2025 KTM 450 Rally Replica Launched

The KTM 450 Rally Replica is the closest the buying public can get to a factory-kitted race bike as one can get, and it has proven to be popular. Now, the 2025 KTM 450 Rally Replica has been launched, with the biggest changes since its introduction in 2020.

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Up until recently, KTM is the force to be reckoned with in motorcycle rallies (in the 450cc, class). They have since won the Dakar Rally 19 times since 2001. But Honda has since made inroads to this dominance for the last two years, and it is high time for the Austrian brand to move the goalposts.

Changes for the 2025 KTM 450 Rally Replica ranges from the powertrain and right through the chassis.

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  • The single-cylinder 450cc engine gets a new cylinder head (still SOHC, though), reinforced clutch, and a strengthened transmission.
  • The radiator is now double-sided.
  • Engine frame guard at the rear near the engine mounts. The sections of this guard were laser-cut and hydro-formed, then welded by hand at KTM Motorsports.
  • According to KTM, the frame features “specifically calculated” longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics, but “maintains exceptional” rider feedback, bump absorption, and straight-line stability. That is a lot of different parameters from the frame.
  • Biggest change here is the absence of a “traditional” rear subframe. Instead, the new bike uses its new self-supporting 16-litre fuel tank as the subframe.
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  • Speaking of fuel, the 16-litres at the back, combined with one front 9-litre tank, and another with 9.5-litres means the 2025 model can carry 34.5 litres in total.
  • Up front are WP Xact Pro 7548 closed cartridge cone valved 48mm diameter forks, clamped in new 23mm offset CNC-machined triple clamp, plus a Scotts steering damper.
  • The rear is supended by a WP Xact Pro 7750 shock, which acts on a new die-cast hollow aluminium swingarm.
  • Up in the cockpit, the navigation tower takes centre stage behind a redesigned fairing.
  • New LED lighting to improve output by 33%.

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