kawasaki vulcan s

  • Kawasaki has increased its stake in MODENAS from 19% to 30% and part of this plan includes the local assembly of certain Kawasaki models. 
  • MODENAS has confirmed that the Vulcan S will be assembled in Malaysia.
  • The plans will eventually include the local-assembly of all twin-cylinder Kawasaki models.

Ever since Kawasaki increased its stake in MODENAS, the Malaysian motorcycle industry has been abuzz with which Kawasaki models will be re-introduced as MODENAS models.

Besides confirming that the Ninja 250 and Z250 (ABS and non-ABS) will be locally-assembled and introduced as MODENAS models, Modenas CEO En Roslan has also confirmed a third model.

The ever popular Kawasaki Vulcan S will also be locally assembled at the MODENAS plant in Gurun and introduced as the MODENAS Vulcan S.

“We will be introducing four Kawasaki CKD models this year, and one of them will be the Vulcan S,” confirmed En Roslan.

As part of its strategy, all Kawasaki models assembled in Malaysia by MODENAS will carry the MODENAS brand instead of Kawasaki.

MODENAS will also be distributing CBU Kawasaki models such as the Ninja ZX10R, the Z900RS, the Versys 1000 and also the Ninja 1000 SX.

As for purchasing the Vulcan S, the model will be introduced towards the end of the year at Kawasaki shops throughout Malaysia.

MODENAS says it plans to introduce two types of Kawasaki shops in Malaysia:

1. Kawasaki Shop: This term is as simple as it gets, and the Kawasaki Shop will only sell Kawasaki models exclusively as well as genuine Kawasaki accessories and merchandise.

2. Kawasaki Station: This is a multibrand dealership that will also offer Kawasaki products. This is not an exclusive dealership.

There is no indication in pricing, but MODENAS has hinted that it will be lower than before.

MODENAS Ninja 250 and Z250 Almost Ready For Launch!


  • Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. telah membuat hentian kedua di Pasir Gudang,Johor sebagai sebahagian daripada jelajah Kawasaki “Always Closer to You” pada hujung minggu yang lalu.
  • Lebih daripada 2,500 pengunjung telah menghadiri jelajah ini bagi menyertai acara-acara jelajah ini terutamanya sesi tunggang uji bagi ke semua model motosikal Kawasaki yang terbaru.
  • Orang ramai dari sekitar Pasir Gudang dan Johor Bahru telah diberikan peluang bagi menunggang uji ke semua motosikal bermula daripada motosikal ‘pit’ Z125 yang menyeronokan sehinggalah model yang cukup gah berkuasa, Z900 ABS 2017.


Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has organised their second road show stop in Pasir Gudang, Johor as part of their “Always Closer to You” Kawasaki Road Show last weekend.

Over 2,500 people attended the road show to participate in the road show events especially the test rides sessions of all the latest Kawasaki models.

Folks from around Pasir Gudang and Johor Bahru were given the opportunity to test out bikes from the fun Z125 pit bikes all the way to the ever powerful 2017 Z900 ABS.

Over 2,500 visitors gathered at the Pusat Bandar Pasir Gudang, Johor to take part in the Kawasaki “Always Closer to You” Road Show. The event which was organised by Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (KMSB) gained a lot of attentions from the public as they were able to test out all of their latest motorcycles on the road show grounds. (more…)



  • Sesetengah model Kawasaki 2018 akan mendapat pengubahsuaian rupa paras dengan beberapa warna baru yang menarik.
  • Model-model ini terdiri daripada Kawasaki Z1000, Z1000SX, Versys 650, Vulcan S, Vulcan S CAFÉ, dan juga Versys-X 250/300.
  • Warna baru 2018 akan tersedia untuk pasaran Eropah dalam beberapa peringkat bermula dari bulan Oktober tahun ini.


Some of the 2018 Kawasaki models will be getting a complete makeover with a bunch of new interesting colours.

These models are the Kawasaki Z1000, Z1000SX, Versys 650, Vulcan S, Vulcan S CAFE and the Versys-X 250/300.

The new 2018 colours will be available in the European market in stages starting from October this year.

