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When an automotive company introduces a model that adopts the name Nürburgring, you probably expect it to feature top-notch components.

In this case, MV Agusta has just unveiled the Brutale 1000 Nürburgring Edition to celebrate the legendary circuit.

Limited to just 150 units, the special edition Brutale 1000 comes equipped with carbon fibre components such as BST carbon fibre wheels that adopt an innovative billet hub. The company claimed that the innovative feature allows the wheels to be lighter and stronger, hence increases acceleration and handling.

The bike also comes with a full titanium Arrow 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system and features a longer manifold that helps achieve higher torque.

The Italian firm also redesigned the front headlight cowl, with MV Agusta claimed it helps increase aerodynamics, especially during high speeds.

You can also find a host of carbon fibre components around the rest of the motorcycle including the engine cover.

Anyway, with only 150 units available worldwide, it is safe to say that there’s no chance for any of us actually to witness this bike anytime soon.

MV Agusta finally takes the F3 to new heights with revised electronic upgrades and a new fairing.

The new fairing now features integrated in-board wings, a distinct component previously found on the 2021 Honda CBR1000RR-R. According to MV Agusta, the aero-system provides an additional 8 kilograms of downforce at 241km/h.

The windshield is now higher than the previous generation F3 to improve airflow over and around the rider.

While the three-cylinder 12-valve DOHC 789cc engine is already robust with 147hp @ 13,000rpm and 88Nm @ 10,000rpm, MV Agusta decided to push for further refinement with a little from the Italians firm involvement in Moto2 World Championship.

As a result, the new F3 RR features a high-pressure injector, a high-performance exhaust system and a new bi-directional radiator located behind the aero-fairing.

However, MV Agusta also introduces a race kit package consisting of a bespoke Akrapovic exhaust, CNC machined components, and a new ECU that boosts the power to 155hp and a higher redline 250rpm.

By the way, the race kit also shaves off almost 8kg of the bike weight to just 165kg making it the perfect track weapon for your weekend endeavour.

MV Agusta telah pun melancarkan Brutale 1000 RS yang sebelum ini dicanang sebagai versi lebih ‘mampu milik’ berbanding Brutale 1000 RR.

Bagaimanapun, sekali imbas, sukar untuk membezakan kedua-dua model ini tatkala Brutale RS meneruskan reka bentuk dan panel badan sama seperti RR.

Namun, melihat kepada spesifikasi, perubahan ketara tertumpu kepada bahagian suspension, apabila Brutale RS didatangkan dengan fork depan Marzocchi dan penyerap hentakan belakang dari Sachs menggantikan suspension elektronik Ohlins yang terdapat pada varian RR.

Antara aspek lain yang turut dikemas kini adalah ergonomik penunggang, tempat letak kaki, cermin sisi serta tempat duduk.

Bagaimanapun, Brutale RS ini kekal menawarkan ‘riding aid’ sama yang ditawarkan pada RR.

Bukan itu sahaja, enjin empat silinder 998cc turut dikekalkan dan masih menawarkan 208hp pada 13,000rpm dengan kelajuan maksima 300km/j.

Ini merupakan enjin yang telah dinaik taraf awal tahun ini yang diperkenalkan pada Brutale RR yang merangkumi conrod dan injap titanium, dan profil cam baharu.

Buat masa ini tiada harga rasmi diumumkan namun melihat kepada spesifikasi dan dakwaan jenama Itali itu sebelum ini, Brutale RS akan tampil dengan harga lebih ‘mesra’ berbanding Brutale RR.

MV Agusta has just unveiled what is tipped to be accessible Brutale 1000 RS.

Frankly, it’s hard to determine what could make the Brutale 1000 RS the cheaper version of the top-spec Brutale 1000 RR.

Looking at the specifications, the only prominent point of difference between the RS and the RR is in its suspension set-up, which we expected a few months back.

