– Zontes E125 merupakan model terkini daripada pengeluar China yang semakin popular.

– E125 didesain untuk memberikan keselesaan maksimum.

– Dilengkapi dengan enjin 125cc, penyejukan cecair, dan silinder empat injap.

– Sistem Injeksi Bahan Bakar Elektronik MSE 8.0 dari Bosch menambah kecekapan enjin.

– Panel pemuka berteknologi tinggi termasuk paparan TFT berwarna penuh.

– Sistem pemantauan tekanan tayar dan bacaan suhu atmosfera turut disertakan.

– Casis E125 mempunyai fork depan teleskopik standard dan dua suspensi belakang dengan preload yang boleh disesuaikan.

– Sistem brek cakera hadapan dan belakang dilengkapi dengan ABS dua saluran.

– Lampu hadapan LED enam fokus menyediakan cahaya terang.

– Windscreen elektronik yang boleh disesuaikan dan penjaga tangan ditambah untuk perlindungan tambahan.

– E125 dijangka tiba di pasaran dunia pada akhir Januari 2024 dengan harga sekitar RM19,254.

– Tiada maklumat tentang bila model ini akan masuk Malaysia.

The market for maxi-scooters is expanding, with new models continually entering the fray. Among the latest offerings is the E125 from Zontes, a Chinese manufacturer fast gaining traction not only in Malaysia but on the global stage as well. Zontes positions the E125 as an entry-level contender in the maxi-scooter domain, sharing its platform with the larger E350 model.

Focusing on rider comfort for both short commutes and long journeys, Zontes emphasizes the E125’s ergonomic design, aiming to blend comfort with a hint of sportiness. Powering the scooter is a compact 125cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a four-valve cylinder head, generating 14.6 horsepower. Enhancing performance and efficiency, Bosch’s MSE 8.0 Electronic Fuel Injection system ensures smooth and reliable operation.

Technological features are abundant in the E125, including a full-colour TFT display offering four modes and Screen Mirroring capability for comprehensive ride information. Additionally, a tire pressure monitoring system and ambient temperature readout contribute to rider awareness and safety. The scooter’s suspension duties include telescopic front forks and a dual rear shock assembly with adjustable preload.

Safety is provided by front and rear disc brakes supplemented by dual-channel ABS. Illuminating the path ahead is a six-focus LED headlight, accompanied by a built-in DRL to enhance visibility to other road users. Moreover, the scooter boasts an electronically adjustable windscreen and handguards for added wind protection.

Set to debut in global showrooms by late January 2024, the Zontes E125 offers an enticing proposition at an MSRP of 19,254 Malaysian Ringgit but that might change if and when the E125 hits the Malaysian market.

Zontes Malaysia launched the ZT350E in 2023, so with the company switching its attention to commuters, the 125 could just find its way here.

Zontes dikatakan akan memulakan tahun baru 2024 dengan model terbaru iaitu 500T. Model jenis adventure-tourer ni dijangka keluar pasaran pada awal tahun 2024 dengan dua versi – satu dengan roda aloi untuk jalan raya, satu lagi dengan roda spoke untuk prestasi off-road yang lebih baik.

Enjin Zontes 500T pula adalah jenis satu-silinder, 498cc dengan penyejukan cecair dan 51 tenaga kuda dan 50 Nm tork.

Tapi, sebab enjin dia satu-silinder, mungkin akan ada sedikit getaran. Zontes kata, top speed adalah 180 kilometer sejam.

Dari segi design pula, Zontes 500T berinspirasi moto adventure biasa dengan badan bersudut, skrin tinggi, dan palang keselamatan di sisi.

Roda depan 19 inci, roda belakang 17 inci, dengan tayar dwi-jalanan. Kalau nak guna jalan raya je, ada versi dengan roda 17 inci depan dan belakang. Suspensi adalah fork terbalik dan monoshock di belakang, dengan cakera depan berkembar dan cakera belakang tunggal.

Harga dan bila boleh beli, Zontes belum bagitahu lagi. Tapi harga akan lebih murah dari motosikal Jepun dan Eropah.

