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HJC Helmet Malaysia memperkenalkan Program Trade-In untuk rakyat Malaysia.

Menerusi program ini, orang ramai yang memiliki helmet lama – tak kira jenama – boleh ‘trade-in’ helmet tersebut dan nikmati diskaun RM400 bagi HJC IS-17 bernilai RM1,0009!

Program ini berjalan di semua pengedar rasmi helmet HJC seluruh negara selagi stok masih ada.

Berikut ciri yang terdapat pada HJC IS-17:

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell
  • One-Touch Integrated Smoke-Tinted Sunshield
  • Optically-superior Anti-scratch Pinlock face shield
  • Rapid-fire Shield Replacement System
  • CS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

Sementara itu, program ini turut boleh dinikmati di Modenas Power Store Kota Damansara.

Sementara itu, HJC Helmet Malaysia turut menawarkan diskaun sehingga 30 peratus sempena promosi Aidilfitri.

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Sempena sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang semakin hampir, HJC Helmet Malaysia menawarkan diskaun sehingga 30 peratus.

HJC RPHA 11 Deadpool

Promosi Hari Raya ini telah pun bermula sejak 1 Mei lalu dan akan berlangsung sehingga 31 Mei.


Berikut senarai diskaun bagi model helmet yang ditawarkan:

  • siri RPHA – diskaun 20 peratus
  • siri FG – diskaun 30 peratus
  • siri IS – diskaun 30 peratus
  • siri CS – diskaun 30 peratus
  • lain-lain model – diskaun 30 peratus

Orang ramai yang berminat boleh kunjungi pengedar rasmi HJC seluruh negara untuk menikmati diskaun di atas.

Diskaun sama turut boleh dinikmati di Modenas Power Store Kota Damansara dan menerusi atas talian di

Jangan lupa ikuti kami di YouTube dan Instagram!

HJC Helmet Malaysia will be introducing their latest 2020 collection and you can expect a lot of good choices and varieties when they arrive at authorised dealers nationwide. Sometime after the second quarter of 2020, you can get your hands on the latest 2020 HJC F70, i90, i40, V90, and V30. That’s just the start as more new models will arrive in the coming months! (more…)

  • HJC Helmets baharu sahaja memperkenalkan helmet HJC RPHA 70 ST Wolverine.
  • Kemasan grafiknya menampilkan watak Marvel Comics popular berkenaan dengan cakaran tanda pengenalannya.
  • Helmet RPHA 70 ST ini merapatkan jurang antara helmet sport touring dan helmet perlumbaan.


  • HJC helmets just introduced the HJC RPHA 70 ST Wolverine.

  • The graphics feature the popular Marvel Comics character and his trademark slash marks.

  • The RPHA 70 ST bridges sport-riding and sport-touring helmets.

South Korean helmet manufacturing powerhouse, HJC has introduced the HJC RPHA 70 ST Wolverine.

The HJC RPHA 70 ST is intended to bridge the gap between sport riding and sport-touring. As such, it is one of the very few sport-touring helmets that obtained FIM certification. The certification means that you could wear the helmet in FIM sanctioned races.

Being a sport-touring helmet, the lid has all the features associated with long-distance touring including a drop-down sun visor, large vents and anti-fog insert.

The RPHA 70 ST is and MotoMalaya’s official sport-riding and sport-touring helmet.

Now, HJC brings you another creation from their collaboration with Marvel Comics. This time, the Wolverine gets his own design.

The graphics features sharp eyes above the brow and the trademark triple slashes from the character’s claw.

Highlights of the RPHA 70 ST are:

  • Advanced P.I.M. Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus) construction: carbon fiber and carbon-glass hybrid fabric for enhanced shock resistance.
  • Intake and exhaust top vents for maximum air circulation.
  • Rear vent switch for easy control of air flow.
  • Anti-fog smoke tinted sunshield deploys quickly.
  • RapidFire shield replacement system: quick, tool-less shield removal and installation.
  • Emergency cheek pads removal.
  • Multicool interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying.
  • Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable.
  • HJ-26 anti-fog lens prepared shield.
  • Includes anti-fog insert lens.
  • Glasses-friendly EPS design.
  • ECE 22.05 approved.
  • Official licensed Marvel product.

HJC Helmet Malaysia informed us that the helmet is on the way to our shores. Please follow their Facebook page for more information.

  • Rekaan helmet HJC RPHA 11 Venom 2 telah diperkenalkan bagi tahun 2019.
  • Rekaan baharu ini tampak lebih ganas dan mengancam.
  • Helmet RPHA 11 adalah model utama dalam rangkaian helmet HJC.


  • The HJC RPHA 11 Venom 2 design makes its appearance for 2019.

  • The new design is fiercer and more intimidating.

