How hard/easy is it to jump a 274kg BMW R 1200 GS?

During the recent Motorcycle Live 2017 show in the UK, BMW Motorrad showcased their BMW R 1200 GS by jumping it in the middle of the event hall.

Weighing in at 274kg fully loaded with fuel, the off-road rider made it look so easy in such a small space where riding a normal motorcycle would be tough.

The BMW GS Experience setup during the UK’s biggest motorcycle show was all about highlighting how capable BMW Motorrad bikes are both on and off the road.

Image source: MCN

During the recent Motorcycle Live 2017 aka “The UK’s biggest motorcycle show”, over 100,000 bike fans from around the world made their way up to Birmingham to check out the latest updates in the world of motorcycling. Out of all the manufacturers who took part, BMW Motorrad put on quite a show especially their indoor-outdoor setup.

As part of the brand’s effort to further showcase the capabilities of their touring bikes, the organised the BMW GS Experience where the bikes were paired with off-road riding specialists. While a lot of us already consider the R 1200 GS a very capable machine both on and off the road, what the riders did particularly in that small mountain of dirt in the middle of the event hall was quite spectacular.

With a combined weight of 274kg, the BMW R 1200 GS was taken for very brief flight as the rider jumped the touring bike on the dirt setup. Although it was short and sweet, it was still amazing how easy the rider accomplished this in such a small space. Imagine what the bike is capable of when unleashed in a full-scale course.

The latest 2017 BMW R 1200 GS Rallye was just launched in September during the BMW Motorrad Nightfuel event in Penang. The latest GS evolution comes ready with redesigned radiator flanks to further improve the performance of its 1,170cc air/liquid-cooled flat (boxer) twin cylinder. In total, the R 1200 GS produces a powerful 125hp and 125Nm of maximum torque.

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We were present during the 2017 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Southeast Asia Qualifier for Malaysia and Singapore. Held at the outdoor section of the Sepang International Circuit, we can honestly say that it’s certainly a very challenging bike to ride so to see one practically lifted off from the ground in nothing short of amazing.

To know more on the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Southeast Asia Qualifier 2017, CLICK HERE.

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