If there is still any doubt in your mind about the capability of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers, it would probably be best to remove it entirely. Take Zontes for example, it is fast emerging as a formidable contender aiming for prominence in the international arena.

Zontes’ latest release is strategically targeting the lucrative entry-level middleweight segment, which typically falls within the 300cc to 500cc displacement range.

The new Zontes 500 T adopts the form of an adventure-tourer and is anticipated to hit the global market in 2024. The Zontes 500 T will come in two versions – one featuring alloy wheels for a road-focused experience and another with wire-spoke wheels for enhanced off-road performance.

Powering the Zontes 500 T is a 498cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. Generating an impressive 51 horsepower and 50 Nm of torque, this places the bike ahead in power compared to its parallel-twin-equipped counterparts within a similar displacement range.

However, owing to its single-cylinder configuration, some vibrations can be expected. Zontes claims a top speed of 180km/h for the 500 T.

In terms of aesthetics, Zontes uses the standard adventure bike design. The 500 T features angular bodywork, a tall windscreen, and crash bars on the sides for added protection in case of a tip-over. The off-road-inspired design is accentuated by a front beak.

The bike rides on a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel with dual-purpose rubber, while the road-focused variant opts for 17-inch wheels both front and back. Suspension is handled by an inverted front fork and a mid-mounted monoshock, with braking managed by twin front discs and a single rear disc.

As of now, Zontes has not disclosed the pricing and availability details for the 500 T. It is likely to enter the European market in 2024, leveraging the brand’s established distribution network in countries such as France, Germany, and Italy. Given the trend among Chinese-made motorcycles, the 500 T is expected to offer an attractive price point, undercutting its Japanese and European counterparts significantly.

Zontes Malaysia has just rolled out its latest offerings for the urban commuting and touring enthusiasts with the introduction of the Zontes 350D and Zontes 350E scooters.

  • Tailored to cater to the needs of the middle-class rider, these new additions are set to make a mark in the two-wheeler market.
  • The Zontes 350D and 350E are now available in Malaysia priced at RM23,800 and RM25,800 respectively, these scooters offer an enticing blend of performance, style, and practicality.


Under the hood, the 350D and 350E share a common heart – a robust liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine boasting a displacement of 349 cc.

*Zontes 350D

Fueled by advanced electronic fuel injection (EFI), this power plant delivers an impressive 36 horsepower and 38 Nm of torque, ensuring a spirited yet efficient ride. Power is seamlessly transmitted to the rear wheel via a continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox and belt drive system, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience on the road.

*Zontes 350E


In terms of design and features, the Zontes 350D and 350E exude distinct personalities while sharing a common DNA. The 350D, weighing in at 190 kg, offers a choice of two sleek color options – silver or black. Its 12-liter fuel tank provides an estimated 400 km travel range in Eco mode, making it a reliable companion for daily commuting and short rides.

On the other hand, the 350E, tipping the scales at 203 kg, boasts a longer 1,565 mm wheelbase and a bigger 16L fuel tank, which leans towards enhancing its touring capabilities. Touring enthusiasts will appreciate the generous underseat storage space, accommodating up to two full-face helmets, totaling a substantial 50 liters.

Additionally, the 350E features twin water-resistant pockets in the front cowl, offering a collective two-liter capacity for stowing away essentials.

Both models come equipped with keyless start functionality, further enhancing convenience. The electronically adjustable windshield adapts to varying riding conditions, while the dual 18W USB charging ports, catering to both Type A and Type C connections, ensure that riders stay connected on the go.

The cockpit experience is enriched by a full-color TFT-LCD screen with mobile phone mirroring capability, adding a modern touch to the rider’s interface.

Safety and performance are paramount in the Zontes 350D and 350E. Braking duties are handled by J.Juan radial-mount four-piston brake calipers paired with brake discs both at the front and rear.

The two-channel ABS system comes as standard, providing confident stopping power. The riding suite is further enhanced with features such as traction control, tire pressure monitoring, and comprehensive LED lighting all around, ensuring optimal visibility and control.

Eurotech Wheel Distribution selaku pengedar rasmi jenama motosikal Zontes di Malaysia dengan rasminya memperkenalkan Zontes 350E untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga jualan rasmi RM25,800.