  • The RPHA 11 is the flagship model in HJC’s helmet line-up.

The HJC RPHA 11 Venom 2 helmet debuts for 2019 in the footsteps of the popular first RPHA 11 Venom.

The first Venom helmet made its debut alongside the RPHA 11 Spider-Man in 2016. Every unit of the former design was sold out to those who wore them all the time and collectors – price be damned. HJC dealers the world over couldn’t keep enough of them in stock.

HJC RPHA 11 Venom

However, as fierce as it was, HJC felt that the design could be more aggressive. Hence HJC continued their work with Starlite who designed the first Venom helmet. Starlite also designs and paints helmets for a number of MotoGP stars. They wanted something angrier, darker which resulted in the Venom 2.

The new design is destined to hit the US this spring. But HJC Malaysia have also prompted us about the helmet, meaning it’ll arrive here sometime soon.

HJC RPHA 11 Venom 2

The HJC-Marvel tie-up is a successful venture so far, resulting in the designs of our favourite heroes as such Spider-Man and Black Panther, besides anti-heroes such as Venom and Deadpool.

The helmet maker also tied up with Disney to produce designs from the Star Wars universe. We’ve seen Kylo Ren, the Stormtroopers, Rebel Alliance fighter pilot, and Darth Vader’s designs.


The HJC RPHA 11 is the Korean manufacturer’s flagship and premium line-up. The helmets are meant for racing with an aerodynamic shell. Its shell is made of what HJC calls Premium Integrated Matrix which combines carbon fibre and Kevlar weaves. That makes the helmet light and quiet even at high speeds.


We’ll keep you posted of the prices when it arrives.

  • HJC Helmets is proud to announce their latest Star Wars collection; the HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader and CS-R3 Stormtrooper.

  • The Darth Vader inspired helmet is designed on HJC’s latest compact sport modular helmet, the RPHA 90.

  • The full-face Stormtrooper helmet comes in two models; the CS-R3 for US and CS-15 for Europe.

Star Wars fans, these ones are for you! HJC Helmets is proud to announce their latest addition into their Star Wars helmet collection and boy oh boy, are they nice. For 2018, they’ve launched the HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader and HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper full-face helmets so you can get your dark side on! (more…)

  • HJC Helmet Malaysia organized a selfie contest for RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 wearers.

  • The winners went on to join the RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 Appreciation Night.

  • They were treated to Deadpool 2 at the cinema.

HJC Helmets has tied up with Marvel Comics for a time now, hence we see superhero themed helmets from the Korean helmet manufacturer hitting the streets and track.

Referring to the link below, you should be able to spot your favourite Marvel Comics characters, including Captain America, Spiderman, Venom, Ironman, The Punisher, Black Panther, and not forgetting everyone’s favourite anti-hero and “The Merc with the Mouth” Deadpool.

HJC Helmet Malaysia Introduces New Models

The themes are spread across HJC’s range of helmets, from the CS-15 to the FG-ST, IS-17, RPHA 70 and RPHA 11.

Hence in order to commemorate the opening of Deadpool 2 movie in Malaysia, HJC Helmet Malaysia organized an RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 contest on their Facebook page, calling for followers and fans to post selfies of themselves in the two helmets.

HJC Helmet Malaysia then picked out the winners. The winners joined members of the media at the RPHA 11 and RPHA 70 Appreciation Night, to catch the much anticipated Deadpool 2 at the cinema.

HJC Helmet Malaysia had also brought along the IS-17 Deadpool helmet for display and preview.

Besides Marvel Comics, HJC has also tied up with Star Wars and the animated movie series Cars. Helmets with those themes are also available or on the way to Malaysia. So stay tuned!

HJC Helmets Featuring Marvel’s Deadpool and Ghost Rider!

HJC Helmets has released their latest 2018 HJC RPHA 11 Deadpool full-face helmet.

HJC’s top-of-the-line sports helmet now comes in the anti-hero’s iconic matte red and black colourway.

For the US market, the HJC RPHA 11 Deadpool is priced at $599.99 (RM2,371).

Attention to all you Marvel fans out there! There’s a new helmet in town and it is stunning. The folks over at HJC Helmets have introduced their latest 2018 HJC RPHA 11 Deadpool edition in conjunction with the anti-hero’s new movie, Deadpool 2. (more…)

  • Tawaran terbaru dari HJC ini datang dalam bentuk sebuah helmet RPHA 70 Black Panther.
  • Dengan kerjasama bersama “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, helmet sport touring terbaru dari HJC ini telah dilengkapi dengan pelbagai perincian halus adiwira dari Wakanda tersebut.
  • Tiada sebarang berita mengenai bila helmet ini akan disediakan bagi pasaran Malaysia, namun, harganya dijangkakan akan berada di bawah paras RM3,000.



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