It has been confirmed by Kawasaki that their 2018 models will be getting some new and interesting colours. These 2018 models range from the ever powerful Kawasaki Z1000 to the versatile entry-level Kawasaki Versys-X 250/300. (more…)

Kawasaki has discreetly taken the wraps off two new variants of the Vulcan S, called the Vulcan S Café and Vulcan S SE at the ongoing American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando, Florida.


The Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe adds a new tinted wind deflector, an exclusive color scheme, as well as deflector mounts over the headlight. Besides the wind deflector, the Café variant adds a Matte Carbon Gray color scheme with a Candy Lime Green stripe running down the middle of the bike. ABS comes standard on the Cafe.


And then, there is the Vulcan S SE which features a two-tone Metallic Imperial Blue and Metallic Spark Black color with matching blue striping on the wheels. The SE model also comes standard with ABS.

While additions on these special variants go only as far as the cosmetics are concerned, they are expected to further boost the model’s sales.


Speaking of sales, there has not been any official announcement on whether the Kawasaki Vulcan S SE and Cafe will arrive on local shores, but looking at how successful it is here, the chances are quite high, we must say.

If you happen to be one of those who has just obtained your B-Full license; looking for a first big bike that has decent amount of power, offers practicality for daily usage, yet doesn’t blow a big hole in your bank account, you’ve come to the right place, as we have a list of middleweights compiled for your reference.

Although the definition of a middleweight motorcycle may vary from one person to another, we have decided to refer to what the Japanese Big Four (Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda) have agreed upon – that a middleweight bike should displace 500cc—800cc. However, not all bikes within this displacement range are suitable for beginners, as there are various models with different characteristics.

That said, here are 10 middleweight bikes in our market at the moment that are ideal for those looking for their first big bike.

1) Kawasaki ER-6N



You know that a bike is ideal for beginners when you see it being used by driving schools to teach B-Full license applicants the basics. Offered at a very competitive price, the Kawasaki ER-6N also deserves full credit for changing the big bike scene in Malaysia, becoming the first bike to make Malaysians believe that “now everyone can ride a big bike.”


Engine: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel Twin, DOHC 8-valve
Fuel system: Digital Fuel Injection
Displacement: 649cc
Max power: 71hp at 8,500rpm
Max torque: 64Nm at 7,000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 17-litres
Price: RM32,000

2) Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F


Capable of handling anything from daily commuting, weekend blasts, as well as long distance touring, the XJ6 Diversion F is the latest variant of the XJ6. The bike runs on a reliable 600cc in-line 4 cylinder engine and the compact chassis is designed to deliver agile handling and confidence-inspiring road holding. This all-rounder XJ6 Diversion F is equipped with smooth action suspension systems to ensure top class riding comfort.


Engine: Liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC, 4 valve
Displacement : 600 cc
Maximum Horsepower: 77hp at 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 59.7Nm at 8,500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 17 litres
Price: RM39,800

3) Honda CB500X



Ideal for both beginners and seasoned riders, the CB500X delivers plenty of performance, thanks to the thoroughly modern, torquey 471cc parallel-twin DOHC engine. Its upright handlebar, the shape and height of the seat, and the way the power is delivered accommodates a wide variety of riders, and gives riders a lot of freedom. The CB500X is an excellent choice for riders ready to move up a displacement class, or for anyone who appreciates a great middleweight motorcycle for practical in-town riding, or fun adventure-sport touring.


Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves, parallel-twin
Displacement : 471cc
Maximum Horsepower: 46.9 hp at 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 43 Nm at 7000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 17.3 litres
Price: RM28,688

4) Kawasaki Versys 650


Kawasaki’s third-generation Versys 650 has grown into a serious entry-level sports tourer that is worth every sen it asks for. Despite all the upgrades that has been added, it is still perfect for the less experienced, as well as the veterans. However, due to the height of the bike, it is not suitable for small-sized individuals. On the brighter side, it is among the more powerful candidates in its class.


Engine: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel twin
Displacement: 649cc
Fuelling: Fuel Injection
Max power: 68hp at 8,500rpm
Max torque: 64Nm at 7,000rpm
Fuel capacity: 21-litres
Price: RM38,369

5) Suzuki Gladius 650


Launched during last year’s Malaysian MotoGP round, the Suzuki Gladius is a naked bike that is ideal for both daily riding and some occasional canyon carving. Featuring the same 645cc V-Twin engine that is fitted on its sibling – the V-Strom 650,  the bike features fuel injection technology and SDTV system among other technology.