Menariknya, Zontes 350E ini memasuki pasaran tempatan hanya beberapa bulan selepas pelancaran global pada Mei 2023. 

Diberi jolokan sebagai skuter kembara (touring), Zontes 350E ini dikuasakan enjin satu silinder 349cc dengan sistem penyejukan cecair yang berupaya menghasilkan 37hp pada 7,500rpm dan 38Nm pada 6,000rpm. Seperti skuter konvesional lain, 350E ini juga menawarkan transmisi CVT. 

Menariknya, sebagai sebuah skuter maxi yang sporty, model ini juga dilengkapi dengan sistem ‘traction control’ dan dua mod menunggang (riding mode). 

Dari sudut rekaan, Zontes 350E ini dilengkapi dengan lampu LED penuh dan dipadankan bersama panel badan yang sporty. Bukan itu sahaja, ketinggian enghadang angin juga boleh diubah secara elektronik dan ketika dalam keadaan bergerak. 

Secara keseluruhan 350E ini juga cukup panjang dengan jarak antara tayar (wheelbase) sekitar 1,565mm sama seperti pesaing lain dalam kelasnya antaranya BMW C 400 X dan C 400 GT. Selain itu, tangki berkapasiti 16L juga menjanjikan perbatuan yang tinggi. 

Ruang letak barang bawah tempat duduk pula boleh menempatkan dua helmet bersazi penuh (full-face) sekaligus cukup praktikal sekiranya mahu membawa barangan yang banyak.

Aspek elektronik pula merangkumi ‘heated grip’, handlebar boleh laras dan panel meter TFT berwarna yang menawrkan ciri TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) dan sistem tanpa kunci (keyless). 

Dalam perkembangan sama, Zontes Malaysia turut memperkenalkan skuter maxi 350E untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga jualan rasmi RM23,800.

Ini bukan kali pertama laporan tentang Zontes sedang membangunkan enjin tiga silinder 800cc diterbitkan. Ini kerana hampir tiga tahun Zontes telah mencanangkan projek tersebut.

Bulan lalu juga timbul rakaman video yang memaparkan sebuah motosikal jenis adventure sedang menjalani ujian dan bunyi dihasilkan jelas merujuk kepada enjin tiga silinder. 

Namun, perkembangan terbaru mendapati Zontes bercadang untuk menggunakan platform terbaru itu bagi membangunkan tiga model berlainan yang merangkumi sebuah sportbike, naked dan adventure. 

Apa yang menarik, Motorrad Online berjaya mendapatkan gambar enjin tiga silinder daripada Zontes dan membandingkan dengan enjin tiga silinder CP3 milik Yamaha. Berdasarkan pemantauan, kedua-duanya tampak sama sekaligus memberi bayangan enjin Zontes itu mengambil ‘inspirasi’ daripada CP3 Yamaha. 

*Perbandingan antara enjin tiga silinder Zontes dan CP3 Yamaha.

Teknik ‘reverse engineering’ ini bukanlah perkara baru kerana satu lagi pengeluar China, Loncin, turut melakukan perkara sama dengan enjin Honda CB500X. 

Walaupun tiada maklumat terperinci ketika ini namun kami menjangkakan ketiga-tiga model Zontes tersebut akan tampil dengan reka bentuk moden dan futuristik seperti model sedia ada. 

Imej render yang dikongsikan sebelum ini juga memberi bayangan kasar akan reka bentuk yang akan dihasilkan. 

Apa yang pasti, pengeluar motosikal China sudah mula mengorak langkah dalam penghasilan jentera berkuasa tinggi. Jenama lain seperti CFMoto dan QJ Motor juga telah memulakan langkah lebih awal dengan masing-masing turut mendapat kepercayaan daripada jenama Barat  seperti KTM dan Harley-Davidson. 

Jadi tidak hairanlah Zontes bakal menjadi pengeluar China seterusnya yang akan turut memperkenalkan barisan motosikal berkuasa tinggi tidak lama lagi. Kami juga tidak terkejut jika beberapa model ini akan membuat penampilan di EICMA, November ini. 

