Honda Introduces NX400 and Updated CBR400R For Japanese Market

During the 2023 EICMA event in Milan, Honda unveiled the NX500 and CBR500R. Among the highlights was the revelation of a 400cc variant of the NX500, now introduced as the NX400 in Japan. Serving as the successor to the 2013 400X crossover model, the NX400 inherits its legacy while bringing forth a range of enhancements.

Also new to the range for the Japanese market is the updated CBR400R.

The 2024 NX400 emerges as a contemporary street adventure motorcycle, showcasing a refreshed design and upgraded features. Noteworthy additions to both the NX400 and CBR400R include Honda Selectable Torque Control and a vibrant 5-inch full-color TFT display. Through the integration of the Honda RoadSync app, riders can seamlessly connect their smartphones via Bluetooth, granting access to calls, messages, music, and turn-by-turn navigation.

In terms of aesthetics, the 2024 CBR400R receives a facelift with modifications to the headlamp cowl, headlight, and tail light. The incorporation of new ducts, adorned with winglets and slits on the middle cowls, enhances the bike’s sporty allure. Colour options for the CBR400R include the striking Grand Prix Red and the understated Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, the latter presenting an alluring all-black theme. These color schemes are also available for the NX400, alongside the Pearl Glare White option, adding to the visual appeal of both models.

Physically, the 2024 NX400 boasts larger dimensions, measuring 2150 × 830 × 1390mm compared to the CBR400R’s 2080 × 760 × 1145mm frame. The NX400 also features a longer wheelbase of 1435mm, while the CBR400R measures 1410mm. Additionally, the NX400 offers superior ground clearance at 150mm, compared to the CBR400R’s 130mm.

Weighing in at 5kg heavier than its counterpart, the NX400 tips the scales at 191kg.

Wheel specifications differ as well, with the NX400 sporting 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, while the CBR400R opts for 17-inch wheels on both ends.

Both models feature a braking setup comprising double discs at the front and a single disc at the rear, ensuring optimal stopping power. Furthermore, the inclusion of features such as the Showa SFF-BP inverted fork and assist and slipper clutch further enhances the riding experience, building upon the foundations laid by their predecessors.

Both models also run on the same Honda 399cc, NC65E water-cooled, twin-cylinder engine. Both bikes offer the same amount of power – 46PS and 38Nm of torque, and the same gearbox with identical gearing. They also share the same 17 litre fuel tank. So the real question is whether you like to ride sitting up or a more aggressive sportier sitting position.

Full specifications are available below, and as for pricing, the CBR400R is priced at 863,500 (RM27,526) Yen while the NX400 is priced at 891,000 Yen (RM28,403). All prices do not include local taxes and are subject to change in your local market.


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