The Italian firm has replaced the electronically controlled Ohlins NIX EC front forks and TTX rear shock with Marzocchi upside/down fork and Sachs rear shock.

However, the Brutale RS features the same electronic rider aid, including the top-spec Brembo Stylema callipers.

Other minimal changes include a new seat, footpegs, rear-view mirrors and revised ergonomics.

Moving on to the important bits, the Brutale RS benefited from the RR engine upgrades introduced this year, including titanium conrods and valves, DLC coated tappets, sintered valve guides, and new cam profiles.

The four-cylinder 998cc generates the same 208hp @ 13,000rpm with a max speed of 300km/h.

MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR merupakan salah satu motosikal dengan rekaan paling ekstrim paling dihasilkan apatah lagi menawarkan kuasa lebih 200hp hasil penggunaan enjin dari model F4.

Ditambah dengan harga yang agak tinggi, sekitar RM170k bagi Brutale RR, tak hairan model ini sukar untuk menjadi pilihan utama pembeli dengan pelbagai model lain ditawarkan dalam segmennya.

Menyedari perkara ini, pengeluar motosikal Itali itu bercadang memperkenalkan varian RS, yang dianggap sebagai versi lebih ‘jinak’ berbanding RR dalam usaha menarik minat pelanggan.

Perkara itu disahkan menerusi dokumen kelulusan yang telah difailkan di Eropah.

Menurut dokumen tersebut, Brutale RS akan menawarkan ergonomik yang lebih baik hasil penggunaan handlebar yang lebar dan menegak.

RS juga akan tampil dengan sistem ‘suspension’ yang lebih mesra untuk kegunaan harian dan jalan raya.

Bagaimanapun, RS akan kekal dikuasakan enjin sama yang terdapat pada versi RR dengan 205hp dan 117Nm.

The MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR has often been criticized due to its over-the-top looks and menacing power.

Despite being labelled as a naked motorcycle, the Brutale 1000 RR is deemed too extreme and lacks the level of comfort needed as a daily commuter.

Moreover, with a price tag of around EUR34,000 (RM170k), the Brutale 1000 RR is rarely considered as a top choice two-wheeler on everyone’s mind.

Nonetheless, the Italian manufacturer intends to do something about it by introducing the Brutale 1000 RS, claimed to be a “softer” version of the current RR.

Based on newly published European type-approval documents, the RS will offer better riding ergonomics thanks to wider and straighter handlebars.

The new variant will also come with a different suspension setup to be better suited for the road.

However, it will retain the same F4-derived powerplant capable of producing 205hp @ 13,000rpm and 117Nm @ 11,000rpm.

MV Agusta gets its creative juices flowing in latest MV Stories web comic series.


Suzuki dan MV Agusta bakal menghangatkan EICMA edisi ke-78 tahun ini dengan masing-masing telah pun mengesahkan penyertaan.

Suzuki bakal sertai dua pengeluar motosikal gergasi Jepun lain, Yamaha dan Honda yang sebelum ini telah pun mengesahkan penglibatan lebih awal.

Menariknya, Suzuki akan menggunakan pendekatan teknologi bagi membenarkan pengunjung mengakses model 2022 dengan lebih terperinci di samping melihat dengan lebih dekat model baharu dengan jarak yang lebih selamat.

“EICMA merupakan pameran yang menakjubkan untuk semua yang terlibat dalam industri motosikal.

“Acara di Milan ini merupakan platform tepat untuk setiap pengeluar, terutamanya dalam tempoh sekarang,” jelas Pengarah Divisyen Motosikal dan Marin Suzuki Itali, Paolo Ilariuzzi.

Turut mengesahkan penglibatan adalah MV Agusta yang akan turut serta mengujakan pengunjung dengan model baharu sepertimana didedahkan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Timur Sardarov.

“Pameran di Milan adalah peluang yang kami tidak akan lepaskan.

