Vespa 140th of Piaggio Celebrates Piaggio’s 140th Anniversary

It is an important year for Piaggio as they celebrate their 140th anniversary. Piaggio in 1884 and has since owned the Vespa brand, among others. So, Piaggio called upon Vespa to create the Vespa 140th of Piaggio edition.

To commemorate the momentous achievement, only 140 will be built, making it the rarest Vespa. It is only available for ordering between 18 to 21 April, coinciding with the Vespa World Days 2024 Rally.

The Vespa 140th of Piaggio is resplendent in a white and blue theme, as an homage to Piaggio’s corporate colours. Several other components also use these colours such as the seat and wheels.

As you can see, it is based on the Vespa GTV, which has a 300 HPE single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine. It produces 24 hp, making it the most powerful Vespa engine.

Apart from that, it has a digital display, keyless start, traction control, ABS, and connectivity via the Vespa MIA app.

Each unit has a numbered celebratory plate on the rear shield, with an enhanced 140-years logo.

There is no pricing on the bike, though, but you can check it in on the Vespa website.

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