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If you are an ultimate Valentino Rossi fan, this could be the chance for you to pick up something unique from the legendary Italian MotoGP racer.

  • the Day of Champions is an auction event held to raised money for Riders for Health. 
  • Ross’s final chequered flag from the 2021 Valencia GP is up for grabs.

The Day of Champions auction will return to full capacity this year at the British GP, which takes place at the iconic Silverstone next weekend.

Taking place on Thursday – a day before MotoGP’s official free practice session – the Day of Champions auction give fans the opportunity to get up close to riders ahead of the race and bid on racing memorabilia.

Organized by Two Wheels for Life, the fundraising entity will use the money raised during the auction for Riders for Health, who will then use the fund to help their efforts in helping healthcare workers in Africa.

So what’s in store for prospective bidders? Firstly, the bike which Alessandro Botturi won the Tunisia Desert Challenge this year, the Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid, is up for auction.

Secondly, the chequered flag, which marks Rossi’s final race at the 2021 Valencia GP, is also up for grabs.

Also on the list are the helmet Kenny Roberts wore at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year and a Ducati MotoX2 two-seater experience which allows you to experience the thrill of a MotoGP rider going around the track.

Other unique memorabilia for auction is Bagnaia’s signed race gloves and Jack Miller’s boots.

Retired MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi named Sporting Icon Of The Year at Laureus World Sports Awards 2022.



AGV helmets are arguably among the masters at consistent improvements in every aspect of aerodynamics without compromising comfort and safety to graphics.

The brand has a well deserved reputation for its innovative designs and materials, tested on the racetrack and developed with big names such as Giacomo Agostini and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

Continuing its legacy, AGV has introduced the Pista GP RR Special Edition Futuro evolving from its predecessor, the Pista GP RR which is the closest that anyone can get to a MotoGP level helmet.

Made by forged carbon fiber with a weave pattern, the Futuro features a new shell for advanced protection and a sharp edged spoiler that contributes to the helmet’s aerodynamics.

AGV states that the overlapped, choppy “carbonio forgiato” matte finish design offers more than racing looks.

In fact, the extreme 100 % carbon fiber shell guarantees extraordinary lightness and ensures a greater energy absorption at impact. Speaking of its safety level, the Futuro has earned FIM homologation for world championship competition.

AGV also included improvements that are at the cutting edge of race technology. As a result, the Futuro has a futuristic shell with its Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) including five large front metal vents matched in cyan blue colour and two rear air extractors.

A properly fitting helmet is a must and considered essential for every rider. AGV’s 360° Adaptive Fit system allows the wearer to control and customize the interior at ideal thickness for the rider’s upper head and cheeks support.

From the front, the faceshield is equipped with a top-rated optical class 1 rating, offering a horizontal view of 190 degrees and a vertical view of 85 degrees. Besides, the faceshield is a solid 5mm thick and a structural component of the helmet.

Tested with high-speed wind-tunnel, the shell’s aerodynamics is proven as air flows directly through the metal air vents. The helmet is also compatible with hydration systems equivalent to the race helmets of a MotoGP riders.

The claimed weight of the AGV Pista GP RR Futuro helmet is 1450 grams (1.4kg).

Bekas prinsipal pasukan Petronas Sepang Racing Team (SRT), Datuk Razlan Razali dalam temu bual bersama Speeedweek, membuat beberapa pendedahan dan pengakuan.

Pertamanya, Razlan – yang kini terajui RNF Racing menggantikan SRT di MotoGP bermula 2022 – mengakui tidak sepatutnya mengambil Valentino Rossi.

“Ramai yang berkata kepada kami bahawa kami tidak mempunyai pilihan selain menandatangani dengan Rossi pada 2021 kerana tekanan daripada Yamaha, tetapi ianya tidak seperti itu.

“Sejujurnya, saya tidak sepatutnya mengambil Rossi.

“Pada awalnya saya masih berasa skeptikal untuk mengambilnya dan sehinggalah Rossi mendapat podium bersama Quartararo dan Vinales di Jerez.

“Ketika itu saya terfikir mungkin dia masih mampu melakukannya,” jelasnya.

Bagaimanapun, jangkaan Razlan meleset apabila Rossi gagal pamer peningkatan di samping terkena jangkitan Covid-19.

“Prestasinya semakin bertambah buruk, tetapi kami sudah terlambat kerana keputusan telah dibuat.

“Saya rasakan Rossi telah meletakkan dirinya didalam tekanan namun pelumba muda yang lain jauh lebih pantas.

“Sebenarnya Rossi mencatat masa yang lebih baik berbanding sebelum ini tetapi ianya masih tidak mencukupi. Dia mahu menang. Hati dan fikirannya sudah bersedia tetapi badannya berkata tidak,” tambah Razlan.

Pada masa sama, Razlan akui seandainya dapat memutarkan masa, dia akan mengambil tawaran kontrak awal Petronas.

“Jika saya boleh kembali ke masa lalu, saya akan menerima tawaran baharu Petronas pada Jun 2021.

