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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 (2024) telah dilancarkan di Malaysia Autoshow 2024 hari ini.

Walaupun rekabentuk retro-futuristik motosikal ini diilhamkan oleh SG650 Concept, ia masih seumpama kanvas kosong untuk penyesuaian dan pemperibadian di kalangan peminat di seluruh dunia. Malah, Royal Enfield berkata ia sebuah “kanvas untuk pemperibadian, mencerminkan gabungan tenaga kreatif mentah, budaya adat anarki dan DNA Royal Enfield yang ikonik.”

Ciri-ciri utama:
  • Menggunakan platform enjin Royal Enfield 650 yang terbukti.
  • Enjinnya merupakan jenis 648cc berkembar selari dengan penyejukan minyak-udara, dan SOHC.

  • Ia menghasilkan 34.6 kW (46.4 hp) pada 7,250 RPM dan 52.3 Nm pada 5,650 RPM.
  • Tork yang tinggi pada RPM rendah itu bermakna ia ditala untuk pecutan, dan sesuai untuk persekitaran bandar.

  • Suspensi hadapan terdiri daripada fork Showa 43mm jenis terbalik, dengan piston besar, berfungsi berbahagi.
  • Tugas suspensi belakang dikendalikan oleh sepasang penyerap hentakan RSU dengan pelarasan prabeban 5 langkah.

  • Saiz roda depan ialah 18-inci, manakala yang belakang berukuran 17-inci.
  • Sistem brek motosikal ini menggunakan cakera tunggal 320mm di depan, dan cakera 300mm di belakang.

  • Lampunya yang nampak fancy itu menggunakan LED.
  • Meter-meter digital-analog dilengkapi dengan ciri navigasi Tripper.

  • Aplikasi Royal Enfield Wingman yang baharu memaparkan data seperti di mana motosikal berada pada masa nyata, tahap bahanapi dan minyak enjin, kala servis, dan sebagainya.
  • Juga terdapat sebuah port USB untuk mengecas peranti anda.

  • Ergonomik motosikal ini memudahkan penunggang, dengan ketinggian pelana hanya pada 795mm, pemijak kaki di bahagian pertengahan, dan posisi handel yang senang dicapai.
  • Royal Enfield menawarkan 31 Aksesori Motosikal Tulen bagi Shotgun 650 termasuklah cermin pandang belakang yang diletak dihujung handel, pelana solo, rim-rim yang dimesin.

  • Juga terdapat pakaian-pakaian jenama Royal Enfield untuk memenuhi citarasa dan gaya hidup anda.
  • Terdapat empat warna iaitu: Stencil White, Plasma Blue, Green Drill, and Sheet Metal Grey.

  • Harga jualan untuk Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 (2024) bermula dari RM 34,900.

Pra-tempahan dibuka untuk Royal Enfield Himalayan (2024) serba baharu 

Pada masa yang sama,  pratempahan kini dibuka untuk Royal Enfield Himalayan (2024) serba baharu.

Tayangan perdana rasmi motosikal itu akan berlangsung pada 8 Jun 2024, di JioSpace Petaling Jaya.

The 2024 Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 was launched at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024 today.

While the bike’s retro-futuristic design is inspired by the SG650 Concept, it is still acts as a blank canvas for customisation and personalisation among enthusiasts the world over. In fact, RE calls it “the ultimate canvas for personalization, reflecting a blend of raw creative energy, anarchic custom culture, and the iconic Royal Enfield DNA.


Main features:
  • Utilises RE’s proven 650 engine platform.
  • The engine is a 648cc parallel-twin with air-oil cooling, and SOHC.

  • It produces 34.6 kW (46.4 hp) at 7,250 RPM and 52.3 Nm at 5,650 RPM.
  • The high torque at that low RPM means it is tuned for acceleration, which is perfect for the urban environment.

  • The front suspension consist of 43mm Showa upside-down separate function big piston forks.
  • Rear suspension duties are handled by a pair of RSU shocks with 5-step preload adjustment.

  • The front wheel is 18-inches, while the rear is 17-inches.
  • Its braking system is made up by a single 320mm disc up front, and a 300mm disc at the back.

  • The headlamp, in all its funky attributes has LEDs.
  • The digital-analogue instrument panel is equipped with the Tripper navigation system.

  • The new Royal Enfield Wingman app which provides data such as live updates of the bike’s location, fuel and engine oil levels, service reminders, and so forth.
  • There is also a USB charging port to keep your device from running out of juice while on the go.

  • Its ergonomics can be summed up as accessible, with mid-set foot position, a low 795mm seat height, and easy to reach handlebar position.
  • Royal Enfield has some 31 Genunine Motorcycle Accessories for the Shotgun 650 including bar end mirrors, sculpted solo seat, contrast-cut billet rims, etc.

