Zontes Malaysia Introduces New 350cc Maxi-Scooter Twin – From RM23,800

Zontes Malaysia has just rolled out its latest offerings for the urban commuting and touring enthusiasts with the introduction of the Zontes 350D and Zontes 350E scooters.

  • Tailored to cater to the needs of the middle-class rider, these new additions are set to make a mark in the two-wheeler market.
  • The Zontes 350D and 350E are now available in Malaysia priced at RM23,800 and RM25,800 respectively, these scooters offer an enticing blend of performance, style, and practicality.


Under the hood, the 350D and 350E share a common heart – a robust liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine boasting a displacement of 349 cc.

*Zontes 350D

Fueled by advanced electronic fuel injection (EFI), this power plant delivers an impressive 36 horsepower and 38 Nm of torque, ensuring a spirited yet efficient ride. Power is seamlessly transmitted to the rear wheel via a continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox and belt drive system, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience on the road.

*Zontes 350E


In terms of design and features, the Zontes 350D and 350E exude distinct personalities while sharing a common DNA. The 350D, weighing in at 190 kg, offers a choice of two sleek color options – silver or black. Its 12-liter fuel tank provides an estimated 400 km travel range in Eco mode, making it a reliable companion for daily commuting and short rides.

On the other hand, the 350E, tipping the scales at 203 kg, boasts a longer 1,565 mm wheelbase and a bigger 16L fuel tank, which leans towards enhancing its touring capabilities. Touring enthusiasts will appreciate the generous underseat storage space, accommodating up to two full-face helmets, totaling a substantial 50 liters.

Additionally, the 350E features twin water-resistant pockets in the front cowl, offering a collective two-liter capacity for stowing away essentials.

Both models come equipped with keyless start functionality, further enhancing convenience. The electronically adjustable windshield adapts to varying riding conditions, while the dual 18W USB charging ports, catering to both Type A and Type C connections, ensure that riders stay connected on the go.

The cockpit experience is enriched by a full-color TFT-LCD screen with mobile phone mirroring capability, adding a modern touch to the rider’s interface.

Safety and performance are paramount in the Zontes 350D and 350E. Braking duties are handled by J.Juan radial-mount four-piston brake calipers paired with brake discs both at the front and rear.

The two-channel ABS system comes as standard, providing confident stopping power. The riding suite is further enhanced with features such as traction control, tire pressure monitoring, and comprehensive LED lighting all around, ensuring optimal visibility and control.

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