We Will Revoke your License if You Increase Prices, Warns PMX

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is also known as PMX, warned that strict action including revoking their license will be taken against any party who increases the price of services or goods. The warning also includes parties entitled to diesel subsidies.

The action should be taken because the targeting of the fuel subsidy is implemented to help the needy.

“We know people think that we the Cabinet of Ministers have it easy, we have no heart, we don’t care about difficult people, raise the price… no.

“I personally held dozens of meetings so as not to burden (the people), so fishermen were excluded, so subsidies continues for fishermen, small farmers, school buses.

“School buses go up (service prices), but we warn you, you are subsidised and (yet) you hike prices, we will withdraw your license, and cancel your company,” he said.

School bus, express bus, and tourist bus services should not increase price

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Transport Minister, Anthony Loke said the school bus fare increase should not happen since the Subsidized Diesel Control System (SKDS) 1.0 for land public transport vehicles remains at the price of RM1.88 per litre.

Loke suggested that although the Government does not control school bus fares, operators should hold discussions with the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG), while the ministry also ready to help from various angles to ease the burden on the parties involved.

School bus and express bus users are still subsidised through the use of ‘fleet’ cards, and the price of diesel for them is RM1.88 per liter compared to RM2.15 before.

Apart from that, he also said that the government does not provide subsidies for tour bus services since it involves the private sector.

“We have to understand this… if the tour bus is for tourism (and) this is for foreign tourists, not for daily use. So we do not (give) subsidies for the tourism sector.

Tow truck operator served notice

The towing service company that announced an increase in service prices on the grounds of diesel subsidy targeting has been given notice.

Director of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) Johor, Lilis Saslinda Pornomo, said a notice was given to the company and they must respond within 7 to 14 days.

“The notice is for the company to provide feedback, especially documentation evidence and reasons for the increase in their operating costs associated with the implementation of diesel subsidy rationalisation starting last Monday.”

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