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BMW Motorrad issued a recall for the company’s flagship R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS produced between 2013 and 2021.

  • More than 400,000 units are affected by this worldwide recall.
  • BMW R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS are affected by the recall. 

In total, 440,00 units of the R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS are affected by the recall, with over 70,000 units in Germany alone.

According to reports, the recall is to retrofit a ventilation hole to the cardan shaft. BMW will drill a tiny hole near the cross joint at the rear to allow the insertion of a valve.

The valve will allow air and moisture to flow out of the cardan tunnel instead of going into it and damage the shaft, which could result in loss of power.

Although there is no official announcement regarding the recall yet, reports suggest that the modification is not urgent; instead, it is highly advisable for owners of the model as mentioned above to wait for the next scheduled service appointment at local dealers for the necessary fitting. 

Also, the much-needed modification is free of charge. 

Interestingly, BMW has been made aware of the matter and has since fitted all newly built BMW R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS with the ventilation valve.

(Source: Motorrad)

Over the years, we have seen many DIY projects involving cardboards, and we love every single one of them, especially those who give attention to details.

However, out of many of those creative individuals, we are definitely a fan of a certain 19-year old Brazilian, Henry Goncalves, who produces life-size cardboard replicas of motorcycles.

You read that right, Goncalves make a real-life two-wheel model with cardboard at his home in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil.

One of his most impressive creation is building a life-size BMW R 1200 GS using a combination of cardboard, PVC pipe and screws.

@robertahornetAcharam que eu só tinha uma moto de papelão? hahah, se preparem!! kkkkk ##motos##motosport##motosdesportivas♬ Nunca Foi Sorte – Mc Dancan

However, his first attempt was a Honda Hornet, and it took him almost ten months to complete it before advancing his skills in building a more detailed machine.

Goncalves took just four months to complete the R 1200 GS despite the fact that the motorcycle is more challenging to build than the Hornet.

Interestingly, Goncalves has always been a car guy before shifting his focus to a two-wheeler.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked cars. I was hugely influenced by the Fast and Furious movies and the Need For Speed video games.

“For a long time, the appeal of bikes never made much sense to me. But that changed when a friend of my father’s arrived with a Hornet. At that moment, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I said to myself: I have to have one of these,” he said.

(source: Fox11)

BMW R 1200 GS di New Zealand – sumber imej:

Cabaran BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 akan mengambil tempat di “Middle Earth”; New Zealand.
Acara ini terbuka buat semua pemilik motosikal BMW dari seluruh dunia
Nantikan kemunculan pusingan kelayakan Malaysia!


The 2020 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will take place in Middle Earth i.e. New Zealand.

The event is open to BMW motorcycle owners around the world.

Watch out for the Malaysian qualifying round!

The 2020 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will take place in Middle Earth a.k.a. New Zealand. Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference.

The event has grown in prestige and participation over the years since its inception. Beginning from 2008 in Tunisia, it’s held bi-annually and has since visited in South Africa, Patagonia, Canada, Thailand and Mongolia. Yes, all riding paradises.

It is open to BMW motorcycle owners around the world. Each participating country holds their own qualification round to find their representatives prior to the international event. Malaysians have participated in the last two editions as part of the Southeast Asia Team and Southeast Asia Women’s Team. Each team consists of 3 persons. Participants of previous International GS Trophy are not allowed to return to the challenge. However,  they are welcomed to coach their respective country’s candidates.

Inspired by BMW Motorrad’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Heiner Faust’s own experiences during a riding expedition in Central Asia, the competition challenge isn’t based on speed. Instead, the participants need to be skilled and smart riders, and rely on close teamwork.

That philosophy can be seen the types of challenges faced by the participants. They include pulling the bike out of a ditch, plugging a punctured tube, riding the bike through tough terrain and situations, so forth. Additionally, they have to answer questions about geography and navigation, and knowledge of their GS.

There will a total of 19 teams in 2020, representing 30 countries. There will also be an all-female international team.

BMW Motorrad did not mention if the teams will continue to ride the R 1200 GS or progress to the new R 1250 GS. However, our guess is for the former and it’ll be great to see them put to such tough tests during the event.

Please head to for more updates.

  • BMW Motorrad telah memecahkan rekod jualan motosikal pada tahun 2018.
  • Mereka telah melaporkan sejumlah 165,566 unit yang terjual, peningkatan sebanyak 0.9%.
  • Jerman kekal sebagai pasaran terbesar, China muncul sebagai pasaran paling pesat membangun.


  • BMW Motorrad sold a record number of bikes in 2018.

  • They reported a total of 165,566 units sold, an increase of 0.9%.

