Anxious Moment in Kembara Jelebu-Makkah, Wife Struck by AMS

We featured the news about a couple who are riding a motorcycle in the Kembara Jelebu-Makkah to perform the Hajj. They had to use the Himalayan Range route as the route through Myanmar was unsafe due to conflicts in that country. However, they faced an anxious moment when his wife was struck with AMS.

Mohd. Rahmat Mohammed Amin, 38, when contacted by Berita Harian, said they faced a worrying moment when his wife Nurazlinda Mohamad, 36, was struck with acute mountain syndrome (AMS) at an altitude of 5000 meters while passing through the Lhasa-Tibet route in the Himalayan Range.

“Thankfully, there were residents who happened to be passing through the route and helped my wife by giving her oxygen and taking her in a car.

“They forbade her to ride on a my motorbike and instead they put the wife in a car before being taken to a lower area on the route.

“Someone also gave my wife a glucose drink and now my wife’s condition is getting better,” he said.

Mohd. Rahmat said they had to endure riding in blizzard conditions with temperatures ranging from one to 0-degrees Celsius twice during the five days on the route,

With about 700km left before reaching the China-Nepal border, the cold weather had also disrupted the journey which was already a day later than the original schedule. Therefore, he will try to reach the border of Nepal on Monday.

He also hopes that Malaysians can pray for their affairs throughout the journey to be simplified so that they arrive safely in Makkah on May 5.

Mohd Rahmat and his wife started their motorcycle journey from Jelebu on March 19, crossing 13 countries covering a distance of 14,000km.

AMS occurs when a person is exposed to extreme altitude for more than 2 hours due to lack of oxygen. Please refer to the infographic from Mount Kinabalu’s Facebook page below.


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