WD-40 appoints new Malaysian distributor

WD-40 Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has appointed Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd as the new Malaysian distributor.

The Bun Seng Group will be in charge of sales and distribution network here in the country.

Apart from their famous blue can, they also have WD-40 Automotive Specialist for cars and motorcycles as well as the new WD-40 Bike for bicycles.

As part of their global plan to expand their brand in the Southeast Asia region, WD-40 has appointed Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd as their new marketing distributor here in Malaysia. All of the sales and distribution networks will now be handled by Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd to further promote all products under the WD-40 brand.

The WD-40 Multi-Use product or more commonly referred to as the famous blue can is already a household name and this new Malaysian distribution appointment will hopefully promote their other line of products which are the WD-40 Automotive Specialist for cars and motorcycles as well as the new WD-40 Bike for bicycles.

The new partnership is expecting over two million cans sales in 2018 which translates to a 15% increase compared to last year’s figures. With a brand new team, the aggressive push towards marketing their range of products will start in Malaysia and other countries in the Southeast Asia region.

According to Mr Wong Kian Wah, Managing Director of Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd, “It is a great honour for all of us in Bun Seng Group, having been entrusted by such a reputable global company to market its product in the Malaysian market. I am confident that the WD-40 range of products would be placed at the shelve spaces of our nationwide distribution channels ensuring that it could meet consumer demand at all material time.”

The Regional Director-Asia of WD-40 Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Mr Marcus Chen said “We are honoured to be associated with Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd, our new marketing distributor and a leading nationwide branded and quality hardware distributor in the country. I have every confidence in Bun Seng, as with their extensive distribution network, we would be able to further increase the distribution and market penetration of WD-40 products, especially our flagship brand WD-40 Multi-Use Product in Malaysia.”

All our beloved readers and followers should know that other than their famous blue can which is a must in every household, their WD-40 Automotive Specialist products were formulated to further optimise the performance of your motorcycles and cars. Products such as chain lube, belt dressing and many more are all specialised in all sorts of automotive uses and needs.

For our bicycle riding friends, they’ve also brought in their latest WD-40 Bike range where the products are specially made for the use on bicycles. From cleaning to lubricating, WD-40 will surely be one of the go-to brands not only for that famous blue can but other purposes as well thanks to their extensive range of specialised products.

To know more, head over to the WD-40 Malaysia official Facebook page.

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