  • Germany continued as the biggest market, although China was the fastest growing.

BMW Motorrad has achieved another milestone as 2018 was another record year in terms of sales.

Global sales were up by a moderate 0.9% from 2017, with a total of 165,566 units sold.

The R 1200 GS and GS Adventure continues to be the most popular model, selling 51,000 units. The R nineT retro series also sold well, contributing 33,500 machines for a total of 84,500 R-series sold.

BMW’s second best-seller was the inline-Four S-series. 18,773 S 1000 RR, S 1000 R and S 1000 XR were sold.

S 1000 R

Furthermore, BMW’s sales in America increased by 2.2% despite the overall downturn in the market. The upturn was due to the six-cylinder K 1600 B Grand America touer which sold 8,306 units out of the total of 13,842 units.

K 1600 B Grand America

The manufacturer’s leading markets continue to be Germany (-11%, 23,824), France (0%, 16,615), Italy (-2%, 14,110) and Spain (0%, 11,124). 9,224 BMWs were sold in the UK.

Growth centres were China (35%, 7,561), Brazil (11%, 7,361) and India with 2,187 units sold there.

Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad Malaysia sold 1,130 motorcycles, marking a 7% increase over 2017. The R 1200 GS Adventure was the biggest contributor which more than 300 units.

BMW Motorrad is looking forward to another great year in 2019, what with the advent of the new models using the 1254cc ShiftCam boxer engine, new S 1000 RR, a return to WSBK, plus a few more models in the pipeline.

Will they achieve their 200,000 target in 2020?

  • The 1200cc Boxer engine and bikes that it powers have been revised through each generation.

  • With stiff competition from all corners, it is rumoured that BMW will debut the R 1250 GS in 2019.

  • A new R 1250 RT has been spotted undergoing road trials.

BMW’s venerable boxer engine has come a long, long way and there’s no end in sight for it. the German giant may produce the superb S 1000 RR inline-Four superbike, but what is BMW Motorrad if not for the flat-Twin or Boxer, as it’s affectionately known.

It is likewise the scenario for the Boxer-engine GS, since the first R80GS.

2018 BMW R 1200 GS Rallye

But the competition has been aggressive in the large-capacity adventure segment. KTM, Ducati and now Triumph are carving out large pieces of the pie and BMW has been updating the R 1200 GS with each generation.

And now we have received news via that BMW may be working on a 1250cc Boxer.


You see, the current wasser-Boxer produces 125 bhp of power and 125 Nm of torque but the competition has gone 160 bhp and 140 Nm thereabouts. While BMW owners will tell you that 125 bhp is enough, that is not going to cut it on the spec sheets.

It is also rumoured that the “new” Boxer will include variable valve timing. Along with other changes, it should be good for 140 to 150 bhp.

All this talk started when photos of a new R 1250 RT undergoing road trails surfaced in MCN. Looking at the photo below, you could see that it’s a new bodywork, but what is more telling is the appearance of a new engine.


However, as BMW owners know, if there is a new RT, there is a large likelihood that a GS is also in store. Plus, since the GS is the flagship BMW Motorrad, it will be launched first than the RT.

2019 is just a few months away. Who is waiting with baited breath?


  • Sewaktu pertunjukan Motorcycle Live 2017 baru-baru ini di United Kingdom, BMW Motorrad telah memperagakan motosikal BMW R 1200 GS terbaru mereka dengan melakukan lompatan di tengah-tengah dewan berkenaan.
  • Dengan berat sebanyak 274kg diisi penuh bahanapi, penunggang ‘off-road’ yang mengemudi motosikal itu membuatkannya tampak mudah dalam ruangan yang kecil itu, di mana menunggang motosikal biasa sekalipun sudah cukup sukar.
  • Aturcara BMW GS Experience sewaktu pertunjukan motosikal terbesar di UK itu diatur bagi menonjolkan kebolehan motosikal BMW Motorrad sama ada di atas jalan raya mahu pun tanah merah.


During the recent Motorcycle Live 2017 show in the UK, BMW Motorrad showcased their BMW R 1200 GS by jumping it in the middle of the event hall.

Weighing in at 274kg fully loaded with fuel, the off-road rider made it look so easy in such a small space where riding a normal motorcycle would be tough.

The BMW GS Experience setup during the UK’s biggest motorcycle show was all about highlighting how capable BMW Motorrad bikes are both on and off the road.

