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In 2021, KTM made waves with the debut of the 890 Adventure and 890 Adventure R, effectively rendering the existing 790 Adventure lineup obsolete.

  • KTM and CFMoto teamed up to bring the up-spec KTM 790 Adventure R. 
  • The KTM 790 Adventure R to feature new chassis and styling.

However, the Austrian OEM has since revived the base model 790 Adventure in 2023 as a budget-conscious alternative to its big-bore cousin. Now, KTM and CFMoto are partnering on a project to bring back the up-spec 790 Adventure R.

According to type-approval documents filed in China, the KTM and CFMoto partnership plans to revive the 790 Adventure R with new chassis and styling accommodations. The prototype image included in the documents confirms that the off-road-biased variant will sport robust 48mm WP XPLOR suspension, a high-mounted front fender, and aggressive semi-knobby tires.

While the filings don’t indicate the model’s performance figures, we anticipate the R trim to retain the standard model’s 94 horsepower and 87Nm of torque. However, without its windshield and a KTMR2R sticker plastered to its front panel, the project looks very much in progress.

As such, KTM and CFMoto could still make changes before the 790 Adventure R returns to the market.

The 790 Adventure R is expected to set itself apart from the base model 790 Adventure and the 890 Adventure R with its off-road-biased features. Given previous iterations of the 790 Adventure R and the existing 890 Adventure R, adventure riders can expect a capable and rugged machine.

KTM’s decision to partner with CFMoto for production could also make the resurrected ADV more affordable for adventure riders. The Chinese manufacturer’s experience in production and cost-effective processes could help keep the price competitive.

Overall, the 790 Adventure R’s return is exciting news for adventure riders looking for a more budget-friendly, off-road-capable bike. While we await an official unveiling from KTM, the type-approval documents provide a tantalizing glimpse into what riders can expect from the revived model.

KTM membuat keputusan untuk mengembalikan 790 Duke bagi tahun 2023 meskipun model itu sebelum ini telah digantikan dengan 890 Duke.

Difahamkan, keputusan hidupkan semula KTM 790 Duke itu dibuat setelah pengeluar motosikal Austria itu menerima banyak permintaan daripada pasaran global.

KTM sebelum ini menggantikan 790 Duke dengan 890 Duke ekoran mahu menghasilkan jentera yang lebih berkuasa di samping terpaksa mengikut standard emisi ketat di Eropah. 

Bagaimanapun, hak enjin parallel-twin LC8c 799cc itu bukan lagi milik KTM dan sudah berpindah tangan kepada CFMOTO bagi pembangunan 800MT. 

Oleh yang demikian, penghasilan semula KTM 790 Duke telah dijayakan bersama CFMOTO bagi tahun 2023.

Untuk rekod, enjin LC8c terbabit masih lagi menghasilkan 105hp pada 9,000rpm dan 82.37Nm @ pada 8,000rpm. 

Meskipun enjin yang sama namun model 2023 ini telah dinaik taraf dengan beberapa ciri baharu terutamanya pakej elektronik.

Menurut KTM, 790 Duke 2023 ini datang dengan mod ‘Track’ yang sertai mod sedia ada termasuk Sport, Street dan Rain. 

Model baharu ini juga dilengkapi dengan sistem ‘traction-control’ sembilan peringkat, fungsi ‘anti-wheelie’, ‘launch control’ dan tiga tetapan respon enjin.

Juga ciri baharu terdapat pada 790 Duke ini termasuk Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) dan mod Supermoto. 

Namun, spesifikasi lain termasuk bahagian suspensi masih sama seperti model terdahulu termasuk fork depan WP Apex 43mm. 

The introduction of the 790 Duke back in 2017 was a success with over 29,000 units sold within a short period.

However, new emission standard threatened the model’s future which prompted KTM to introduced the 890 Duke R in 2020 before subsequently replaced the 790 with the base 890 Duke a year later.

In a latest update, KTM has decided it is the right time to bring back the original Scalpel right where it left off for 2022.

While the 790 Duke retains the LC8 parallel-twin engine, the house of Mattighofen has upgraded the mill to meet Euro 5 emission regulations.

Despite the udpdate, the 2022 790 Duke now makes 105hp and 87Nm but restricted to just 93hp for the European market.

Nonetheless, the 2022MY gets premium components which includes the WP APEX suspension.

