Harley-Davidson’s next electric bike is called the Revelation?

Harley-Davidson has just filed a trademark application under the name Revelation.

The trademark applied at the USPTO is for batteries for vehicles and drivetrains for both electric motorcycles and vehicles.

The Revelation sounds more like the technology H-D will use to power their next electric bike instead of a brand new one.

Some interesting news from the United States of America has been going around in regards to Harley-Davidson and their next electric motorcycle. It seems that the manufacturer has just filed for the latest trademark application for the name Revelation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The trademark application consists of two different things under the Revelation name. H-D is trying to trademark their batteries for vehicle use and also drivetrains for both electric motorcycles and vehicles. Most people who got to know about this might think that the Revelation will be their next electric motorcycle but this might not be the case.

The trademark suggests that it is not an entire motorcycle but instead, the technology that Harley-Davidson will use to power their next upcoming electric bike (and other electric vehicles). In other words, the next electric H-D cruiser OR production version of the LiveWire will most probably be powered by the ‘Revelation’ technology.

The trademark application also signifies that the American bike manufacturer is that much closer to getting their electric motorcycle into the production stage. It might not be something right now but it’ll sure be something huge once everything is ‘revealed’.

Harley-Davidson electric bike coming in 2019!

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