• The Harley-Davidson Bronx was shown at EICMA 2019.

  • It sports the Revolution Max 975 engine.

  • It isn’t the production-ready version, however.

Another version of the Harley-Davidson Bronx was shown at EICMA 2019, and it’s not the production-ready version.

It was intended to be the Motor Company’s streetfighter, but they know better than to call it that since the current arms war in the segment has driven them to over 200 bhp.

So, the Bronx it is as an homage (?) to the “rough and tough” part of New York City.

Anyhow, the engine is a new Revolution Max 975. Instead of the usual air-cooled, 45-degree Big Twin, the Revolution Max 975 is a liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin, similar to the 1247cc Revolution found in the V-Rod. Harley claimed the engine to produce 115 bhp and 95 Nm of torque.

The model does look like how a naked bike should, and is fitted by “modern” components such as radially-mounted Brembo monobloc front brake calipers.

Only thing is we wonder why the manufacturer is taking so long to ready the production bike, since the concept was shown off since EICMA 2018. With so many bikes debuting all at the same time, new bike fatigue sets in quickly, making bikes introduced too long ago “obsolete” by the the time they are “introduced” again.

  • The Harley-Davidson Sportster line-up has just gotten even more attractive in conjunction with Art of Speed 2019.

  • Buyers during the event will receive Screamin’ Eagle exhausts.

  • This great deal is only for a limited number of units.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster line-up has just gotten even more attractive in conjunction with Art of Speed 2019.

Harley-Davidson Sporter models are now produced CKD (complete knocked down) in Thailand. That qualifies them for NAFTA exemption, hence lower selling prices.

But lower selling price or otherwise, the Sportster still exudes a livelier and characterful ride compared to its bigger brethren. It’s not saying that the bigger Softail and Touring families are not good, but the Sportster 883 or Sportster 1200 models are lighter, more agile and accelerate quickly. Those qualities make them more practical for daily use.

Now, you can experience the Sportster through the special deal.

Get one at the Art of Speed 2019 and Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) will throw in a set of Screamin’ Eagle exhausts. On top of that, enjoy worry free 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Those are great reasons to just get a brand-new unit.

But hurry because the offer is only for a limited number of units.

Priced from RM 62,600, loans are arrangeable through HDPJ – up to 7 years repayment at 3.6% per annum.

You can view the new Harley-Davidson Sportsters at the Art of Speed 2019, happening on 27thand 28thJuly, at MAEPS Serdang.

  • The LEGO Group revealed its latest LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model.

  • The model features 1,023 pieces and measures 20 cm high, 18 cm wide and 33 cm long.

  • There are moving and working parts on the model.

The LEGO Group revealed its latest LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model that will cruise into LEGO Stores globally on August 1, 2019.

Developed in collaboration with Harley-Davidson, this detailed LEGO interpretation of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle captures the beauty of the real-life machine with finishes, surfaces, and design elements crafted to replicate the full-size Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Featuring 1,023 pieces, the model comes complete with solid-disc wheels, teardrop fuel tank, integrated speedometer, and dual exhaust pipes.

The finished model measures over 20 cm high, 18 cm wide and 33 cm long and features several moveable parts for owners to engage. Spinning the rear tyre will the Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons and dual exhaust pipes, spring to life. Turn the handlebar, move the gear shift and brake levers, and flip down the motorcycle’s kickstand for easy parking. Finished with an authentic dark red and black color scheme with Harley-Davidson logos on each side reflective of the 2019 Fat Boy motorcycle’s Wicked Red paint scheme, it’s a perfect display centerpiece for any home, office, or anywhere to channel the inspiration to ride.

“Bringing this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to life in brick form is incredibly exciting,” said Mike Psiaki, Design Master at LEGO Group. “The model truly captures the iconic design, advanced engineering and attention to detail of this iconic motorcycle, offering an immersive building experience and a unique collector’s item for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and LEGO fans of all ages.”