  • There is also a range of Royal Enfield apparels to match the lifestyle.
  • There are four unique colourways: Stencil White, Plasma Blue, Green Drill, and Sheet Metal Grey.

  • Selling price for the 2024 Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 begins from RM 34,900.

Pre-booking is open for all-new 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 

At the same time,  pre-bookings for the all-new 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan is now open.

The official premiere of the bike will take place on 8th June 2024, at JioSpace Petaling Jaya.

Royal Enfield Petaling Jaya has launched the 2024 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Special Edition. They have also revealed new colours for the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Special Edition

The Bullet 350 Special Edition is powered by the 349cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine which is shared by the Meteor, Classic, and Hunter. It produces 20 hp at 6,100 RPM and 27 NM of torque at 4,000 RPM, which RE says provides “strong, low-end grunt, super smooth linear power delivery.” The power is sent through a 5-speed gearbox.

RE also claims that the chassis is “designed for improved handling and manoeuvrability,” and that it is “firmer” than previous Bullets to enhance cornering prowess while remaining stable on straight roads. There are changes to back this up, now with 41mm forks, a 100/90-19 front tyre, and 120/80-18 rear tyre.

The Bullet 350 is released in two distinct editions and three colourways, all handcrafted
with a premium finish that will delight:

  • The Bullet Standard in Black or Maroon are fitted with dual channel ABS and rear discs, and are finished with elegant hand-pinstriped body-coloured tanks and components as well as chrome and gold badges. it is priced at RM 23,500.
  • The Bullet Black Gold is finished with a striking combination of matt and gloss black tank, copper and gold 3D badge, copper pinstriping and on-trend, blacked-out engine and components, and comes with dual channel ABS and rear disc brakes. It is priced at RM 23,900.
New Colours for the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Furthermore, Royal Enfield is excited to unveil the two new distinct colorways of the Super Meteor 650 – Interstellar  Grey and Astral Green – in response to market demand and to further enrich Malaysia’s cruiser journey.

The Super Meteor 650 will be available starting from RM 37,900/- in its new distinct colourways.

From Royal Enfield Petaling Jaya’s Press Release:

“A gleaming symbol of limitless resilience and an enduring name in motorcycling and automotive history, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 continues its legendary legacy in a new avatar as Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size (250cc-750cc) motorcycle segment, today announced the launch of the New Bullet 350 – Special Edition in Malaysia. Introduced on Royal Enfield’s proven, super-refined and smooth J-series engine platform, this iconic motorcycle, with over nine decades of heritage, proudly continues to be a fusion of resilient aesthetics and craftsmanship, a symbol of the vibrant culture it has catalysed over the last nine decades, and the community and characters it represents.

Additionally, in response to the strong demand following the successful launch of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 in September 2024 (sic). Royal Enfield is excited to reveal two new distinct colourways in Malaysia.”

Royal Enfield SG650 pertama kali muncul di pameran EICMA tahun ini sebagai konsep. Dan biasanya konsep hanya begitu, satu konsep. Ada yang mungkin membincangkan, dan yang lain mengabaikannya sebagai sesuatu yang mungkin atau mungkin tidak dibuat.


The Royal Enfield SG650 first made an appearance at this year’s EICMA show as a concept. And usually concepts are just that, a concept. Some may talk about it, and others disregard it as something that may or may not make it to production. 

Rarely is a concept shown as a production model so soon after its first appearance, but that is exactly what transpired with the Royal Enfield SG650 – now known as the Shotgun 650, its production name. 


Royal Enfield has officially unveiled the 2024 Himalayan 452, putting an end to months of speculation. 

The motorcycle, showcased on the brand’s Instagram page, exhibits a more muscular and curvier design compared to its predecessor. Notable features include an upside-down front fork and a prominent radiator, signaling its liquid-cooled engine.

The brand’s website prominently features the same image, accompanied by the caption “The Final Test” and an option to “Stay Updated.” Clicking this leads to a landing page with a countdown clock to November 7, 2023, marking the global launch date.

A teaser video on the site recounts the Himalayan’s journey since its inception in 2016, highlighting its success on and off-road worldwide.

Updating a beloved model like the Himalayan comes with its challenges, as it caters to a distinct rider demographic. Enthusiasts are eager to see how the 2024 Himalayan 452 lives up to its legacy.

Royal Enfield proudly introduced its latest addition to the family, the Super Meteor 650, in a grand launch event held at the Desaru International Bike Week in Johor.

The official launch at the Desaru International Bike Week in Johor provided an ideal backdrop for media partners and customers to experience the Super Meteor 650’s capabilities on picturesque roads.

