HJC Helmet Malaysia Introduces New Models

  • HJC Helmet Malaysia introduces new models to its already extensive 2017 lineup

  • The lineup includes additional Marvel comics characters

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HJC has long been known as the helmet maker who produces world-class helmets and offering them at lower prices to consumers.

The Korean helmet manufacturer have tied up with Marvel Comics and Disney Films in recent times, resulting in helmets with rightly distinctive designs and graphics from famous franchises such as Venom, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Star Wars characters Kylo Ren and Boba Fett. Find out more by clicking here and here.

It didn’t stop there and HJC Malaysia showed off a few models and graphics recently

CS-15 “Spiderman”

The CS-15 is HJC’s entry-level helmet which replaced the popular CL-STII range. Comfortable and relatively quiet, the CS-15 range it earmarked for riders who are moving up the motorcycle capacity ladder and want a full-face helmet that doesn’t break the bank. However, in terms of classification, HJC calls the CS-15 a sport-touring helmet.


  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is lightweight
  • Removable and washable interior pads with NYLEX
  • Anti-UV and anti-fog faceshield
  • Quick-release faceshield mechanism
  • Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) ensures cooling airflow
  • Glasses groove
  • Micro adjustment buckle
  • ECE R22.05 certification

IS-17 “Deadpool”

With advent of Marvel Comics’ graphics, many HJC and fans of the movie have been asking if there will ever be a Deadpool helmet.

Well, your prayers have been answered.

Shown here is the IS-17 Merc-with-a-Mouth aka Deadpool. The IS-17 is more of a jack-of-all-trades, standing in as the helmet for all riders from the daily commuters to sport-touring to track riding. HJC has invented much in building their own wind tunnel and as a result, the IS-17 is built to be aerodynamic and relatively quiet. The helmet includes a one-touch drop-down sunshield.


  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is lightweight
  • One-touch integrated sunshield
  • Anti-scratch anti-UV faceshield
  • RapidFire Shield Replacement System for ultra-quick faceshield replacement
  • 2-stage faceshield closure system with one-touch centrally-located lock
  • Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) ensures cooling airflow
  • SuperCool interior with anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Crown padding and cheeckpads are removable and washable
  • ECE R22.05 certification

RPHA 70 ST “Grandal”

Want a helmet that’s comfortable, stable and quiet while touring, but also one which is lightweight, stable while blasting down the straight at top speed, and certified for trackdays? You have to choose from either type to fit your requirements but the RPHA 70 ST has bridged that gap. Built on the principles of the RPHA 11 race helmet, the RPHA 70 ST is certified by the FIM for track use, making it the true 2-in-1 helmet.


  • Advanced P.I.M. Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus) construction: carbon fiber, Aramid, carbon-glass hybrid fabric for enhanced shock resistance
  • Anti-fog smoke tinted sunshield deploys quickly
  • RapidFire system for quick, tool-less faceshield removal and installation
  • Emergency cheek pads removal
  • Multicool interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable
  • Anti-fog lens prepared shield
  • Includes anti-fog insert lens
  • Glasses-friendly EPS design
  • ECE 22.05 and FIM approved


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