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Yamaha is set to put the Niken to a proper test as the Japanese motorcycle maker will compete at the 2022 Italian Hill Climb Championship.

  • The race-prepped Niken is set to take on the hills in Italy.
  • Four-time Italian Superbike vice-champion Luca Salvadori to pilot the Niken at Spoleto round.

Despite looking reluctant to update the three-wheeled Niken with the latest 890cc CP3 engine introduced on the new MT-09, Tracer 9 GT, and XSR900, Yamaha is determined that a tilting trike is relevant to compete at an international level moreover a hill climb event.

Moreover, Yamaha is confident that the company’s Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology yields an extra grip while at lean and under braking, making it the perfect weapon to take on corners at the championship.

Thanks to the Niken’s doubled inverted forks, Ackermann dual-axle steering mechanism, and cantilever suspension system; the motorcycle can achieve a 45-degree lean angle.

Nevertheless, Yamaha will equip the Niken with Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) accessories to enhance the motorcycle’s performance.


Meanwhile, four-time Italian Superbike vice-champion Luca Salvadori will take the race-prepped Niken in the Spoleto round on July 17.



  • Rangkaian Polaris Slingshot 2018 telah dikemaskini dengan beberapa penambahbaikan yang baru termasuk model Polaris Slingshot SLR 2018 ‘Edisi Khas’.
  • Kesemua model terkini Polaris Slingshot dijana oleh enjin empat silinder 2,384cc DOHC, VVT, yang menghasilka 173hp dan 225Nm tork.
  • Terdapat empat model yang disediakan untuk tahun 2018 bermula dari $19,999 (kira-kira RM85,595) iaitu model S, Sl, SLR, dan juga SLR LE.


The 2018 Polaris Slingshot range has been updated with a bunch of new upgrades which include the 2018 Polaris Slingshot SLR ‘Special Edition’ model.

All of the new Polaris Slingshot models are powered by the 2,384cc DOHC, VVT, four-cylinder engine that produces 173hp and 225Nm of torque.

There are four models available for 2018 starting from $19,999 (around RM85,595) which are the S, SL, SLR and the SLR SE.

The 2018 Polaris Slingshot range has just been announced with a host of new upgrades which includes a very limited edition 2018 Polaris Slingshot SLR. The all-new 2018 Slingshot range now starts with the 2018 Polaris Slingshot S followed by the Slingshot SL, Slingshot SLR and the Slingshot SLR Limited Edition. (more…)

  • Demak akhirnya telah mengesahkan harga bagi hampir kesemua model 2017 mereka yang telah dilancarkan pada 21 Mei 2017.
  • Tiada maklumat lanjut dan spesifikasi telah dikeluarkan selain daripada jenis enjin, kapasiti, dan kapasiti tangki bahanapi.
  • Harga-harga yang telah diberikan adalah untuk model Explorer 150, Sprinter 125, DJ 90, Xplor 150, EZIO 100, Kobra 110, dan Ace 200.


Demak has finally released the prices of most of their 2017 models which was launched on 21 May 2017.

No further details and specifications has been released apart from their engine type, capacity, dimensions and fuel tank capacity.

The prices stated below are for the 2017 Explore 150, Sprinter 125, DJ 90, Xplor 1150, EZIO 100, Kobra 110 and Ace 200.

Following the recent and extensive launch of their 2017 motorcycle models, Demak has confirmed the prices for seven of the stated models. These models are the 2017 Explore 150, Sprinter 125, DJ 90, Xplor 1150, EZIO 100, Kobra 110 and Ace 200. (more…)

  • Paten baru telah muncul menunjukkan rupa terbaru rekaan motosikal beroda tiga dari Yamaha yang diberi nama Yamaha MWT-9.
  • Konsep motosikal beroda tiga ini mula diperkenalkan pada tahun 2015 semasa Pertunjukan Motor Tokyo dan paten terkini mempamerkan versi motosikal ‘naked’ berbanding rekaan asalnya.
  • Yamaha telah pun dalam usaha membangunkan MWT-9 dengan rancangan untuk pengeluaran pada suatu hari nanti.


New patents have surfaced showing the latest rendition of the amazing three-wheeled motorcycle from Yamaha dubbed the Yamaha MWT-9.

The concept three-wheeler was introduced back in 2015 during the Tokyo Motor Show and the latest patent shows a naked version compared to the original half fairing design.

Yamaha has been developing the MWT-9 with plans that one day, it’ll go into production.

Ever since news broke out that Yamaha came up with the Yamaha MWT-9 Concept back in 2015 during the annual Tokyo Motor Show, they have been getting mixed feelings about the possibility of the three-wheeled Yamaha being put into production. To us, it is still however an intriguing idea and based on the video seen below, the Yamaha MWT-9 definitely gets the two thumbs from us here at Bikes Republic. (more…)

Leaked patent indicates that the Honda Neowing concept leaning three-wheeler is bound for production very soon.


Sources report that the Yamaha MWT-9 concept three-wheeler will head for production within a year or two. (more…)

NASCAR-inspired Can-Am Spyder F3 Turbo concept revealed in Daytona International Speedway. (more…)

Meet the Yamaha LMW – MWT – 9 concept, or just the Yamaha MWT-9 concept in short. Unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the concept shows off how the successful Yamaha MT-09 naked would look like if it were to become a leaning-multi-wheel (LMW) or trike.


A closer inspection reveals that this is not just merely an oversized rendition of the Yamaha Tricity three-wheeled scooter revealed not too long ago. Underneath, the concept carries over much of the MT-09 naked’s mechanicals from the tank forwards, including the 847cc triple-cylinder engine.


Besides a radical new face, Yamaha has indeed taken the Tricity’s intricate front suspension, but the layout has been altered in the MWT-9 whereby the forks now stand on the outside of the wheels instead, presumably for greater stability and rigidity through turns. Crucially though, this setup varies drastically against that found in the Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled maxi scooter.

It goes without saying that we are fully behind the idea of putting such a beastly-looking thing into production. Well, what are you waiting for Yamaha?

Yamha-MWT-09-leaning-trike-concept-06Yamha-MWT-09-leaning-trike-concept-05 Yamha-MWT-09-leaning-trike-concept-03Yamha-MWT-09-leaning-trike-concept-02Yamha-MWT-09-leaning-trike-concept-01Yamaha-MWT-9-concept


Sources: Asphaltandrubber, Visordown and MCN

Yamaha releases two new three-wheeled concept scooters called the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x.



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