As a top-of-the-line premium motorcycle in Royal Enfield’s portfolio, the Super Meteor 650 embodies the essence of a cruiser. It features uncluttered controls and instrumentation, relaxed rider ergonomics, rock-steady stability on highways, and a joyous riding experience on winding roads. Its flexible, smooth engine delivers ample torque, and its retro styling proudly showcases Royal Enfield’s DNA.

The Super Meteor 650 is now available in dealerships across Malaysia, with introductory prices starting at RM37,900 for the Super Meteor Single (Astral), RM38,300 for the Super Meteor Dual (Interstellar), and RM39,300 for the Super Meteor Tourer (Celestial).

The Super Meteor 650 is the third motorcycle to feature Royal Enfield’s 650cc parallel-twin engine after the Continental GT and Interceptor. 

However, this is not simply an engine swap from the smaller Meteor 350 or a different aesthetic from the existing 650 Twin. Instead, the Super Meteor 650 gets a newly built frame, revised suspension geometry, redesigned fuel tank, new side panels and a new swingarm.

Also, the Super Meteor 650 is the first 650cc model from Royal Enfield to be equipped with full-LED lighting. In addition, the Super Meteor is also the first Royal Enfield to be fitted with upside-down forks.

Nonetheless, the motorcycle continues to offer conventional cruiser-style riding ergonomics similar to the 350. Meanwhile, instrumentation comes from a digital-analogue display with tripper navigation.

With the launch of the Super Meteor 650, Royal Enfield continues to make strides in providing riders with exceptional motorcycles that blend timeless design with modern performance, reaffirming its commitment to the ever-growing motorcycling community in Malaysia and beyond.

Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest continuously producing motorcycle brand, was thrilled to announce the much-anticipated 12th edition of the Royal Enfield One Ride.

This global motorcycling extravaganza, recognised as one of the world’s largest single-day rides, brought together enthusiasts from across the globe in the spirit of camaraderie and adventure.

Mr. Rewi Hamid Bugo, Chairman of Didi Group, had expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The 12th edition of Royal Enfield One Ride promises to be an exceptional gathering of riders. With more than 600 Royal Enfield enthusiasts from Malaysia and beyond converging for an exhilarating ride, it marked the largest gathering and ride in the history of Royal Enfield, all in celebration of Malaysia Day and the sheer joy of riding.”

Royal Enfield Malaysia by Didi Group was proud to host the Royal Enfield One Ride in collaboration with the Malaysian Vintage & Classic Military Bike and Kelab Motosikal Klassik Selangor. Held on September 16 and 17, 2023, this year’s One Ride guaranteed a plethora of thrilling activities and attractions that made it an unforgettable event.

The official flag-off of the event was graced by the esteemed presence of YBHG. Dato’ Amirul Azizan Bin Dato’ Sri Abd Rahim at Dataran Pantai Batu Laut, Banting Selangor.

In line with the spirit of responsible travel, this year Royal Enfield emphasised the message of responsibility and sustainability with the hashtag #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter. The brand encouraged its rider community to adopt responsible travel practices, ensuring that their journeys had a positive impact on the places they explored. Royal Enfield firmly believed that motorcycling was not just about reaching the destination; it was also about cherishing the journey and preserving the natural beauty that surrounded it.

The 12th edition of the Royal Enfield One Ride was indeed a momentous gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts, uniting riders from different corners of the world to celebrate the joy of riding and the spirit of global brotherhood. 

Royal Enfield is embracing the electric revolution with plans to introduce its debut electric motorcycle by 2025.

  • Royal Enfield progressing steadily towards inaugural electric two-wheelers launch in 2025. 
  • a team of nearly 100 two-wheels and EV expert is currently developing a thriving ecosystem to create a proper electric motorcycle. 

A recent report from The Hindu Business Line affirms the brand’s steadfast progress toward this milestone. Acknowledging the shifting tides of the motorcycle industry, Royal Enfield remains committed to both its traditional internal combustion offerings and its pioneering electric venture.

To achieve this vision, the company has established a dedicated electric vehicle division and harnessed the expertise of Mario Alvisi, a former Ducati executive, as the Chief Growth Officer.

With unwavering focus, a close-knit team of nearly 100 experts is working to create not just an electric motorcycle but a thriving electric vehicle ecosystem. Their mission is to craft distinctive, high-performance electric motorcycles that encapsulate Royal Enfield’s signature charm.

Eicher Motors, Royal Enfield’s parent company, has strategically invested in Spanish electric mobility firm Stark Future, fostering potential synergies. This strategic partnership seeks to leverage their respective strengths in a collaborative pursuit of innovation.

While certain components like battery cells are sourced internationally, Royal Enfield actively engages in in-house manufacturing and supply chain partnerships for other essential parts. The company has expanded its supplier network, embracing 11-12 new collaborators and exploring further opportunities.

After nine decades of dominance in the Indian market, the much-awaited 2023 Bullet 350 is finally here, and it has everyone talking.

