V2.

Panigale V4S

Menurut laporan MCN, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, membuat pendedahahan menarik mengenai perancangan untuk menghasilkan Ducati Streetfighter V2.

“Kami kini memiliki Panigale V2 yang menghasilkan 155hp dan menawarkan pengalaman menunggang sebuah sportbike yang tidak terlalu ekstrem.

“Jadi kami mahu menghasilkan sebuah motosikal naked dalam kategori sama,” Domenicali memberitahu MCN.

Panigale V2

Meskipun CEO Ducati itu tidak menyebut tentang menghasilkan sebuah Streetfighter V2 namun berdasarkan Streetfighter V4 yang lahir daripada Panigale V4R, kemungkinan senario sama akan berlaku terhadap Panigale V2.

Streetfighter V4

Ducati Streetfighter V2 dijangka menggunakan enjin 955cc V-Twin yang terdapat pada Panigale V2 di samping fork depan Showa boleh laras, penyerap hentakan Sachs dan kaliper brek Brembo Monoblock berkembar dan Cornering ABS.

  • The Ducati V4 Superleggera is on its way.

  • It will possibly weight 161 kg, dry.

  • No launch date yet.

The Superleggera name has become a mainstay of Ducati’s most exotic models and recent type approval submissions confirmed that the Ducati V4 Superleggera is on the way.

Superleggera means “superlight” in Italian, hence the bike will feature lots of carbon fibre, magnesium and titanium parts to shed all that weight.

The type approval submission documents show the kerb weight (ready to ride) at 173 kg. But don’t be alarmed as manufacturers need to submit the bare minimum weight to have the bike in rideable condition. Which means all the weight of the engine oil plus fluids and minimum fuel.

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So, what’s the real weight? Let’s compare it to the Panigale V4 R. The type approval kerb weight of that bike is 184 kg. That means the V4 Superleggera is 11 kg lighter in this sense. Ducati claimed the V4 R’s dry weight at 172 kg and wet weight at 193 kg. This ought to mean that the Superleggera’s dry weight is only 161 kg(!) and wet weight of 182 kg(!). That’s heavier than the 1299 Superleggera but the V4 is more complex thus weighs more.

However, all that extra weight will be forgotten when the throttle is twisted. The engine will be based on the V4 R’s 1000cc V-four instead of the 1103cc version in the V4 and V4 S. A new titanium exhaust liberates an extra 3.6 bhp bringing the maximum to 221 bhp. But! A race exhaust and ECU will pump that up to 234 bhp. Insert ear-to-ear grin here.

There are a number of other changes, as well but we have to wait for the official launch to see the specs.

  • A supposed Ducati Panigale V4 Superleggera was spotted undergoing tests.

  • Ducati is following their tradition of producing limited-edition super light superbikes.

  • The bike may be unveiled during the Ducati 2020 World Premiere.

A supposed Ducati Panigale V4 Superleggera was spotted undergoing tests.

Maybe it was unexpected, but Ducati seems to be continuing with the Superleggera (super light) tradition, as they did with the Panigale 1199 and Panigale 1299.

Operating on the “light is right” principal, the test bike was spotted with generous amounts of carbon fibre. The main bodywork including the nose cone, front portion of the fuel tank, and seat unit are made of the lightweight stuff.

But we noticed that the bodywork’s styling takes after the Panigale V4 R’s complete with winglets.

Ducati seems to retain the front and rear mudguards, and belly pan in polymer. The swingarm is also non-carbon.

The rims share the same design as those on the Panigale 1199 Superleggera and Panigale 1299 Superleggera, however. It could very well mean that they are carbon fibre, too.

The exhaust muffler also looks different and could be of a lightweight design and material.

It goes without saying that the Superleggera will be much lighter than the regular V4. For comparison sake, the Panigale 1299 S weighed 190 kg, while the 1299 Superleggera tipped the scales at only 167 kg, making it the lightest production superbike.

Lower weight results in higher power-to-weight ratio and lower inertia. The bike accelerates faster, can hold higher mid corner speeds and brakes faster.

We may see he new bike during the Ducati 2020 World Premiere on 23rd October.

Source: Ride Apart

  • A recently unveiled Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 will be auctioned in support of Carlin Dunne’s family.

  • Dunne perished while contesting in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on a Ducati Streetfighter V4 Prototype.

  • Proceeds from the auction will be handed to Dunne’s family.

A recently unveiled Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 will be auctioned in support of the Carlin Dunne family.

As we reported earlier, Dunne had led Ducati’s assault on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb of the Streetfighter V4 Prototype when he tragically crashed and perished. The event had been used as publicity by Ducati to shore up support for the upcoming Streetfighter V4. The bike which Dunne rode was essentially a Panigale V4 stripped of its bodywork and attached with a straight handlebar.

A crowdfunding charity had been set up within days of his passing in order to support his family.

As such, proceeds from the auction of the bike will go to Dunne’s family. The bike will wear the racer’s #5 number plate.

Such an auction will also be initiated next month in honour of Nicky Hayden. The bike offered is a Panigale V4 S with special decals like those on the Desmosedici GP raced by the late rider.

The Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversary 916 celebrates 25 years of the iconic Ducati 916, the bike which turned the Italian brand into a household name and set the destiny of Ducati. It was also the bike which revolutionized the superbike segment.

  • Ducati will launch the Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Ducati 916.

  • The 916 and its later variants are the most successful bikes in World Superbike racing.

  • Only 500 will be built.

Ducati is launching the Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Ducati 916.