Engine: 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90-degree V-Twin
Displacement: 645cc
Transmission 6-speed
Max power: 71 hp at 9000 rpm
Max torque: 63.1 Nm at 7600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 14.5-litres
Price: RM39,900

6) Kawasaki Vulcan S


Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this. Never have we had a good looking 650cc cruiser with an asking price below RM30,000. No, it has no V-twin, and it doesn’t sound like a Harley-Davidson but it serves its purpose very well, both in town and on the highway.


Engine: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, parallel twin
Displacement: 649cc
Transmission: Six-speed
Max power: 61hp at 7,500rpm
Max torque: 63Nm at 6,600rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 14-litres
Price: RM29,989

7) Honda CB650F



Made for those who want more than the 500cc offered by the CB500 range, the CB650F, which is powered by Honda’s completely new inline four-cylinder engine produces generous amounts of low to mid-range torque, making it a formidable bike in the city and during quick runs. However, the comfortable upright sitting position, ergonomically placed levers and pegs make it an ideal bike for long distance riding as well. In all, the CB650F is catered towards those with a thirst for torque.


Engine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC Inline-4
Displacement: 649cc
Transmission: Six-speed
Max power: 87hp at 11,000rpm
Max torque: 63Nm at 8,000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 17.3-litres
Price: RM39,999

8) Ducati Monster 795


If Japanese bikes are not your thing, and you want something more exotic, Ducati Malaysia is here to make your day with the Monster 795. Priced below RM60,000, the Monster is so user-friendly that even female riders are loving it. But that doesn’t mean that the bike is not powerful. Powered by a 795cc engine, the Monster 795 is just as exciting as any other Ducatis in the stable.


Engine: L-Twin, 2 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, air cooled
Displacement: 803cc
Transmission: 6-speed
Max power: 87hp at 8,250rpm
Max torque: 78Nm at 6,250rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 15-litres
Price: RM59,900

9) Kawasaki Z800

Ever since it was launched in 2012, the Kawasaki Z800 has gained massive popularity, becoming arguably the most popular middleweight on our roads today. Among the factors that contributed towards the Z800’s success include its competitive price, fierce design, and of course, the generous dose of power.


Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four
Displacement: 806cc
Transmission: 6-speed
Max power: 113hp at 10,200rpm
Max torque: 83 Nm at 8000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 17-litres
Price: RM47,989

10) Triumph Bonneville 



Different riders have different preferences. Some potential first bike owners might have a soft spot for modern classics. If you fall under this group, the Triumph Bonneville is here to make your day. As much as the Bonnie looks like a classic, it rides and feels just as modern as any other new bike out there. Ideal for both daily usage and long distance cruising, the Bonnie is among the best modern classics out there in the market, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Engine: Air-cooled, DOHC, parallel-twin, 360º firing interval
Displacement: 865cc
Transmission: 5-speed
Max power: 68hp at 7500rpm
Max torque: 68Nm at 5800rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 16-litres
Price: RM53,900


Kawasaki has revealed new colour options for the ER-6f, the ER-6n, the Versys 650, as well as the Vulcan S.

While the Versys 650 and the Vulcan S are new models, the ER-6f and ER-6n were expected to go through an extensive update by mid 2016, but looking at Kawasaki’s decision to introduce new paint options, we feel that it is safe to say that the refreshed ER-6f and ER-6n will take longer than we expected to make their debut.

er6n 1

Coming back to the new paint options, the ER-6f gets three options for the 2016 season. The iconic green Candy Lime Green version now features fairing sides in Metallic Spark Black fading to a lighter colour fairing lower. In a similar style, the Candy Persimmon Red model also has Metallic Spark Black fairing sides while the Metallic Carbon Gray option sticks to an all over single colour approach.