  • powering the 2023 Bullet 350 is the the same 350cc engine that currently powers its siblings: the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Hunter 350.
  • the 2023 Bullet 350 pays homage to the model’s heritage but with a mix of modern technology. 

A Nod to the Past

“The 2023 Bullet. New heart. Same beat,” says Royal Enfield about their latest Bullet 350. The model pays homage to its rich past while standing toe-to-toe with modern design and technology. It’s clear that Royal Enfield took inspiration from its fanbase. The company recently asked people to share their cherished memories with previous Bullet models, and those stories seem to have influenced the latest Bullet’s introduction film.

What Powers It?

At the heart of the new Bullet 350 lies the same 350cc engine that currently powers its siblings: the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Hunter 350. The engine is known for its reliable performance, enough to give riders the confidence for long road trips and daily commuting alike.

Built for the Rider

Safety hasn’t been compromised either. The Bullet 350 comes equipped with dual-channel ABS, ensuring better control during sudden stops or tricky road conditions. One of the most striking features is its instrument panel. It marries analogue and digital displays into a unique rounded triangular form that is not just practical but also elegantly designed.  

For comfort, Royal Enfield claims to have improved the bench seat to offer better under-thigh support for riders, regardless of the type of journey they’re on. In today’s digital age, a USB port next to the clutch lever on the left handlebar is an intuitive addition for charging smartphones and other devices on the go.


When it comes to customisation, there are options aplenty. The basic model is available in Military Black or Military Red  but if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can opt for the Standard trim, available in Maroon or Black. For those who prefer the crème de la crème, the premium Black Gold is also available. 

In an exciting announcement, Royal Enfield has tantalised adventure enthusiasts with the release of the official teaser video for their upcoming marvel, the Himalayan 450 adventure tourer. 

  • the Himalayan 450 is set to debut on November 1, aligning with the festive season to capture the positive buying sentiments of consumers.
  • the new Himalayan 450 is fitted with an all-new 450cc single capable of pumping 40hp. 

The teaser video offers a sneak peek into the habitat of this all-terrain conqueror, designed not only for everyday riding but also for the most daring off-roading escapades. Key features showcased include a circular LED headlamp with a commanding windscreen, robust wire-spoked wheels, block pattern tires, and the signature front beak, all underpinned by a sleek fuel tank with braces.

Beyond its striking exterior, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 introduces a powerful 450 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, churning out an estimated 40 bhp. The engine pairs seamlessly with a six-speed transmission boasting a slipper and assist clutch, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Watch the official teaser below: 

Safety and technology converge in the new Himalayan, boasting front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, an innovative fully digital instrument cluster featuring Tripper Navigation, and LED tail lamps and indicators for enhanced visibility.

With a focus on off-road prowess, the Himalayan 450 boasts longer travel suspension, including upside-down forks and a monoshock rear, ensuring a balanced and responsive ride on diverse terrains. Meanwhile, its tall seat height, elevated ground clearance, and broad handlebars beckon adventure-seekers to explore the uncharted.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is poised to rival the likes of the KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G310 GS, and the forthcoming Bajaj/Triumph Scrambler 400X, igniting a fierce competition in the adventure touring segment.

Harley-Davidson’s latest move to tap into the booming Indian motorbike market has seen astonishing success, as pre-orders for their X440 model have exceeded all expectations. 

  • Harley-Davidson X440 is surprisingly popular in India with the initial bookings exceeding expectations. 
  • the X440 is said to go up against the formidable Royal Enfield in India.

The iconic U.S. big-bike manufacturer, in partnership with India’s Hero Motor Co, is making an aggressive comeback into the Indian market with their affordable and powerful X440 model, priced below INR233,000 (RM12.8k).

The X440, Harley-Davidson’s latest offering, marks a significant milestone for the brand as it re-enters the Indian market after a decade. The decision to collaborate with Hero Motor Co, the world’s largest motorcycle maker, has proven to be a strategic masterstroke, enabling them to penetrate the Indian market with a highly competitive product.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the reception that the X440 has received since launch, with pre-orders exceeding initial expectations from launch,” said a delighted Jochen Zeitz, Harley-Davidson CEO, during an earnings call with analysts. 

However, Harley-Davidson faces a formidable opponent in the form of Royal Enfield, the century-old Indian brand known for its strong fan base and widespread presence across the country. 

The challenge of going head-to-head with Royal Enfield in a market that is deeply loyal to the domestic brand cannot be underestimated. Royal Enfield’s extensive network of showrooms and robust after-sales service has cemented its position as a preferred choice among Indian motorbike enthusiasts.

With the X440 generating a buzz in the Indian market, the motorcycle makers are betting on its success to pave the way for Harley-Davidson’s resurgence in the country. 


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