While it was the 851 which kickstarted the Italian manufacturer’s subsequent domination in the World Superbike series, it was the 916 which took Ducati into the modern-day spotlight. The man first responsible for it was none other than Carl “Foggy” Fogarty who won his first title when the bike made its debut. He would win another three championships on the 916’s later variants.

The success of the 916 wasn’t only limited to the racetracks but its legacy can be seen in virtually a modern sportbikes. It was due to the 916 that bikes now feature aggressive raptor headlamps (a change from the double round ones on Japanese bikes) and smaller cross sections. Oh, don’t forget about the single-sided swingarm, too.

So it’s only apt that Ducati launch the Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 together with Fogarty. The official unveiling will happen at the US round of the WorldSBK championship, at the famous Laguna Seca track. Current factory riders Alvaro Bautista and Chaz Davies will join the party.

There isn’t much details about the bike, yet, except that only 500 will be built.


Sejak Ducati melancarkan Panigale V4, ramai yang menjangkakan pengeluar motosikal Itali itu akan memperkenalkan Streetfighter V4.

Jangkaan tersebut akhirnya direalisasikan apabila jentera tersebut dilihat melalui beberapa sesi ujian sekitar Eropah beberapa kali.

Bagaimanapun, persoalan akhirnya terjawab apabila Ducati hari ini berkongsi beberapa gambar prototaip jentera terbabit.

Rekaan tirus di bahagian depan dan tangki yang tajam menyempurnakan lagi pengayaan sebuah motosikal naked meskipun dilitupi corak camo!

Berminat untuk melihat jentera luar biasa ini dengan lebih dekat? Ducati Streetfighter V4 akan beraksi di Pikes Peak International Hill Climb di Amerika Syarikat sambil ditunggangi bekas juara Pikes Peak, Carlin Dunne.

Ducati melihat perlumbaan ‘Race to the Clouds’ itu merupakan medan terbaik bagi menguji kemampuan jentera tersebut yang direka untuk kegunaan di jalan raya berbanding litar lumba.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 menggunakan enjin 1100cc daripada Panigale V4 namun dibezakan dengan ketiadaan fairing. Handlebar yang terdapat di Streetfighter juga adalah lebih lebar dan tinggi.

Meskipun dilitupi dengan corak ‘pixelated’ yang direka oleh Centro Stile Ducati namun rupa bentuk keseluruhan Streetfighter V4 masih dapat dilihat dengan jelas.

Sementara itu, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ducati, Claudio Domenicali berkata Ducati Streetfighter V4 bakal menjadi antara bintang utama bagi Ducati World Premiere 2020.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 akan ditayangkan di EICMA 2019 hujung tahun ini dan dijangka akan berada di pasaran pada Mac 2020.


  • Nampaknya khabar angin mengenai motosikal Ducati Streetfighter V4 yang telah tesebar sebelum ini ada kebenarannya.
  • Satu temuramah baru-baru ini bersama dengan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, telah membayangkan yang ianya bakal tiba.
  • Dia menyatakan bahawa “ia (Streetfighter V4) akan tiba secepat mungkin!”


  • Looks like the Ducati Streetfighter V4 rumour is more than just a fairytale.

  • A recent interview with Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali suggests that it might be on its way.

  • He stated that “She (Streetfighter V4) will be there as soon as possible!”

According to a recent interview with Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali posted by AcidMoto, it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the re-emergence of the Ducati Streetfighter model. This time around, talks about a possible Ducati Panigale V4 is going around and what the Ducati big boss mentioned in the interview might just be a point of high interest. (more…)

  • Motosikal Ducati Panigale V4 telah dinamakan motosikal lumba terlaris dunia pada tahun 2018.
  • 6,100 unit telah dijual daripada keseluruhan 9,700 unit Panigale.
  • Bagaimana pun, jualan keseluruhan Ducati telah jatuh sebanyak 5% akibat kemerosotan pasaran Amerika Syarikat.


  • The Ducati Panigale V4 was the world’s best-selling sportbike in 2018.

  • 6,100 units were sold out of a total of 9,700 Panigales.

  • However, Ducati’s overall sales dropped 5% due to the slump in the American market.

Forget about the naysayers, the Ducati Panigale V4 proved to be the world’s best-selling sportbike in 2018.

In fact, Ducati was the leading sportbike manufacturer through selling 9,700 Panigale models. That figure corresponds to a 70% increase over 2017. Of those, 6,100 were the new Panigale V4 models. That is remarkable, considering the price of the bikes!

2019 Ducati Panigale V4R

Hence, the Italian manufacturer now holds a 26% market share in the sportbike segment. Yes, 1 of 4 sportbikes is a Panigale.

On another hand, the Multistrada line-up also contributed to Ducati’s overall sales. 11,829 of the sport-tourers were sold in 2018. 6,569 of those were from the new Multistrada 1260 range – a 25% increase.

2018 Ducati Multistrada 1260S

Unfortunately, Ducati’s overall global sales dropped by 5% to 53,004, which ended an eight-year streak of record sales. The reduction was due to the precipitous 9% drop in American motorcycle sales.

As such, America is no longer Ducati’s biggest market; handing over that title to Italy (4.5% up).

Other growing markets are China (up 23%), Spain (up 8%), Switzerland (up 2.2%) and Japan (up 2%).

The Italian manufacturer has 9 new models in 2019, all equipped with IMU-based traction control and cornering ABS. They are hoping the new bikes will drive up sales for the year.

2019 Ducati Diavel 1260S


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