CFMoto V.02-NK 1000cc Streetfighter Nears Production

  • The CFMoto V.02-NK 1000cc streetfighter is nearing production.

  • It is powered by KTM’s 990cc LC8 platform.

  • It is also designed by KISKA, who have designed all KTMs.

CFMoto is on the roll since their tie up with KTM and now the CFMoto V.02-NK 1000cc streetfighter is rumoured to be close to production.

KTM and CFMoto first tied up in 2014 to produce the 125 Duke, 200 Duke and 390 Duke for the region.

KTM had contracted CFMoto to build the 799cc LC8c engine which powers the former’s 790 series of bikes including the 790 Duke, 790 Adventure, 790 Adventure R and limited production 790 Adventure R Rally. The Austrians were so impressed with the production capabilities of CFMoto that they’ve decided that they will shift worldwide production of LC8c engines to China from 2021. The factory in Hangzhou can produce up to 50,000 bikes a year.

Since then, KTM sold the 990 LC8 engine which powered the mad 990 Duke to CFMoto. It’s from this arrangement that CFMoto unveiled the V.02-NK concept in 2017. Who know? The Chinese manufacturer may even introduce the first 1000cc superbike in due time.

CFMoto’s range of motorcycles are also designed by KISKA, who also designs KTMs. Thus, the V.02-NK has some design cues from the KTM Duke R but isn’t a carbon copy. There are some innovative ideas here including underseat-mounted radiator and carbon-ceramic brake discs.

Production ought to begin next year and we shall see how the final design turns out.



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