Moving on to electronics, the 790 Duke features:

  • Traction Control
  • Cornering ABS
  • Supermoto ABS
  • 3 riding modes – Street, Sport and Rain
  • Quickshifter+
  • Motor Slip Regulation (MSR)
  • Track riding mode
  • cruise control
  • KTM My Ride

According to Team Orange, the 2022 Scalpel will return to Europe in June with a starting price of EUR8,999 (RM41k).

Although the 890 Duke remains avaialble, KTM believed that 790 Duke represents as a brige between the 390 Duke and 890 Duke.

KTM will soon unveil its third generation of the parallel-twin Adventure model soon after the redesign KTM 890 Adventure recently spotted testing.

First came out as the 790 Adventure in 2019, KTM later spawned the higher-spec 790 Adventure R the following year.

The Austrian firm later replaced the 790 with the up-engined 890 Adventure and 890 Adventure R in 2021, maintaining the same original styling.

However, the 890 Adventure will finally get the design update it deserved for 2023, as confirmed by the latest spy shot photos.

The photos have also confirmed that KTM is adding a road-biased version that will sit alongside the standard 890 Adventure and 890 Adventure R.

While the styling looks similar, the new model has side panels that connect the nose to the distinctive fuel tank with two side-mounted tank sections that go all the way down on the flanks.

On the new 890 Adventure, the bash plate looks more significant with a combination of plastic and alloy that extends around the front to protect the exhaust, while the R variant gets an all aluminium bash plate.

KTM retains the same headlamp design on the 2023 model but with a redesigned windshield that extends to the side and upward.

We assume that the road-biased 890 Adventure will feature a lower windscreen than the standard R model.

The base model also retains the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel but gains the same high-mounted fender that was previously reserved for the R variant.

According to reports, the road-biased 890 Adventure allows the standard model to gain a more off-road look, previously available only on the R model.

The new variant will also get the same WP Apex suspension treatment as the base model, while the R model has a higher-spec WP Xplor kit.

Nonetheless, all three ranges will continue to use the same LC8 890cc parallel-twin engine instead of the widely rumoured 990cc.

The new engine will likely appear first on a newly designed 990 Duke that is already caught doing some testing in Europe.

(Source: CycleWorld)

  • The CFMoto V.02-NK 1000cc streetfighter is nearing production.

  • It is powered by KTM’s 990cc LC8 platform.

  • It is also designed by KISKA, who have designed all KTMs.

CFMoto is on the roll since their tie up with KTM and now the CFMoto V.02-NK 1000cc streetfighter is rumoured to be close to production.

KTM and CFMoto first tied up in 2014 to produce the 125 Duke, 200 Duke and 390 Duke for the region.

KTM had contracted CFMoto to build the 799cc LC8c engine which powers the former’s 790 series of bikes including the 790 Duke, 790 Adventure, 790 Adventure R and limited production 790 Adventure R Rally. The Austrians were so impressed with the production capabilities of CFMoto that they’ve decided that they will shift worldwide production of LC8c engines to China from 2021. The factory in Hangzhou can produce up to 50,000 bikes a year.

Since then, KTM sold the 990 LC8 engine which powered the mad 990 Duke to CFMoto. It’s from this arrangement that CFMoto unveiled the V.02-NK concept in 2017. Who know? The Chinese manufacturer may even introduce the first 1000cc superbike in due time.

CFMoto’s range of motorcycles are also designed by KISKA, who also designs KTMs. Thus, the V.02-NK has some design cues from the KTM Duke R but isn’t a carbon copy. There are some innovative ideas here including underseat-mounted radiator and carbon-ceramic brake discs.

Production ought to begin next year and we shall see how the final design turns out.

  • CFMoto is rumored to manufacturer the KTM 790 range and their LC8c engines in the future.

  • They may also manufacture KTM’s big V-Twin models.

  • They’ve currently employed Kiska to design their bikes.

It’s now rumored that CFMoto will manufacture the KTM 790 range and their LC8c engine in the near future.

Years ago, this writer worked in a motorcycle shop and came across the 650cc CFMoto the first time when the brand entered the Malaysian market. While the bike looked good and had styling elements of the Kawasaki ER-6 (read: copy), there were issues. Scratch that – it had more problems than Miley Cyrus. Try leaking crankcase, jammed rear brake caliper, leaking rear brake caliper, frame welding that seemed to have been performed by Form 4 Industrial Art students, wonky fuel injection, among others.