Image source: MCN

During the recent Motorcycle Live 2017 aka “The UK’s biggest motorcycle show”, over 100,000 bike fans from around the world made their way up to Birmingham to check out the latest updates in the world of motorcycling. Out of all the manufacturers who took part, BMW Motorrad put on quite a show especially their indoor-outdoor setup. (more…)



















  • BMW Motorrad Malaysia akan memperkenalkan empat buah motosikal premium di acara BMW Motorrad Nightfuel di Pulau Pinang pada hujung minggu ini, hari Sabtu, 9 September 2017.
  • Motosikal S 1000 RR, R 1200 GS, K 1600 Bagger, dan BMW R nineT Urban G/S yang baru akan diperkenalkan buat kali pertama.
  • Ianya merupakan perhimpunan terbesar motosikal BMW Motorrad di kawasan Bayan Lepas di Pulau Pinang.


  • BMW Motorrad Malaysia will unveil four new premium motorcycles at the BMW Motorrad Nightfuel event in Penang this weekend, Saturday, 9th September 2017.

  • The new S 1000 RR, R 1200 GS, K 1600 Bagger and BMW R nineT Urban G/S will be unveiled for the first time

  • The largest gathering of BMW Motorrad motorcycles in the Bayan Lepas area in Penang.

Introducing the new motorcycles, Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO, BMW Group Malaysia said, “BMW Motorrad is currently the leading premium motorcycle brand in the country, contributing a steady 1000 premium motorcycles annually to inject an exhilarating and exciting attitude towards motorcycle riding here. The Nightfuel events have enabled us to successfully deliver our promise of Making Life A Ride which is very true to the heart of BMW Motorrad.”

Sharing Han’ sentiments, Owen Riley, Head of BMW Motorrad Malaysia said, “There is no better occasion than to introduce four new premium motorcycles to the BMW Motorrad family here at the Nightfuel event. While this is the first time we have taken the BMW Motorrad Nightfuel event outside the Klang Valley, most of the riders will come from all over peninsular Malaysia.

Riley added that BMW Motorrad Malaysia wanted to create a riding experience for its owners and enthusiasts like no other, embodying the essence of over 100 thrilling years of experience in creating premium motorcycles and combining passion as well as engineering expertise with a pure riding experience.

The new BMW S 1000 RR – the virtually perfect supersports model which has been further optimised – From RM 106,900.00

Ever since BMW Motorrad launched the S 1000 RR in 2009 – the first 4-cylinder supersports bike made by BMW – the “Double R” has had a lasting impact on this market segment. Consistent and ongoing development has since ensured that the RR occupies pole position among the superbikes with road traffic certification. For the model year 2017 it was once again possible to optimise the virtually perfect supersports bike even further.

The 999 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine has been adapted to meet the requirements of the EU4 pollutant class. The peak output is still 146 kW (199 hp) at 13500 RPM and the maximum torque of 113 Nm is reached at 10500 RPM. For excellent ridability, the new BMW S 1000 RR also has a wide engine speed range available for use, and almost the entire maximum torque is available from 9500 (112 Nm) to 12000 RPM (113 Nm).

Riding modes “Rain”, “Sport” and “Race” along with Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control come standard as well as the partial integral Race ABS. New additions to the standard trim include Dynamic Traction control DTC with banking sensor and fine adjustment at +/- seven levels for the best possible performance and safety when accelerating.

The new BMW S 1000 RR is also now configured standard with passenger seat. The RR is available in the colour schemes Granite Grey/Black Storm, which gives the BMW S 1000 RR a refined appearance and as well as the Racing Red/Light White for a dynamic look.

The new BMW R 1200 GS Rallye – even more supreme on all terrain types – From RM 105,900.00

“BMW GS” has stood for universal motorcycling pleasure for more than 35 years: “GS” embodies the ideal combination of touring and long distance suitability, dynamic performance and off-road capability. This applies especially to the BMW GS motorcycles with the flat-twin boxer engine. They are the perfect companions in extreme conditions when it comes to exploring the most remote corners of the earth.

The most popular travel enduro bike in the world, the BMW R 1200 GS has now been optimised in a wide range of areas. Designed for even greater versatility than before, it taps into a previously unknown breadth of properties, ranging from dynamic performance to comfort and off-road suitability. This is due to selective improvements, numerous new features and not least a much expanded program of optional equipment and optional accessories. For Malaysian market, to meet with the “urban adventure” demand, the Rallye has been customised with on-road tires, standard comfort seats and centre stand, ensuring a convenient and pleasant daily-commuting.

The Boxer engine with new catalytic converter and adapted data status is in line with EU4 requirements. Powered as before by the air/liquid-cooled boxer with an output of 92 kW (125 hp) at 7750 RPM and a maximum torque of 125 Nm at 6500 RPM, the new R 1200 GS now has an altered catalytic converter and a new data status for the engine management to meet the latest EU4 requirements. The model year 2017 already saw the addition of a judder damper on the transmission output shaft and a revision of the selector drum actuator and transmission shafts.

