Honda EM1 e: Electric Scooter Wins Red Dot Desgin Award

The Honda EM1 e: electric scooter has won a Red Dot Design Award. Honda had actually won four awards at one go, with two for their electric scooters.

The EM1 e: made its debut last year as Honda’s first production electric scooter to use the Honda Mobile Power e swappable battery. The previous PCX Electric, on the other hand, was Honda’s first production electric scooter but did not feature a swappable battery.

Another Honda scooter to win the design award was the Honda Motocompacto. It is clearly an homage to the Honda Motocompo, which saw production from 1981 – 1983. It was a foldaway scooter, small enough to fit in the boot of the Honda City Turbo II hatchback. Now how is that for a cute last yard solution?

The current version is electric-powered, and looks to be much bigger than its predecessor. Honda says the Motocompacto’s design “also enables a high level of customer personalization and tailoring through the application of stickers and other decorations.” So get your Manga and Hello Sticker sets ready!

The other two awards were for Honda’s robotic lawnmower and outboard boat engine. They had also won the Red Dot Award for the XL750 Transalp and CB750, previously.

Other manufactures who have won this award include Ducati and Yamaha.

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