“Tetapi ketika itu saya mahu berunding untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak dana,” jelas Razlan lagi. – Speedweek

The 2021 MotoGP season ends with tons of emotion as the season concludes at Valencia.

Francesco Bagnaia puts in another sensational performance to lead a Ducati 1-2-3 while Valentino Rossi finishes tenth in his final MotoGP race.

Despite making history with Jorge Martin and Jack Miller for the first-ever all-Ducati MotoGP podium, Bagnaia’s only focus was on his mentor and big brother, Rossi.

“It was incredible! The only way possible to celebrate him was to win with this helmet, and to have Vale (Rossi) on the top of the podium with me made me so happy.

“This year, we have grown a lot. Next year I think we are ready to start the season fighting for the world championship.

“But now the only thing is to celebrate Vale, and I would like to be there with him in his garage already.

“Vale for us (academy riders) is a friend, a big brother, and he helps us a lot every time,” said Bagnaia.

Rossi concludes his 25 years career at the world championship with 372 races, 199 podiums, 89 wins and nine world titles.

It was a beautiful sight at the end of the race as the 42-year old rider was given a standing ovation by the crowd and was also congratulated by the entire grid.

While the attention was mainly on the Petronas Sepang Racing Team rider, KTM’s Danilo Petrucci also says his goodbye to MotoGP as he is confirmed to represent the Austrian team at next year Dakar Rally.

Meanwhile, Remy Gardner was crowned as the Moto2 World Champion despite finishing the race at tenth place.

Title contender and teammate, Raul Fernandez did his best to win the final race of the season however Gardner only needed a top 13 finish to secure the title.


It’s official, Valentino Rossi will retire from MotoGP at the end of the 2021 season.

The 9-time world champion announced his retirement during an exclusive press conference held on Thursday ahead of the Styrian GP happening this weekend.

The announcement came a bit as a surprise since there were rumours he might continue racing with Aramco Racing Team VR46 next season.

However, that rumour did not materialize, and the 42-year-old decided to call it a day on his illustrious career at MotoGP.

“I’ve decided to stop at the end of this season so unfortunately, this will be my last half-season as a MotoGP rider.

“It’s difficult. It’s a sad moment because it’s difficult to say and to know that next year I will not race with a motorcycle. I’ve done this for more or less 30 years! So next year my life will change.

“But anyway it was great. I enjoyed it very much. It was a long, long journey. Really funny. 26 years in the world championship. I’ve had unforgettable moments with all my team and all my guys that worked for me,” he said.

Rossi admitted that his initial plan at the start of the season was to continue racing beyond 2021.

Nonetheless, after taking into consideration of his poor form this season, the Italian decided its time to take a bow.

“In all sports, results make the difference, so in the end, it’s the right way. I had the chance to race for my team in MotoGP together with my brother next year, something that for sure I like. But anyway it’s okay like this I think… I can’t complain about my career!” he added.

Nevertheless, Rossi will continue to enjoy the remaining half of the 2021 season with Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team starting with this weekend action at the Red Bull Ring.

Valentino Rossi telah pun beberapa kali menjelaskan bahawa sekiranya dia meninggalkan MotoGP, objektif seterusnya adalah perlumbaan kereta.

Jentera empat roda merupakan antara minat Rossi dan pernah beraksi di World Rally.

Dia turut dikaitkan dengan perlumbaan ikonik antaranya 24 Hours Le Mans.

Menariknya, rata-rata mengaitkan Rossi dengan Ferrari, apabila pengeluar kereta Itali itu akan kembali ke Le Mans dengan sebuah ‘hypercar’ (mengantikan LMP1).

Bagaimanapun, Ferrari menepis dakwaan itu serta-merta menerusi Ketua Aktiviti GT Ferrari, Antonello Coletta.

“Dengan segala hormatnya, saya rasa Valentino (Rossi) lebih tua berbanding semua pelumba Endurance sedia ada, dan kami akan berdepan saingan yang sengit.

“Valentino sebelum ini nampak teruja dengan perlumbaan GT, mungkin dia boleh mencuba kelas itu.

“Kami sudah ada barisan calon untuk jentera Hypercar kami, dan kami akan memilih pelumba muda baharu,” jelasnya.

Kenyataan Coletta sekaligus menutup ruang untuk Rossi di Le Mans, namun mungkin peluang untuk pelumba berusia 42 tahun itu masih ada di GT.

Putera Raja Arab Saudi, Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Saud, berharap agar Valentino Rossi dapat sertai Luca Marini di Aramco Racing Team VR46 bagi menghadapi saingan MotoGP musim 2022.

Aramco Racing Team VR46 telah pun menandatangani perjanjian selama tiga tahun bersama pengeluar, Ducati.

Perjanjian itu menyaksikan VR46 bakal bersaing untuk tiga musim akan datang bersama jentera Desmosedici sekaligus melengkapkan lapan jentera Ducati di litar musim depan.

Meskipun pengumuman tersebut tidak menyebut tentang barisan pelumba yang akan diturunkan, namun Marini hampir pasti akan diumumkan sebagai salah seorang pelumba.

