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  • Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) revealed the price of the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR v2 today.

  • The recommended selling price is RM 8,168 (not inclusive of insurance, road tax and registration fee).

  • Certain dealers are taking deposits but do check to see when the bike will be available.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) revealed the price of the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR v2 today. The pricing follows the launch about a fortnight ago.

HLYM recommended basic selling price is RM 8,168 (not inclusive of insurance, road tax and registration fee). Customers will receive a sturdy Yamaha disc lock with reminder cable, free-of-charge.

The highly anticipated v2 (for Version 2) replaces its predecessor, the Y15ZR. The v2 still uses the same 150cc high power engine. However, there are a number of important updates to extend the model’s lifeline.

New features are:

  1. New streamlined headlamp design with LED lighting.
  2. Fully digital speedometer.
  3. Wider front tyre size (90/80-17) for better handling, especially around corners.
  4. Hazard lamp and passing lamp.
  5. New graphics.

The new Yamaha Y15ZR is offered in four exciting colours:

  1. Striking Cyan.
  2. Storm Blue.
  3. Blazing Red.
  4. Dynamid Gray.

Certain authorized dealers are already taking bookings. However, do check to see when the bikes will arrive. New Yamaha models are known to sell out even before they hit the dealerships!

  • The four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers namely Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha will work together to develop motorcycle batteries.

  • They should be working on battery swapping technology to overcome long charging times.

  • Yamaha is already working with Gogoro in Taiwan for battery swapping.

The four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers namely Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha will work together to develop motorcycle batteries.

The joint effort is to combat the bane of current electric motorcycles: Charging times. Make that long charging times. As such, they should be coming up with a solution to swap low-power or depleted batteries with fully charged ones.

Their solution should be similar to Gogoro’s, which is currently in operation in Taiwan. Electric bike riders visit a charging station, pull out the depleted battery in their motorcycles, insert it into the charging station and swap it for a fully-charged one.

Yamaha is already working with Gogoro on this solution in the island state.

Gogoro first entered the Taiwanese market in 2015. Since then, 750 GoStations have been installed, catering to some 17 million battery swaps. The company is targeting 3,000 stations, ultimately.

Honda and Yamaha are the strongest players in the electric motorcycle sector among the four manufacturers. But with the dateline for electric vehicles looming on the horizon, Kawasaki and Suzuki need to hustle in producing their own electric bikes. Most European countries will revert to new electric vehicles only in a decade or so, while phasing out fossil fuel vehicles.

Malaysia, without a doubt is still lagging far behind. Currently, only luxury cars are hybrid or electric. Consequently, the infrastructure is built by these manufacturers to cater for their own cars.

Motorcycle charging or battery swapping stations? Forget about it. The Malaysian government ought to step this up quickly.

  • Honda is developing a system to cool or heat the seat.

  • The rider can control how hot or cool.

  • It may be implemented in the Africa Twin or Gold Wing.

While some may laugh at the prospect of having heated grips in this hot and humid Malaysian weather, Honda is building a seat warmer/cooler system.

In a patent filing by Honda, the diagrams show pipings leading from the front and radiator of the bike to the bottom of the rider’s seat. The inlet for the cool air circuit is placed at the front of the bike. The heating circuit, on the other hand, starts from the radiator.

The rider can choose between cooling or heating, or mixing the cold and hot air to his preference. Operations are by a button mounted on the handlebar.

The way we see it is that the cooling function will definitely be a plus after parking the bike under the blazing sun.

The Honda seat temperature system should be implemented in models such as the Gold Wing tourer and the Africa Twin dual-sport bike.

Do we really need a seat or heated grips in Malaysia? Trying riding in the rain.

  • Johann Zarco said he was exhausted from fighting his bike in the Argentina MotoGP.

  • He couldn’t ride the KTM RC16 the way he wanted to.

  • He finished 15th and Hafizh Syahrin in 16th in the race.

While we published Hafizh Syahrin’s struggle with the KTM RC16 MotoGP bike, we wondered what his ex-Yamaha Tech 3 teammate Johann Zarco went through.

The two-time Moto2 champion finished 15th in Qatar and obtained the same result in Argentina. Even then, his final placing at Argentina was after Morbidelli took himself and Vinalez out of the race. By the end, Hafizh Syahrin was able to latch on Zarco’s back wheel and finished one spot behind.

