Kawasaki Modenas

  • There has been a lot of noise online among fans of MODENAS.
  • Many are asking the company to also build a high capacity super moped to rival the likes of the Yamaha Y16 and the Honda RSX.
  • But the company has been unable to respond, until now.
  • With Kawasaki as its partner, MODENAS could finally take on the super moped category.

Great news for fans of the super moped, MODENAS has confirmed that it will not rule out its participation in the super moped category.

MODENAS has been under pressure on the digital front about producing a super moped underbone motorcycle, but has been unable to respond.

However, with the involvement of Kawasaki, MODENAS CEO Mr Roslan Roskan has confirmed that the company will not rule out producing a super moped.

“Modenas does not rule out  building a super cup model, ‘kapchai’ models make up a big part of local business, and Kawasaki is willing to explore smaller capacity engine capacity. The underbone category offers the highest growth segment, and so for MODENAS to grow further with Kawasaki as our partner we will participate in this segment, our plant has the capacity and we are prepared,” said Mr Mr Roslan.

Mr Roslan also hinted that should the company build a super moped, it will be powered by a high capacity engine, perhaps more than 150cc.

Kawasaki has always had a stake in Modenas, previously holding a 19% equity in the Malaysian national motorcycle maker. However, Kawasaki has increased its stake in MODENAS to 30% and may take that figure up to 48% if certain conditions are met.

Part of this includes technology sharing, sales and marketing as well as local-assembly of certain Kawasaki models which for now only includes models below 650cc.

Kawasaki does not build underbone motorcycles, but with MODENAS under its wing now and with the booming underbone category, we could still see a MODENAS super moped on our streets, but there’s no telling when.

Confirmed: MODENAS Vulcan S Will Be Introduced Later This Year!

MODENAS Ninja 250 and Z250 Almost Ready For Launch!


  • Kawasaki has increased its stake in MODENAS from 19% to 30% and part of this plan includes the local assembly of certain Kawasaki models. 
  • MODENAS has confirmed that the Vulcan S will be assembled in Malaysia.
  • The plans will eventually include the local-assembly of all twin-cylinder Kawasaki models.

Ever since Kawasaki increased its stake in MODENAS, the Malaysian motorcycle industry has been abuzz with which Kawasaki models will be re-introduced as MODENAS models.

Besides confirming that the Ninja 250 and Z250 (ABS and non-ABS) will be locally-assembled and introduced as MODENAS models, Modenas CEO En Roslan has also confirmed a third model.

The ever popular Kawasaki Vulcan S will also be locally assembled at the MODENAS plant in Gurun and introduced as the MODENAS Vulcan S.

“We will be introducing four Kawasaki CKD models this year, and one of them will be the Vulcan S,” confirmed En Roslan.

As part of its strategy, all Kawasaki models assembled in Malaysia by MODENAS will carry the MODENAS brand instead of Kawasaki.

MODENAS will also be distributing CBU Kawasaki models such as the Ninja ZX10R, the Z900RS, the Versys 1000 and also the Ninja 1000 SX.

As for purchasing the Vulcan S, the model will be introduced towards the end of the year at Kawasaki shops throughout Malaysia.

MODENAS says it plans to introduce two types of Kawasaki shops in Malaysia:

1. Kawasaki Shop: This term is as simple as it gets, and the Kawasaki Shop will only sell Kawasaki models exclusively as well as genuine Kawasaki accessories and merchandise.

2. Kawasaki Station: This is a multibrand dealership that will also offer Kawasaki products. This is not an exclusive dealership.

There is no indication in pricing, but MODENAS has hinted that it will be lower than before.

MODENAS Ninja 250 and Z250 Almost Ready For Launch!

  • MODENAS has prepared a specialised assembly line for Kawasaki models only. 
  • Both the Ninja 250 and Z250 will be assembled locally at first. 
  • Eventually all twin-cylinder Kawasaki models will be assembled in Malaysia under the MODENAS brand. 
  • You can purchase one at a ‘Kawasaki Shop’ or ‘Kawasaki Station’.

MODENAS has confirmed that it will be introducing the locally assembled Ninja 250 and Z250 both with ABS and non-ABS models, sometime at the end of July of this year.

This comes after Kawasaki upped its stake in MODENAS from the previous 19% to 30% with a further 18% on the cards if certain conditions are met.

Part of this acquisition involves the local assembly of certain Kawasaki models which will eventually include the entire twin-cylinder range and more.

The local assembly of Kawasaki models will start with the twin-cylinder Z250 and Ninja 250 models (models with and without ABS will be available).

In a rare preview of the assembly plant at the MODENAS plant in Gurun for members of the media, MODENAS showcased its specialised Kawasaki assembly line that was put together by Kawasaki Japan and Thailand.

MODENAS assures that the quality of locally-assembled Kawasaki models will be identical to the imported models since a lot of the assembling capabilities include input from Kawasaki engineers, which ensures consistency in the manufacturing process.

MODENAS also showcased a unique dyno test machine that was specially flown in from Japan. The dyno machine is the first of its kind in ASEAN that has the capabilities to test both the front and rear wheels with the purpose of testing engine output and braking capabilities, which is important since some Kawasaki models come with twin-channel ABS.

Every single MODENAS-Kawasaki model assembled in Malaysia will have to begin its life by first proving its worth in the dyno machine. Only after MODENAS engineers are confident the bike meets all Kawasaki and MODENAS requirements, will it be released for distribution.

The MODENAS Ninja 250 and Z250 will be available at two types of dealerships. MODENAS says the new Kawasaki-MODENAS bikes will be available at Kawasaki branded shops called ‘Kawasaki Shop’, which is basically a exclusive Kawasaki shop similar to the Ninja Shops of before.

The second types of dealerships will be called ‘Kawasaki Station’, which are not exclusive Kawasaki dealerships but rather a multi-brand dealership which also offers Kawasaki-MODENAS products.

In terms of design, the MODENAS Ninja 250 and MODENAS Z250 are identical to their Kawasaki siblings except for a few MODENAS stickers differentiating the two models.

Currently all parts are imported from Kawasaki Thailand and assembled locally in Malaysia, with up to 33% local content set to be introduced later.

As for pricing, unfortunately there is no indication as yet, but MODENAS CEO Mr Roslan Roskan (pictured above) promises competitive prices that could just be lower than before. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of July.

EMOS officially appointed as Malaysian Kawasaki distributors

EMOS (Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd) officially appointed as Kawasaki motorcycles distributors in Malaysia with 13 dealers listed nationwide.



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