Like its ER-6n partner, each new for 2016 ER-6f comes with a coloured rear shock absorber spring and pin-striped wheels as standard. All the new colour options are available on ABS and non-ABS models.

vulcan s

The Vulcan S on the other hand, is now available in white. The beige Urban City White option is joined by Metallic Matt Carbon Gray, creating an impactful and purposeful look. All the new colour options are available on ABS and non-ABS models.

versys 1
And then we have the Versys 650, which is currently available in Metallic Matte Carbon Gray and Metallic Spark Black machine. New for next year are the striking Candy Matte Orange and Pearl Stardust White combined with Metallic Spark Black option.

On another note, Kawasaki mentioned in the press release that it has many announcements due in the near future. So, we can expect 2016 to be a pretty busy and interesting year for the brand.



Here’s a cool fact about the new Kawasaki Vulcan S, it can be “adjusted” to fit you. Yes it is true, the foot pegs, handle bars and seat can be adjusted to fit your physique. It is also a particularly low bike, which means just about anyone can ride it.  (more…)


Cruiser enthusiast can jump for joy as Kawasaki had just released the Vulcan S, a middle weight cruiser using the 649cc parallel-twin engine from the Versys 650 and ER-6 range.

Adapting to the new chassis, the engine on the Kawasaki Vulcan S is retuned for better low and mid range power. The engine is rated at 61hp and 46lbft or 63.3Nm with a kerb weight of 225kg.

However so far availability is only for America and Europe but we have a feeling its going to be available here too. Hopefully.

More detail when the bike is showcased at the up coming Eicma but here is what the official release by Kawasaki said:
‘Kawasaki launches Vulcan S as new mid-weight contender
A brand new model is set to be added to the Kawasaki 2015 motorcycle line-up in the UK for the coming season, the Vulcan S.
Completing the Vulcan family with a fresh and unique mid-capacity machine for those who think outside the box – and already revealed in the USA – the new Vulcan S will also be gracing European soil, beginning with an unveiling at November’s EICMA show in Milan. The Vulcan S is definitely not a standard everyday cruiser, more an innovative and fashionable approach with low-riding looks and a contemporary urban personality.
At the heart of the Vulcan S is the proven parallel twin 649cm3 engine, known and loved in the Versys 650 and ER6n/f, now reconsidered and re-tuned for a fundamentally different character in its new role. This engine shows its muscle from pull-away with a gutsy low-mid range yet it is still easy to exploit its full performance potential throughout the upper reaches of the power band. Newcomers to the world of two wheels will particularly appreciate the overall engine settings which make the Vulcan S easy to master.

As performance of the Vulcan S is enviable, the brakes too assure safe and smooth braking with a 300mm front disc, controlled by a two-piston caliper, while the rear wheel carries a 250mm disc and single piston caliper. Additionally, the latest spec ABS is optional and programmed to provide safely controlled stopping power in all conditions – another advantage for those new to two wheels.

An offset laydown single-shock rear suspension complements the styling of the bike with a linkage arrangement enabling a longer stroke for increased ride comfort. The rear suspension configuration also contributes to the bike’s compact design, freeing up space for a distinctive large-volume silencer under the engine.

Reassuringly, rider preference and use is also considered as the rear suspension sports adjustable preload, with 7 positions to suit rider size and payload. Putting rider comfort first, the telescopic front fork contributes to the bike’s easy-to-control, light and natural handling.

The low seat height makes this bike accessible to any rider, young or more mature, male or female and makes city stop-and-go riding fun and easy. The slim chassis aids easier ground reach, while the plush sculpted seat offers excellent hip support and comfort. No compromises have been made to stability though, as the long wheelbase, low centre of gravity and centralised mass all offer high stability for highway cruising and easy manoeuvrability.

Interestingly, one of the many great features of the new Vulcan S are 3-position adjustable rear to front foot-pegs so the rider can customise their bike according to their personal measurements and preferences. Further personalising this machine, both the brake and clutch levers are adjustable to facilitate ideal hand reach and effort.

This trend-setting addition to the Kawasaki family adds modern style and flare standing out from the rest of the field. The Vulcan S is positioned as the “real deal” with looks, comfort, practicality, accessibility and performance as key attributes.

With an urban design approach characterised by flowing style and a long-and-low stance – plus modern styling elements like the original headlamp and distinctive cast wheels – the Vulcan S introduces very non-traditional cruiser looks. Discover more about the all-new Vulcan S at EICMA and ride, your way.’

Source: visordown


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