“It’s been exceptionally exciting for Harley-Davidson to collaborate with the LEGO Group – another brand that champions creativity and expression,” said Heather Malenshek, Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson. “Not only do we want customers to be inspired by the end result, we want them to enjoy the building process.”

“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish.” said Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling & Design, Harley-Davidson. “We looked at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. Working with the LEGO team on this project allowed us to bring that same attention to detail to a collaborative product, and to celebrate a brand that inspired the imagination and creativity of many of us at Harley-Davidson from a young age, including myself.”

To celebrate the launch, LEGO Master Builders created a life-size model of the motorcycle, complete with silver coated parts, Wi-Fi animation control, sound and light effects to imitate a real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and 6,000 special LEGO elements. The extraordinary creation took 865 hours to build, is made of 69,569 pieces and will be on display at select LEGO stores and Harley-Davidson events for fans to see.

The LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model is available directly from LEGO Stores and exclusively for LEGO VIP members beginning July 17, 2019, with general public availability beginning August 1, 2019.

As for us, we cannot wait until it gets here.

  • Kumpulan pemilik Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya, HOGPJ, telah menganjurkan satu tunggangan bagi menikmati satu hidangan yang istimewa pada hujung minggu lalu.
  • Hampir 100 orang peserta telah menyertai satu konvoi ke Segamat, Johor yang terkenal dengan udang galah.
  • Tunggangan kali ini telah dikawal selia dengan mahir sekali dari awal sehingga ke penghujungnya.


  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya’s owners group chapter, HOGPJ organized a ride for some great food over the weekend.

  • Nearly 100 participants showed up to the ride to Segamat, Johor for the famous udang galah (crayfish).

  • The ride was expertly marshalled from start to finish.

Things are up and fully for Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) and their riders’ chapter, Harley Owners Group PJ (HOGPJ).

Harley-Davidson owners can always look forward to many fun activities that are organized by HOG and their respective dealerships. So far, there’ve been many such rides that started from HDPJ based at The Gasket Alley.

But as Malaysian bikers, there are two things that we love: Motorcycle and food. Not necessarily in that order. As such, HOGPJ organized a “food ride” this weekend. Called “HOGPJ Udang Galah Ride,” the participants rode to the sleepy town of Segamat in Johore for the famous udang galah (crayfish) lunch.

The organizers had targeted 75 participants, but the number swelled to nearly 100 just prior to the pre-ride briefing. While most riders are experienced in convoy riding, the HOG marshals knew they had their job cut out for them and they took their tasks seriously. Harley-Davidson and HOG are nothing if not for their expertly organized rides.

After the marshals were briefed, it was the participants next. The briefing was quite detailed as compared to other rides we’ve covered, but the main difference was the Head Marshal leading the participants in a warm up session. They guided through some stretching and deep breathing exercises.

From HDPJ it was a straight ride to the Ayer Keroh RnR for the Sportsters to fill up their peanut tanks. The participants were disciplines and adhered to HOG’s recommended convoy etiquette.

Refueling was a fast process as the marshals ran a “pit stop” refueling style: The owner left his/her bike with the marshals, went to pay for the fuel, and the marshals filled up the bike.

We continued our way to Segamat by exiting the North-South Expressway at the Tangkak exit. The pace was good as it kept us cool despite the sun particularly hot on this day. We were also escorted by the Traffic Police thus we didn’t have to stop and get hot. Indeed, we were told during the briefing that HOG will always notify the police prior to their rides.

We reached RZ Restoran just in time for lunch. Participants parked their bikes quickly to get out of the sun and helped themselves to the iced drinks.

The restaurant had already set out the food for us in the air-conditioned section, consisting of the all-famous udang galah in fried, sambal and lemak styles, plenty of tasty vege, crispy fried chicken, fried fish, and much more. A few Harley riding friends of this writer once remarked that the Malaysia HOG unofficial mantra is “Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat,” certainly in relation to our love for great food, and that passion to ride to faraway places just for a meal. Can’t argue with that.

