• Harley-Davidson baru sahaja memfailkan permohonan cap dagang (trademark) di bawah nama Revelation.
  • Cap dagang yang difailkan di USTPO itu adalah bagi bateri untuk kenderaan dan ‘drivetrain’ bagi kedua-dia kenderaan dan motosikal elektrik.
  • Revelation kedengaran lebih seperti teknologi yang akan digunakan oleh Harley-Davidson bagi menjana motosikal elektrik mereka yang seterusnya berbanding sebuah teknologi yang serba baru.


Harley-Davidson has just filed a trademark application under the name Revelation.

The trademark applied at the USPTO is for batteries for vehicles and drivetrains for both electric motorcycles and vehicles.

The Revelation sounds more like the technology H-D will use to power their next electric bike instead of a brand new one.

Some interesting news from the United States of America has been going around in regards to Harley-Davidson and their next electric motorcycle. It seems that the manufacturer has just filed for the latest trademark application for the name Revelation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). (more…)


  • Motosikal buatan khas Harley-Davidson XL1200 yang bergaya ini telah dibina oleh Thrive.
  • Thrive bertapak di Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Diberikan nama Kuzuri, ianya telah diilhamkan daripada motosikal buatan khas tradisional Jepun.


  • This classy custom Harley-Davidson XL1200 is built by Thrive

  • Thrive is based in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Dubbed the Kuzuri, it drew inspiration from traditional Japanese custom bikes

Pictures of a custom Harley-Davidson XL1200 by Thrive showed up on the internet lately, and for good reasons.

Thrive Motorcycle is based in Jakarta, Indonesia with the reputation of building some of the most beautiful custom bikes. This example, dubbed the Kuzuri is a prime example.

The project began two years ago when the custom builders were looking for a stock Harley-Davidson engine which was to be used as the testbed for developing their T/H/R/V brand of parts and accessories. A friend of theirs had 2000 XL1200 Sportster, by coincidence. The builders started fitting the new parts to it initially, handcrafting more along the way.

As an overall theme started to take shape, the Thrive team visited the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show and found discovered many great designs and, the traditional Japanese chopper. It was also here that they found the inspiration for Kuzuri, or wolverine in Japanese.

The team ordered a custom rigid frame from another custom garage and started shaping the aluminium panels, aiming for a bike with “timeless and streamlined looks” that’s clean, sleek and minimalist.

Thrive built the gas tank, headlight fairing, tail unit, oil tank and electrical in-house around the frame and engine. The forks were shortened to allow the bike to hug the ground. Custom accessories such as switchgear, footpegs, gullwing handlebars, brakeless front hub and Mooneyes grips were installed.

The Sportster’s stock belt final was converted to a chain drive. A chain-tensioner fashioned out of a skateboard wheel was installed underneath the drive chain.

Another cool feature is the stop light, modified from a Softail and hidden beneath the rear fender.

As the final touch, Thrive sprayed-painted the frame and body in sapphire blue and silver.

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Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur is organising a weekend of great deals on its bike and fun times for your family.

The weekend of the 23rd and 24th of April, H-D KL is celebrating the Harley-Davidson “Mania Carnival” at its headquarter in Petaling Jaya, and it is open to everyone from 10am till 6pm.

In a statement to the media, H-D KL says fans of the H-D brand and its lifestyle are strongly encouraged not to miss the two-day event as there will be great deals on H-D bikes with special offers on some very special bikes.

There will also be special prices for H-D merchandise and accessories for H-D bikes.

There will also be special entertainment areas for the family and for the kids with refreshments, cotton candy and balloons.

The Harley-Davidson “Mania Carnival” is definitely something not to be missed by Malaysian H-D fans.


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