Tidak dinafikan, Yamaha TMax merupakan motosikal yang telah menetapkan petanda aras dalam segmen skuter maxi. 

Ketika diperkenalkan julung kalinya pada 2001, Yamaha TMax merupakan skuter terbesar pernah dihasilkan dengan kapasiti enjin 500cc sebelum generasi terbaru yang diperkenalkan tahun lalu menyaksikan TMax kini dikuasakan platform 560cc. 

*Yamaha TMAX 560

Ekoran daripada populariti TMax, pengeluar motosikal dunia juga mula melahirkan skuter berkapasiti besar antaranya Honda X-ADV/Forza 750, Suzuki Burgman 400, Aprilia SRV 850 dan SYM Maxsym TL500. 

Kini, segmen tersebut bakal dimeriahkan dengan sebuah lagi skuter maxi 500cc menerusi Zontes ZT500. 

Bagaimanapun, ketika kebanyakan skuter atas 500cc bernadikan enjin dua silinder, Zontes ZT500 pula dikuasakan enjin satu silinder. Meskipun begitu, skuter tersebut masih berupaya menghasilkan kuasa yang tinggi dengan 46hp dan 53Nm, hanya 1.6hp dan 2.7Nm kurang daripada TMax 560. 

Namun, dengan berbekalkan satu silinder pastinya tahap gegaran ZT500 lebih dirasai berbanding TMax. 

Sementara itu, Zontes turut mendakwa ZT500 mampu merekodkan kelajuan maksima sekitar 160km/j. Namun, kami berasakan dengan kelajuan seperti itu, gegaran yang dihasilkan pasti ketara. 

Apa yang pasti, Zontes ZT500 datang dengan rekaan yang moden dan ‘sporty’ mirip dengan Zontes ZT350E. Pada masa sama, ZT500 juga datang dengan kelengkapan premium termasuk kaliper brek J.Juan, ABS dwi-saluran, rim 15-inci depan dan belakang yang dipadankan bersama tayar 120/70 depan dan 160/60 belakang. Tak cukup dengan itu ZT500 ini juga datang dengan tangki 17L. 

Zontes Malaysia telah pun melancarkan model scrambler, ZT155G pada penghujung tahun lalu. 

Model tersebut bingkas mencuri tumpuan ekoran menawarkan tangki 20L selain menampilkan rekaan ala scrambler yang menarik.

Bagaimanapun, untuk pasaran tempatan, Zontes ZT155G tersebut didatangkan dengan rim aloi maka menjadikan penggunaan motosikal tersebut lebih sesuai untuk tungggangan di jalan raya. 

Namun, berita baik bagi pemilik ZT155G yang mahu menaik taraf kepada rim ‘spoke’ (lidi) kerana Zontes Malaysia menawarkan beberapa aksesori tambahan bagi motosikal tersebut.

Berdasarkan perkongsian oleh Zontes Malaysia, terdapat beberapa aksesori tambahan yang ditawarkan termasuk:

  • top box (RM2,175)
  • handguard assembly set (RM137.20)
  • rear splash guard (RM473.80)
  • headlight cover (RM94.25)
  • front disc brake protective cover (RM133.90)
  • front fender extension (RM82)
  • fornt fender extension front section (RM127.60)
  • spoke wheel (depan dan belakang) (RM3,944.90)

Bagaimanapun, aksesori paling menarik perhatian adalah rim spoke (lidi) yang ditawarkan pihak Zontes Malaysia.

Ini kerana rim spoke tersebut menyerlahkan lagi elemen scrambler pada ZT155G selain daripada meningkatkan tahap kelasakan motosikal terbabit jika mahu menunggang off-road. 

Untuk rekod, Zontes ZT155G digerakan enjin 155cc satu silinder 4-injap SOHC dengan penyejukan cecair yang menawarkan 18.8hp pada 9,250rpm dan 16Nm pada 7,500rpm dan dipadankan bersama transmisi 6-kelajuan.

Zontes ZT155G boleh didapati dipengedar tempatan dengan harga RM12,000.

Zontes is prepping to launch a new range of motorcycles after completing development of its triple-cylinder engine.

