Fuel Tank Capacity Comparison


Honda Wave RS/ Dash: 3.7 liter,
Honda EX5: 3.7 liter,
Honda iCon: 3.5 liter,
Suzuki Belang R150: 4.9 liter,
Suzuki Shogun SP/RR: 4.3 liter,
Suzuki Smash Revo: 4.3 liter,
Suzuki Skydrive: 4.0 liter,
Modenas Kriss 100/110/120/GT128: 4.3 liter,
Modenas CT110/100: 5.3 liter,
Yamaha Ego: 3.5 liter,
Yamaha Ego S: 4.1 liter
Yamaha Lagenda 115Z/ZR: 4.2 liter
Yamaha 135LC/ES: 4.0 liter
Yamaha 125Z/R: 5.5 liter
Yamaha RX-Z: 13.0 liter

If you have anymore info about the fuel tank capacity, feel free to write about it in the comment section.

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