The new BMW K 1600 B: emotion and fascination with 6 cylinders in the exclusive Bagger style – From RM 159,900.00

BMW Motorrad’s interpretation of motorcycling on endless highways, the dream of freedom and independence and the embodiment of “Grand American Touring” in the form of a series version of the new BMW K 1600 B bagger.

As a high-performance, highly emotional and exclusive motorcycle, the new BMW K 1600 B with the familiar 6-cylinder inline engine and supreme 118 kW (160 hp) output, embodies the motto “Spirit of the Open Road.” It is synonymous with elegance, power and luxury on two wheels and transforms every road, every tour and every moment into a particularly intense experience. The characteristic streamlining with a low rear section and masculine colour scheme make for relaxed dynamic elegance.

Largely based on the technology used in the BMW 6-cylinder tourer K 1600 GT, the new BMW K 1600 B implements its spectacular backward sloping linear design with a completely reconstructed rear section. This not only makes the bagger look particularly low-lying and slender, but also, thanks to the new rear frame, significantly reduces the height of the passenger seat.

New reverse assist feature for comfortable manoeuvring and Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down without activating the clutch. The new BMW K 1600 B is particularly easy to manoeuvre thanks to the reverse assist feature. This is activated conveniently at the press of button “R” on the left-hand handlebar panel. Pressing the starter button initiates movement. The Shift Assistant Pro available as an option allows the rider to shift up and down without activating the clutch in a large number of cases.

The new all-black (Blackstorm metallic / black for chassis parts and drivetrain) BMW K 1600 B takes the form of a bagger, an exclusive custom bike type that is particularly popular in the USA.

The new BMW R nineT Urban G/S, a refined roadster with a boxer feeling in a classic enduro outfit – From RM 87,900.00

The new BMW R nineT Urban G/S is quite different in style but equally classic in character. For more than 35 years, the “GS” abbreviation in conjunction with BMW Motorrad has been virtually synonymous with a sense of freedom and the passion for adventure on two wheels, both on-road and off-road. The BMW R nineT Urban G/S draws on the genes of the very first and legendary BMW R 80 G/S of the year 1980, transporting them into the modern era with contemporary technology in the form of a classic enduro-style BMW motorcycle with boxer engine.

The BMW R nineT Urban G/S features the potent, air/oil-cooled boxer engine with a capacity of 1170 cc and an output of 81 kW (110 hp) combined with a 6-speed gearbox. The model is designed to meet the requirements of the EU4 pollutant class. Their exhaust systems in stainless steel with the tailpipe positioned on the left reflects classic styling.

As before, radially mounted 4-piston monoblock brake calipers ensure sound, ABS-regulated deceleration in conjunction with floating brake discs. The BMW R nineT Urban G/S is supplied with light alloy cast wheels. The large 19-inch front wheel with 120/70 ZR 19 tyre is in keeping with the typical enduro-style look of a classic bike. This is matched perfectly at the rear with a 17-inch wheel bearing a 170/60 ZR 17 tyre. The new BMW boxer can be ordered ex works with the optional extra of deep-treaded off-road tyres which further enhances its classic style (standard trim: road tyres) and also with filigree wired-spoke wheels.

With 4-piston brake calipers, steel-wrapped brake lines and a brake disc diameter of 320 millimetres, a high-performance ABS brake system here again ensures effective and stable deceleration. In order to prevent the rear wheel from spinning on slippery roads, there is the option of ASC (Automatic Stability Control) which is available ex works.

The BMW Motorrad Nightfuel Penang takes place this Saturday, 9th September 2017 from 19:00pm at a special seaside open space in the Bayan Lepas area close to the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge.

The retail price (without insurance and inclusive of GST) for the new models are:

BMW S 1000 RR                  –           RM 106,900.00

BMW R 1200 GS                  –           RM 105,900.00

BMW K 1600 B                     –           RM 159,900.00

BMW R nineT GS                  –           RM 87,900.00

BMW Motorrad is happy to report an increase sales figure of 9.5% for the first half of 2017 compared to the same time as 2016.

It was reported that the number of units sold has reached 88,389 units; an increase of 7,735 units compared to the previous year.

The most popular model to contribute to the sales figure was the BMW R 1200GS reportedly sold at 17,159 units around the globe.

Despite other manufacturers are facing quite a difficult time for the opening half of 2017, it seems that BMW Motorrad managed to stay on top of their game. At present, they were more than happy to report that for the first half of 2017, they recorded a 9.5% sales increase worldwide. (more…)


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