We rode back the same way we came from after lunch and the customary group photos. Again, the group kept the formation as tight as possible on the highway until the Seremban RnR before we went our separate ways.

To find out more about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Harley Owners Group PJ, please visit Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya’s official Facebook page or visit them at the location below.


  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya has likewise revised their motorcycle prices.

  • The new prices will make them even more desirable.

  • Harley-Davidsons will soon be available in Penang and Melaka, too.

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya has also published the prices of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with 0% GST.

We had recently snooped around the new Harley-Davidson dealership and found that they had revised prices of new bikes, parts and labour charges, making the bikes even easier to own than before. (Please click on the link below for more details.)

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya: Same Great Bikes, Now More Affordable

But now with this tax holiday, they are now even more attractive, since it is 0% GST not only for new bikes but also for accessories, spare parts and maintenance.

Please refer to the list below for the new prices. However, please ignore the typo that says “Effective Date as of 1st January 2018.” The new prices will be effective from 1st June 2018 onwards until further notice, depending on the Ministry of Finance’s decision to revert to SST.

We would like to bring your attention to a few models.


It was Harley-Davidson who pioneered the full-dress touring motorcycles we see today, so it is only natural that the Motor Company continue with the tradition.

  • The Ultra Limited and there are three variants. Prices will start from RM 206,300.
  • As for the bagger version of the Electra Glide, called the Street Glide, prices start from RM 174,700.
  • There is also the new Road Glide as tested by Keshy Dillon in Croatia, with prices starting from RM 174,700.
Harley-Davidson Road Glide


The Softail lineup consists of motorcycles that are designed for maximum visual impact, but bear in mind that the new Softails are engineered for better riding, comfort and performance.

  • The new Street Bob starts from RM 107,200.
  • The “slammed” and “stretched” (meaning low and long) Breakout starts from RM 143,600 (107 c.i. model).
  • The iconic Fat Boy has gone through some changes but still remains unmistakably a Fat Boy. Prices will start at RM 138,300 for the 107 c.i. model.
Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout


Harley’s Sportsters have always been the best-seller among beginners, lady-bikers and those who seek performance. The new prices are interesting to say the least.

  • Price for the Iron 883 begin at RM 81,200.
  • The super-popular Forty-Eight’s new price begins at RM 92,800. There is also the Forty-Eight Anniversary which is priced from RM 99,800.
Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight


Of course, we cannot skip the CVO’s which stands for Custom Vehicle Operations, meaning that these are special factory customs. There are four models for 2018:

  • CVO Ultra Limited, priced from RM 328,900.
  • CVO Ultra Limited Anniversary, from RM 353,300.
  • CVO Street Glide, from RM 285,100.
  • CVO Road Glide, also from RM 285,100.
Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited CVO

So, along with Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya’s focus on aftersales and customer knowledge, it is the best time to get one.

  • Pengedar sah Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya yang baru telah dilancarkan secara rasmi pada hari ini.
  • Ianya merupakan pengedar sah yang pertama sejak Harley-Davidson bertukar rakan pengedar rasmi.
  • Lebih banyak kedai pengedar sah akan dibangunkan di seluruh Malaysia.


  • The new Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya dealerships has been officially launched today.

  • It is the first dealership since Harley-Davidson’s refreshing exercise.

  • More dealerships around Malaysia are on the way.

Petaling Jaya, 9th March 2017 – The Harley-Davidson Motor Company and DIDI Resources Sdn. Bhd., the newly-appointed sole distributor have officially launched the new Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya dealership, situated at The Gasket Alley.

The new dealership is the first in a “refreshed” independent dealer network in Malaysia; and since Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) is located at the Gasket Alley, the showroom will be operated under the care of Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd. Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd. is part of Goh Brothers Capital, who are well-known specialists for several automotive brands in Malaysia.