But CFMoto has come a long, long way since then. While the brand is still here but flying under the radar in Malaysia, it’s been doing well in China, Europe and the United States. In fact, check out their latest models – the 650NK, 650MT, 650GT and 650TR. Additionally, they are currently building a new model based around a 700cc parallel-Twin engine.

CFMoto 650MT

CFMoto actually contracted Kiska, KTM’s styling house who may have a hand in designing the new 700cc bike.

The Chinese manufacturer also has a deal with KTM to assemble the latter’s bikes for the Chinese market. But CFMoto will eventually go on to manufacturing KTM bikes. Rumors say that manufacturing will include the KTM 790 range, which includes the 790 Duke, 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R. The deal doesn’t stop there as they will also manufacture the 790’s LC8c parallel-Twin engine.

There seems to be some truth here, since CFMoto unveiled the V.02-NK concept bike in 2017 which had an LC8 big V-Twin engine. As such, they may also manufacture KTM’s large capacity V-Twins.

The transfer of technology and knowledge will enable the once-maligned manufacturer to compete in the open class category.

  • KTM has teased us with a set of photos of the 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R.

  • The prototype version can be seen ripping around the same 799cc platform as the 2018 KTM 790 Duke.

  • KTM promises an adventure bike that will be super lightweight, powerful, and full of innovations that assist in off-road riding.

It was just last week when the 2018 KTM 790 Duke proved itself to be one of the best machines at the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Not only did the 790 Duke won the middleweight class thanks to Chris Fillmore, it also clocked in the third fastest overall time with just a few seconds separating them from the Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak and the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. (more…)

  • KTM Motorcycles Malaysia has officially announced the price of the new 790 Duke. 
  • New 790 Duke offers the most bang for the buck when it comes to onboard features. 
  • Features include cornering ABS, quickshifter +, colour TFT screen, traction control, and more!

After months of speculation, the day has finally arrived and KTM Motorcycles Malaysia has officially announced that the much awaited KTM 790 Duke is now available in Malaysia for an unbelievable RM64,800 with zero rated GST, excluding insurance and road tax.

Dubbed ‘The Scalpel’, the new 790 Duke continues on the success of its single-cylinder 690 Duke, this time powered by a new 799cc, LC8c DOHC, 8-valve, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine featuring a 75 degree crankpin offset. The offset was chosen to mimic the firing of order of its manic 1290cc 75-degree V-Twin big brother. KTM reverted to a parallel-Twin instead of a V-Twin for a more compact packaging, in aiming for better weight distribution and weight savings, hence a better power-to-weight ratio.

The new engine produces 105bhp at 9,000rpm and 87Nm of torque at 8,000rpm. It now features two balancer shafts to dampen vibration for a smoother ride.

The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox with KTM’s PASC power assist slipper clutch, that allows for ultra fast downshifting or decelerating without locking up the rear wheel, thus improving safety.

The new 790 Duke engine is then set in an all-new frame as a stressed member. The new frame comes with unique sections that have thinner-walls with molybdenum steel sections. KTM says the frame has a finely tuned rigidity distribution to offer the best possible sporty feel with maximum feedback to the rider.

A consequence of the new frame gives the 790 Duke an attribute which Malaysians will love: Its seat height is only at 825mm. It’s very light, too, weighing in at 169kg dry.

As for the suspension, the 790 Duke uses specially-developed WP 43mm open-cartridge upside-down forks up front with 140mm of stroke. The rear suspension is a gas-assisted WP shock absorber and adjustable for preload. A WP steering damper keeps front end movements in check.

Other than that, the aluminium triple clamp has been tuned to match the flex of the forks. Steering rake angle is at 24 degrees while trail measures in at 98mm. Note that those are sporty numbers for a nimble handling bike. As with all KTMs, the handlebar is adjustable in four positions.

As for the electronics, the 790 Duke features ride-by-wire technology (RBW), lean angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), cornering ABS, Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) for controlled engine braking, Quickshifter + for quicker  up and downshifts with auto blip, and a full-colour TFT display with the optional KTM MY RIDE smartphone integration.

The new KTM 790 Duke is available in Malaysia as a CBU model and priced RM64,800 with 0% GST without insurance and road tax.

Read more about this awesome machine here.


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