On the other hand, long-time KTM MotoGP rider Pol Espargaro and new Red Bull KTM Tech 3 signing Miguel Oliveira took off to fight it out for 10th and 11th.

Zarco had been quite prior to this, but he recently shared his thoughts in an interview with

First, he was held up by Jorge Lorenzo who mistakenly his the pitlane speed limiter on the Repsol Honda. Zarco was in 21st place into Turn One. But his race also deteriorated as it went on.

“I almost struggle all the way, from the start. With Lorenzo I don’t know what happened and I had to brake a lot behind him, I was second to last,” he recalled.

“Beginning of the race, the first eight laps I was feeling quite good but not able to overtake my opponents because I cannot control well the bike at the moment.”

“Then more and more I was going in the race it was coming harder and harder to ride the bike. I spent a lot of energy.”

“Difficult to leave this kind of races when everything I would like to do, I can’t. This makes me fight with the bike, and then I am exhausted.”

At that point, the bike started to slide, difficult to brake and turn into corners. Zarco rides the traditional long-arc style, in other words, early braking to carry more mid-corner speed and smooth transitions. Hafizh Syahrin rides in this method, as well.

Photo credit Fox Sports Asia

Is this the key to why both these ex-Yamaha riders are suffering?

However, he is adamant in keeping his riding style, as he believes that it allows KTM to improve. Staying on one style means you don’t have too many variables to work with, making it easier to concentrate on which areas that need improving.

The Austrian factory would surely (and sorely) be missing inputs from test riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kalio by now. Both are unfortunately recuperating from their injuries.

  • The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin may get an engine displacement bump to 1100cc for 2020.

  • The increase prepares the bike for Euro 5 standards.

  • Also, middleweight adventurers produce the same power as the current Africa Twin.

Motor Cycle News Australia’s networks of spies found that the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin may be upsized to 1100cc for 2020.

Their Japanese sources claim that the next generation of the Africa Twin will see a capacity upgrade from 998cc to 1080cc. There’s a gain of 5.4 hp along with the upsizing. It may not seem a lot but remember that 2020 is when Euro 5 regulations come into effect. The new emission standards will choke many bikes in terms of power.

The rumours also claimed that there’s minor upgrade to its styling. The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT – please fix the low speed drivability, Honda). Its fuel capacity may increase to 20 liters, while the Adventure Sport edition may retain the 24.2 litre tank. We may also see a new TFT screen.

Yes, Honda wants to take the middle ground between the 1200/1300cc and 800cc adventure bikes, but the middleweights are now producing the same horsepower from smaller engines. That’s before mentioning that the middleweights are lighter and have lower seat heights, too.

Honda truly needs to upgrade the Africa Twin to stay in the fight. Its current 94 hp is on the low side when compared to open-class adventurers, and on par with the middleweight segment. For example, the Triumph Tiger 800 produces the same amount of horsepower, besides the new BMW F 850 GS and KTM 790 Adventure.

Let’s wait for the 2019 Tokyo Motorshow in October.

  • A new cutdown version of the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been revealed.

  • It fits in the bagger sub-segment with no top case and has a lower windscreen.

  • All other functions and features are retained.

A new more stylish Honda GL1800 Gold Wing has been introduced, just a year after its launch.

There’s great demand for less “touring” and more stylish bagger style tourers and other manufacturers enjoy brisk sales for them. A “bagger” is a more stylized and cutdown touring motorcycle with panniers but without the top case.

This new Gold Wing hence harks back to the previous Gold Wing F6B. It features a low windscreen, no top case, and more blacked-out parts for a slimmer, custom look.

Deleting the top case also removes 50 litres of storage space, rear speakers and passenger backrest, but it saves 40 kg.

However, owners still get to enjoy the bike’s 1833cc flat-Six engine which produces 125 hp and 169.5 Nm of torque. Electronic niceties such as ride-by-wire throttle, riding modes, traction control, keyless ignition, electronic suspension, LED lighting and infotainment system which integrates Bluetooh connectivity, music, maps and Apple CarPlay are retained.

The new “standard” Gold Wing will on have a standard 6-speed transmission i.e. no Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).


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