The 20,000 sq. ft. (1858 sq. m.) dealership will offer the complete range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, consisting of the 2018 Softail family, Road Glide Special and especially the limited edition 115th Anniversary. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is celebrating its 115th anniversary this year. A Harley-Davidson dealership is incomplete if without offering official merchandize, Motorclothes, parts and accessories.

Harley has always known that great bikes must be supported by great aftersales service. HDPJ promises the best-in-class aftersales service, besides the complete inventory of parts. Additionally, there are six fully-equipped service bays, together with a body and paint centre. The technicians at HDPJ all are trained at the Harley-Davidson University.

Customary to Harley’s dealerships, HDPJ is set to announce the formation of a new HOG (Harley Owners’ Group) Petaling Jaya Chapter Malaysia. It’s through HOG that Harley owners maintain their brand loyalty and share a common interest, hence building a sense of camaraderie. HDPJ will organize more rides, activities and events in the future, starting with 500 riders joining the Petaling Jaya Chapter Malaysia’s inaugural ride tomorrow (10th March 2018) from HDPJ to Tanjung Malim. There’ll be another 1,500 Harley-Davidson owners who will celebrate the opening of the new dealership upon their return from the ride.

At today’s launch catered to the media, the luminaries present were Mr. Johan Kleinsteuber, Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets (whom we’ve interviewed previously); Mr. Rewi Hamid Bugo, Chairman of DIDI Resources Sdn. Bhd., and Mr. Goh Kian Sin, Chairman of Goh Brothers Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd, along with a large number of Harley owners.

The media was given the first look of the completed showroom, where the first three owners of the motorcycles purchased from HDPJ unveiled their bikes. They then adjourned to the service reception and the workshop afterwards.

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya is located at The Gasket Alley, Lot 15, Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


  • Dalam satu langkah untuk membangunkan motosikal elektrik mereka yang akan datang, Harley-Davidson telah mengumumkan satu kerjasama teknikal bersama Alta Motors.
  • Kedua-dua pengeluar dari Amerika Syarikat tersebut akan mengusahakan dua motosikal elektrik keluaran Harley-Davidson yang pertama, yang bakal tiba seawal tahun 2019.
  • Alta Motors merupakan pakar dalam motosikal elektrik dan baru-baru ini telah melancarkan motosikal ‘dirt bike’ elektrik terkini mereka yang bergelar Redshift MXR.


In yet another step to developing their upcoming electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson has just announced a new technical partnership with Alta Motors.

The two American manufacturers will work on H-D’s first two production electric motorcycles coming as soon as 2019.

Alta Motors is an expert in electric motorcycles and recently launched their latest electric dirt bike called the Redshift MXR.

Harley-Davidson has announced their investment in Alta Motors to further develop their upcoming electric motorcycle. The technical partnership formed between the two American companies will result in the development of several new electric motorcycles in the near future. (more…)


  • Harley-Davidson baru sahaja memfailkan permohonan cap dagang (trademark) di bawah nama Revelation.
  • Cap dagang yang difailkan di USTPO itu adalah bagi bateri untuk kenderaan dan ‘drivetrain’ bagi kedua-dia kenderaan dan motosikal elektrik.
  • Revelation kedengaran lebih seperti teknologi yang akan digunakan oleh Harley-Davidson bagi menjana motosikal elektrik mereka yang seterusnya berbanding sebuah teknologi yang serba baru.


Harley-Davidson has just filed a trademark application under the name Revelation.

The trademark applied at the USPTO is for batteries for vehicles and drivetrains for both electric motorcycles and vehicles.

The Revelation sounds more like the technology H-D will use to power their next electric bike instead of a brand new one.

Some interesting news from the United States of America has been going around in regards to Harley-Davidson and their next electric motorcycle. It seems that the manufacturer has just filed for the latest trademark application for the name Revelation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). (more…)


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