*Valentino Rossi

Namun, ketika satu lagi slot belum ditentukan, YM Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Saud – yang juga pemegang syarikt induk Tanal Entertaiment Sport & Media selaku rakan utama VR46 – berharap Rossi dapat digandingkan bersama Marini untuk beberapa tahun akan datang.

*Luca Marini

“Bagi saya sangat baik jika Valentino Rossi dapat bersaing beberapa tahun akan datang sebagai pelumba utama Aramco Racing Team VR46 kami bersama adik (tiri)nya.

“Marini telah pun beraksi musim ini dengan jenama tajaan kami, KSA New Cities, MAIC Technologies dan TANAL Entertainment Sport & Media,” jelasnya.

Beliau turut mendedahkan bahawa TANAL Entertainment Sport & Media dan Aramco akan mengumumkan maklumat terperinci projek bersama VR46 di MotoGP dan Moto2.

Sementara itu, status Rossi bersama Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team (SRT), dijangka akan diumumkan ketika cuti musim panas nanti. – MotoGP

While every team is busy preparing for this weekend race at the Liqui Moly Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, there’s plenty of activity happening behind the curtain.

Ducati Corse Sporting Director Paolo Ciabatti revealed that they are “very close” to announcing a partnership with the VR46 Racing Team.

“Honestly, yes, I think we are very close to reaching an agreement, to be honest; I think probably before Assen, you can expect some kind of announcement.

“I hope everything goes right in the last few days and we can make it public,” said Ciabatti.

If the deal went through, Ducati would field eight Desmosedici on the grid consist of the factory team, Pramac Racing, Gresini Racing and VR46.

Meanwhile, Gresini Racing has signed a two-year agreement with Ducati to compete in the 2022 MotoGP season, with Enea Bastianini leading the team alongside rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio.

In another news, Razlan Razali denies earlier reports suggesting Petronas Sepang Racing Team (SRT) decided not to renew Valentino Rossi’s contract beyond the 2021 season.

According to the local publication, SRT made a unanimous decision not to extend the 42-year old contract as the team can’t afford to wait on the rider decision regarding his future.

However, Razlan’s insist that his side is yet to determined the riders line-up for next season.

(source:, MotoGP)

Razlan Razali, team principal of Petronas Sepang Racing Team (SRT), has decided not to extend Valentino Rossi’s contract beyond the 2021 season.

Razlan made the decision considering the uncertainty behind Rossi’s commitment as the rider is yet to confirm his future at the team.

According to Razlan, the decision was made unanimously.

“We (SRT) can’t afford to wait for Rossi’s decision whether he wants to continue racing beyond 2021.

“After a thorough discussion with the team, we unanimously agreed not to extend Rossi’s contract for the 2022 season,” said Razlan.

The latest decision by Razlan’s allow the team to go back to their initial plan of recruiting new and exciting talents.

Despite racing with full factory support, the 42-year old rider struggled with his form this season as he currently sits 19th place in the championship, 100 points behind the championship leader, Fabio Quartararo.

Valentino Rossi will decide whether to continue racing beyond the 2021 MotoGP amid his worst start to a season.

The Italian made the switch from factory Yamaha to Petronas Sepang Racing Team (PSRT) at the end of last season that sees Fabio Quartararo heading the other way.

Despite getting the factory treatment with the M1, the seven-time MotoGP champion is yet to finish a race within the top ten after five rounds. Meanwhile, his partner, Franco Morbidelli, managed to secure a podium finish in Jerez onboard the old A-spec M1.

Nevertheless, Rossi revealed that he would decide on his future during the summer break.

“Speaking with Petronas and Yamaha it’s more half-season, because after nine races we have the summer break and I think I will decide for next year in that period, after nine races,” said Rossi.

Rossi currently sits at 19th place in the championship standings with 9 points together with Miguel Oliveira and his half brother, Luca Marini.

(source: Visordown)

Valentino Rossi hanya akan membuat keputusan mengenai kariernya di MotoGP sewaktu cuti musim panas pada Julai.

Pelumba berusia 42 tahun itu memaklumkan perkara itu ketika temubual bersama media Indonesia, Trans7.

“Saya akan membuat keputusan mengenai musim depan selepas sembilan pusingan kerana ketika itu cuti musim panas,” jelasnya.

Mengambil kira cuti musim panas akan bermula selepas GP Belanda yang dijadualkan pada 27 Jun, Rossi mungkin akan membuat pengumuman tersebut selepas itu.

Desas-desus mengenai persaraan Rossi semakin memuncak apabila tujuh kali juara dunia MotoGP itu bergelut sejak perpindahan dari pasukan factory Yamaha ke Petronas Sepang Racing Team (PSRT).

Meskipun mendapat layanan ‘factory’ di PSRT, dia masih tidak berupaya menempatkan diri dalam kelompok 10 terbaik selepas lima pusingan sementara rakan sepasukan dan protege, Franco Morbidelli, telah pun merasa podium musim ini.

Apatah lagi dengan pasukan VR46 milik Rossi bakal bersaing di kelas premier musim 2022 menguatkan lagi khabar angin persaraan Rossi semakin hampir.


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