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The Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café was introduced into the Malaysian market back in 2018 and now, there’s and updated 2020 model that has just been introduced with minor changes to the package. We’ve tested the current Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café and you’ll find our official review at the end for those who are interested to know more. (more…)

  • Honda UK telah mendedahkan harga bagi model Honda CB650R 2019.
  • Motosikal ini hampir serba baharu, selain daripada penggayaannya.
  • Honda UK menawarkan model ini pada harga £6,999.


  • Honda UK has revealed the 2019 Honda CB650R price.

  • The new bike is almost entire new, besides its styling.

  • Honda UK is selling it at £6999 on-the-road.

Just as we are currently testing both the CB250R and CB1000R, Honda released the price of the new CB600F in the UK.

First making its appearance at the Paris Motor Show last year, CB650R is an almost total revamp of its CB600F predecessor. Styling wise, the new bike fits into Honda’s Neo Sports Café line-up which includes the two models we are testing.

We were impressed by the CB650F during our testing. We called it an all-rounder as it filled a number of roles comfortably. However, its styling hardly caught anyone’s eyes. Sure, it fitted in with modern motorcycle designs, but there was just something missing.

2018 Honda CB650F Test & Review: The All-Rounder

As such, Honda addressed that issue by redesigning the bike completely. It now has a modern retro styling, yet with modern twists, hence the “Neo Sports Café” designation.

Honda didn’t just perform a makeover, however. The new CB650R is almost entirely new.

Revisions to the frame, fuel tank and other parts lowered weight by 6kg. The frame itself is 1.9kg lighter with a stiffer headstock and more flexible side spars. The forks are now Showa SFF (Separate Function Forks) that are adjustable for preload and rebound damping. The front brakes consist of radially-mounted four-piston Nissin calipers. The rims are new, too.

The engine gains a 1000 RPM rev limit, besides revisions to the fueling and mechanical bits. The result is a 5% power boost from the inline-Four.

As for ergonomics, the riding position is now more aggressive. The handlebar has moved forward by 13mm and down by 8mm. Additionally, the footpegs have gone backwards by 3mm and up by 6mm.

The TFT screen is shared with the Honda CB500 range.

Honda UK quoted the 2019 Honda CB650R at £6999 (RM36,950.52 as of 15thJanuary) on the road. We expect it to cost between RM 45,000 to 52,000 in Malaysia.

  • Motosikal Honda CB650R 2019 telah diperkenalkan pada EICMA 2018.
  • Model ini dibina atas platform motosikal Honda CB650F.
  • Ia melengkapkan rangkaian Neo Sports Café Honda.


  • The 2019 Honda CB650R was unveiled at EICMA 2018.

  • It is built on the Honda CB650F platform.

  • It completes Honda’s Neo Sports Café range.

Honda had teased with a 650cc Neo Sports Café concept back at the Paris Motorshow last month. The design had won many praises, prompting the manufacturer to unveil the 2019 Honda CB650R Neo Sports Café at the EICMA show.

Honda Neo Sports Café 650 Concept Breaks Cover

As we have mentioned before, the CB650R is built upon the Honda CB650F and CBR650F platform. The inline-Four engine and frame are easily apparent in the photos of the new bike. Honda gave the CB650F a retro-modern treatment, like the CB1000R and CB250R. The Neo Sports Café line-up is now complete.

Boon Siew Honda Launches CB1000R and CB250R

Please click here for our review of the Honda CBR650F.

2018 Honda CBR650F Test & Review – “Between Two Worlds”

Please click here for our review of the Honda CB650F.

2018 Honda CB650F Test & Review: The All-Rounder

However, Honda didn’t just build a new styling on top of the CB650F. Instead, they revised a number of features on the bike.

For example, the forks on the CB650R Neo Sports Café are 41mm Showa Separate Function Forks (SFF). The CB650F and CBR650F utilize Showa Bending Valve Forks, on the other hand. Additionally, the CB650R’s front brake discs are gripped by radially-mounted four-piston calipers.

On the electronics side, the CB650R features Honda’s “Selectable Torque Control” system (first seen on the Africa Twin), assist and slipper clutch and what Honda calls “ultra-modern” instruments.

The engine has been uprated, likewise. There is a 5% power boost, bringing its output to 95bhp. Honda also claims a 6kg weight reduction over the CB650F.

When will this hit Malaysia? Soon enough, we hope!

  • The Honda Neo Sports Café 650 concept was unveiled at the Paris Motorshow.

  • The model follows in the footsteps of the CB1000R and CB250R.

  • No word yet on if it will make production but watch out for EICMA 2018.

The Honda Neo Sports Café 650 concept was unveiled at the Paris Motorshow after the introduction of the CB1000R and CB250R as part of the Neo Sports Café line-up.

The Neo Sports Café family made its debut at EICMA 2017 and was introduced in Malaysia in June this year.

Boon Siew Honda Launches CB1000R and CB250R

In naming the range Neo Sports Café, the bikes feature post-modern twists on the café racer theme. Replacing the previous CB1000R, the styling was a bigger departure. The pointy headlamp made way to a massive round headlight with a distinctive circle LED. There is also a wide radiator in front of the engine. The new bike’s silhouette are rounder and softer for a retro feel.

Now here comes the 650. From the looks of the four swooping exhaust downpipes and the cylinder block that’s tilted 60o forward, the engine has to be from the CB650F we tested not long ago. The twin silencers look aggressive, too.

The headlamp has been replaced with a round unit and the cowls flanking the fuel tank have been removed. The result is a dramatic-looking bike – even better-looking than the 1000cc model, in our books.

Is Honda hinting on replacing the CB650F? The introduction of the production model should debut at EICMA in November.


  • Honda telah menayangkan sebuah video usikan pendek yang menampilkan “Project N.S.C.”, singkatan bagi Honda Neo Sports Cafe.
  • Klip video selama 31 saat itu tidak menunjukkan apa-apa yang ketara melainkan beberapa spesifikasinya seperti sebuah lampu hadapan serta lampu isyarat LED dan palang pemegang yang lurus beserta dengan bunyi-bunyi sayup sebuah enjin empat selari di latarnya.
  • Tarikh pelancarannya telah diumumkan pada 6 November 2017, iaitu sewaktu EICMA 2017 atau Pertunjukan Motor Milan.


Honda has released a short teaser video showing the “Project N.S.C.” which stands for the Honda Neo Sports Cafe.

The 31-second clip doesn’t show much except for a few specs such as LED headlight and indicators plus flat handlebar with a faint sound of an inline-four engine in the background.

The release date has been announced on 6 November 2017 which is during the EICMA 2017 or Milan Motorcycle Show.

As we head closer and closer to the big international motorcycle show in Milan, Italy that is EICMA 2017 (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) or the Milan Motorcycle Show, manufacturers are slowly releasing their teaser videos to give us a taste on what it’s going to be like. (more…)


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