Brembo Hypure Caliper to Debut

The new Brembo Hypure caliper is set to debut later this year.

What is there to say about the brand, Brembo? Even non-motorcycle enthusiasts already know the brand, so much so that some even refer to ANY brake caliper as “Brembo.” So, we might as well just skip the brand introduction and go right to this product.

The Brembo Hypure is fully intended for high-end supersport bikes. Conversely the earlier Stylema had been used on all types of bikes from supersports to even dual-purpose bikes. As such, what the Hypure delivers is a  combination braking power, better feel at the lever, and light weight.

Highlights of the Brembo Hypure:
  • 10% lighter weight than the competition. Weight savings in this area means your bike has less unsprung mass, hence less inertia to contend with, resulting in better handling.
  • Brembo says this was achieved by their experience and new design tools to distribute aluminium in the right places.
  • Consequently, stiffness remains the same despite lower weight, and improved cooling.
  • Reduces pad wear through a new spring, pad, and pin system, besides a specially crafted bearing surface between the caliper and pads.
  • The company says that with this system, the pads move without resistance toward the disc at the start of braking. When the lever is released, the pads move away quickly from the disc to reduce friction.


The Brembo Hypure was teased at EICMA last year and will be fitted as original equipment to a new and upcoming supersport motorcycle. Speculation is it will either be on the 2025 KTM 990 RC R or Yamaha YZF-R9, or even both.

Anyhow, our advice is to use special locking bolts for your motorcycle’s brake calipers.

KTM 990 RC R Incoming!

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