  • Zontes officially completes its triple-cylinder engine development.
  • The new project was announced back in June 2021. 


The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer announced its ambitious plans back in June 2021. The announcement was a part of the company effort to take on the likes of Yamaha and Triumph with its own triple-cylinder powertrain.

With a number of Chinese brand already penetrating the big bike segment, Zontes also wants a piece of the cake after spending much of its time on the lower end of the engine range with its 310cc motorcycles.

Nevertheless, Zontes is ready to climb up the scale after completing the new engine development and showing it off to the public as proof.

Frankly, we like at what we are seeing as the new engine is more of an innovation instead of tracing existing design from other manufacturers. 

Also, this is a proof that Zontes is working on something solid, further hinting its plan to become a new contender in a segment that features established line up.

As for which models that could feature the new engine is still unclear but looking at other Chinese counterpart including CFMoto and QJ Motor, we assume one of the new model could be an adventure-type motorcycle. 

Chinese motorcycle company, Zontes is set to penetrate the Indian market by introducing five new models.

  • Zontes to introduce five new models in India.
  • the 310 X and 310 T could be among the models. 

While some Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are only trying to make money by producing obscure copycats version of an established brand, there are those who are serious about contributing to the global industry.

Brands like QJMotor and CFMOTO are the best examples of Chinese two-wheel companies that are really developing affordable yet reliable motorcycles for the global market.

As such, Zontes is next in line to bring affordable – but not necessarily cheaply made – motorcycles to a new market.

While the brand has already established itself in Asian countries, Zontes is ready to take the next big step by infiltrating the world’s biggest motorcycle market, India.

To do so, Zontes will release five models in India, mainly ranging from 125cc to 310cc. According to reports, a few of those could be the 310 X and 310T2 tourers which is likely to do well in India.

Moreover, the 310 series will go up against the ever-popular Indian-made KTM 390 range. This could well be the main objective for Zontes, offering a cheaper option than the KTM 390 model in the country.

Zontes Malaysia has officially launched the ZT155-G, ZT155-U and ZT155-U1 for the local market.

Priced at RM10,888, all three models come with different designs and features committed to fulfilling the needs of riders in the country.

Interestingly, all three variant shares the same (now Euro5) 155cc single-cylinder and water-cooled engine that makes 18.8hp @ 9,250rpm
and 16Nm @ 7,500rpm.

Zontes ZT155-G

The ZT155-G caught our attention the most as the scrambler-type motorcycle not only comes with modern technology but also a massive 20L fuel tank.

Zontes claimed the ZT155-G can easily reach a distance of 1000km on a full tank, making it the ultimate daily commuter motorcycle for the public.

The ZT155-G also features a slipper clutch, crash bar, digital speedometer, two riding modes (Eco, Sport), forged handguard, two fast-charging USB ports, and dual-channel ABS.

Zontes ZT155-U

Unlike the ZT155-G that brings a neo-retro look, the ZT155-U is a naked bike.

Despite missing out on the massive 20L tank, its 12.5L tank is still huge in comparison to other models in the 155cc segment.

The ZT155-U features a radical design similar to its bigger sibling, the ZT310-R.

It also comes equipped with an all-LED light, digital tachometer, rear-hugger, two riding modes (Eco and Sport), slipper clutch, forged handguard, dual fast-charging USB port and dual ABS.

Interestingly, its 830mm seat height helps to create similar riding ergonomics to a bigger capacity motorcycle. Thanks to a kerb weight of just 117kg, the ZT155-U is definitely an easy bike to handle.

Zontes ZT155-U1

According to Zontes Malaysia, the ZT155-U1 is a fun mini-motard motorcycle.

While it shares the same simple steel cradle frame and body panels as the ZT155-U, the U1 comes with additional features to make it a motard.

At the front sits a long beak to create the motard-ish look while the wheels are fitted with knobby tires to increase the bike capabilities off-road.

The ZT155-U1 also misses out on the 20L and shares the same 12.5L fuel tank as the ZT155-U.

Interestingly, the ZT155-U1 comes in three colour options, Yellow, Orange and Red.

The entire range of ZT155 is now available at all 11 authorised dealers in Malaysia.


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