WD-40 Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has appointed Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd as the new Malaysian distributor.

The Bun Seng Group will be in charge of sales and distribution network here in the country.

Apart from their famous blue can, they also have WD-40 Automotive Specialist for cars and motorcycles as well as the new WD-40 Bike for bicycles.

As part of their global plan to expand their brand in the Southeast Asia region, WD-40 has appointed Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd as their new marketing distributor here in Malaysia. All of the sales and distribution networks will now be handled by Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd to further promote all products under the WD-40 brand. (more…)


  • Sewaktu festival tiga hari Motonation 2017 yang telah diadakan di PICC, Putrajaya, WD-40® telah memperagakan keseluruhan produk tawaran mereka yang amat menakjubkan.
  • Rangkaian WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive telah ditonjolkan sepanjang demonstrasi yang telah dilakukan ke atas KTM 1290 Super Adventure T.
  • Rangkaian itu terdiri daripada Chain Lube, Belt Dressing, Machine & Engine Degreaser, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner serta Brake & Parts Cleaner.


During the three-day Motonation 2017 festival held at PICC Putrajaya, WD-40® showcased all of their amazing products on offer.

The WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive range was highlighted through demonstrations performed on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure T.

The range includes Chain Lube, Belt Dressing, Machine & Engine Degrease, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner and finally Brake & Parts Cleaner.

During the recent Motonation 2017 festival held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), there were many established companies who showcased all their goods and services to all those who attend. Mixed in with all the big names and manufacturers was WD-40® and their line-up of amazing products and lubricants. (more…)


  • Di antara pelbagai syarikat yang telah hadir di festival Motonation 2017, ada beberapa yang telah menarik perhatian kami.
  • Terdapat pelbagai syarikat yang telah hadir sewaktu acara berkenaan namun syarikat-syarikat ini adalah khusus untuk pengguna motosikal.
  • Kami berharap lebih banyak lagi syarikat yang lain akan menghadiri festival Motonation yang akan datang.


  • Among the many vendors during Motonation 2017, a few caught our attention.

  • There were many vendors during the event but these catered specifically to motorcycle users.

  • We hope to see more in the next edition of Motonation.

As we reported earlier, the Motonation 2017 finale saw the participation of motorcycle manufacturers, besides automotive-related distributors, suppliers and vendors of every kind. (Click here for the report.)

The most prominent in terms of motorcycle products, however, were X-1R, WD-40 and Modenas.

Modenas’ main pavilion in Hall A was erected over a large area and consisted of their latest motorcycles, including the massively successful Pulsar RS200 and NS200, the latter mounted in a wheelie position as part of the photo booth.

More significantly, Modenas also displayed the customized V15 bikes for the SUPER MOD contest (as part of the Bakat Besi competition). The bikes were then judged by AMD Showmaster, Neil Blaber, who also judged the Motonation custom bikes competition.

Modenas also had a smaller booth at the mall area, next to the main stage. Here, they displayed the Cub Prix race bikes. Their riders made a short demo run during the official launching of the event on Saturday.

X-1R’s booth in Hall A were fully converted to reflect on the lubricant specialist’s famous yellow corporate colour and theme. X-1R supplies lubricants and engine maintenance products, hence their unique products in little bottles were displayed on oil drums painted yellow, that had the front portion removed to form display stands.

Products included the Octane Booster, Small Engine Treatment, Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Flush, Petrol System Treatment and many more.

There were two driving simulators for visitors to try their hands on. There was also a custom bike by Bigcat Customs being displayed centrally and prominently at the booth. Other activities included a huge 50% promotion for their products and visitors stood the chance to win special gifts by spinning a “wheel of fortune.”

Over to Hall B was WD-40, the infamous multipurpose penetrating oil. WD-40 was running a special promotion for the original yellow and blue can product, starting from just RM10 for the smallest can to just RM12 for the largest!

However, WD-40 had also introduced a new line of maintenance and cleaning products during the event, which they had demonstrated their effectiveness in cleaning a KTM 1290 Super Adventure T. The 2-year-old bike looked spanking new when they were through with it.

The products included the Engine Degreaser, Parts Cleaner, Chain Lube and so forth.


  • WD-40 telah mencipta satu rangkaian produk WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive bagi membantu anda membersihkan motosikal kesayangan anda dengan cekap.
  • Ianya terdiri daripada pembersih ‘throttle body, carb & choke’, ‘machine & engine degreaser’, pembersih ‘brake & parts’, ‘belt dressing’, dan pelincir rantai.
  • Rangkaian WD-40® Specialist™ telah diformulasikan untuk prestasi maksimum, kecekapan serta kebersihan optimum.


The folks over at WD-40 have created a range of WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive products to help clean your beloved motorcycles efficiently.

It consists of a throttle body, carb & choke cleaner, machine & engine degreaser, brake & parts cleaner, belt dressing and chain lube.

The WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive range was formulated for maximum performance, efficiency and optimum cleanliness.

Ah yes, the ever reliable blue can filled with high levels of magic and wonders that is WD-40® has been long regarded as the go-to product for all sorts of tasks. From lubricating moving parts to removing sticker stains on windows, there are a lot of things you can do with a can of WD-40®. (more…)

  • WD-40 cukup terkenal kerana keserbagunaanya.
  • Mereka juga telah mengkhususkan diri dalam penghasilan produk penembus dan pelincir yang sesuai digunakan dalam penyelenggaraan motosikal.
  • WD-40 juga telah melancarkan sebuah rangkaian khusus untuk motosikal yang dinamakan “Specialist Motorbike”.


WD-40 is well-known for almost all uses.

They are also specialized in making penetrant and lubricant products that are perfect for motorcycle maintenance.

WD-40 has also launched a whole range of motorcycle specific products called “Specialist Motorbike”

The name WD-40 has been so synonymous with motorcycle riders and mechanics that we seem to just reach out for the blue and yellow can and spray it on whenever and wherever we needed it, without much thought. (more…)

  • WD-40 cukup terkenal sebagai produk yang berkualiti tinggi dan produk terbaru mereka, WD-40® Specialist ™ Automotive telah diformulasi secara khas bagi menjaga motosikal kesayangan anda dan juga kenderaan-kenderaan yang lain.
  • Siri rangkaian produk terkini dari mereka ini terdiri daripada WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive Machine & Engine Degreaser, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner, Brake & Parts Cleaner, Chain Lube dan Belt Dressing Lubricant.
  • Produk-produk ini telah disasarkan khusus bagi memastikan pengendalian yang lancar motosikal kesayangan anda di samping memanjangkan tempoh hayatnya.


WD-40 is known for superior products and their latest WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive are specially formulated to take care of your beloved motorcycles and other vehicles.

Their latest series of products range from the WD-40® Specialist™ Automotive Machine & Engine Degreaser, Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner, Brake & Parts Cleaner, Chain Lube and Belt Dressing Lubricant.

These products are targeted specifically to ensure smooth operations of your precious two-wheelers as well as prolonging their life spans.

Did you know that there’s entire range of WD-40® products specifically formulated to provide to best love and care for your beloved motorcycles? As good and responsible motorcycle owners, maintaining your two-wheelers with the upmost care is not just for show but also how safe they run while riding on the open roads. (more…)


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