“Ini adalah pameran yang membenarkan kami berkongsi gaya dan kekuatan jentera buatan Itali, yang menggabungkan teknologi dan kejuruteraan ‘avant-garde’ serta pengalaman lebih 75 tahun.

“Tahun ini kami tidak akan gagal dalam membuat kejutan untuk semua peminat,” ujarnya.

EICMA 2021 dijadualkan akan berlangsung di Milan pada 23 hingga 28 November ini.

Schiranna-based motorcycle company MV Agusta will return to the 2021 EICMA in Milan.

The confirmation will see MV Agusta taking part in the 5-days exhibition scheduled to take place from November 23 to 28 in the pavilions of Fiera Milano.

According to Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta Motor, the 2021 EICMA is to look out for this year.

“The Milan show is an unmissable fixture for MV Agusta, a highly prestigious showcase in which to express the style and strength of our made in Italy products, made up of technology and engineering, avant-garde, but also of high craftsmanship and know-how acquired in 75 years of pure passion.

“Over the years, we have presented our most important innovations to the world at EICMA, and this year too we will not fail to surprise our fans and the industry experts,” he said.

MV Agusta now joins Honda and Yamaha alongside Suzuki for the 2021 EICMA.

How to put a word out there that your new motorcycle has one of the best touring capabilities?

Well, take it for a ride across 11 countries within 24-hours.

That is exactly what MV Agusta just did with their all-new Turismo Veloce, who just set a motorcycle world record by visiting 11 European countries in just 24-hours.

The bike was ridden by an Italian journalist, Valerio Boni, who also etched his name in the record books alongside MV Agusta.

Boni and the Turismo Veloce kick-start the event in Sweden before travelling through Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria before completing the feat at MV Agusta factory in Varese.

The journey took 2,003km, and the duo had to overcome torrential rain and some diversion along the way before eventually making it in time.

“Everything went according to plan, or almost. We reached our objective also thanks to the Turismo Veloce, which proved to be extremely reliable and comfortable, two qualities that certainly were key in this situation.

“The comfortable saddle, the good protection provided by the windshield, the absence of vibrations and the cruise control function are the most important elements that helped me ride the Turismo Veloce for 2.003 km in 24 hours across 11 countries. It was an unforgettable experience and a not too tiring one either,” explained Boni.


MV Agusta is attempting to get into the record books by crossing through Europe in just 24-hours.

According to MV Agusta, the attempt will see them hitting more than 1,931 kilometres, crossing Europe from Sweden to Italy.

Interestingly, the model that will take up the challenge will be the newly updated MV Agusta Turismo Veloce, with an Italian journalist, Valerio Boni, chosen as the rider.

“This long, epic ride across Europe will certainly be challenging for both rider and bike, but the 2021 edition of the Turismo Veloce, in its production version, has everything it takes to achieve the objective in the best conditions.

“Thanks to the Turismo Veloce’s onboard technology we will be able to share the adventure in real-time on the official website,” said Boni.

The trip will kick off at Malmo in Sweden and to reach MV Agusta headquarters in Varese, Italy.

If successful, MV Agusta will set the record of the most countries in 24-hours, including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Italy.

There was some serious rumour doing the round in 2020 concerning the Cagiva brand allegedly to be relaunch by MV Agusta, including the resurrection of the iconic Elefant adventure motorcycle.

At the time, Cagiva was rumoured to be relaunch as an electric mobility brand while the Elefant could be reintroduced under the MV Agusta badge.

However, according to the Varese-based company CEO, Timur Sardarov, that might not be the case as it appears that Elefant could become a brand on its own, focusing on adventure/off-road motorcycle.

“Cagiva is a brand that belongs to MV Agusta.

“Our marketing department is evaluating the possibilities of products with the Cagiva brand, and we are also considering whether to define Elefant as a ‘sub-brand of MV Agusta or as Cagiva Elefant.

“The decision hasn’t been made yet,” he explained.


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