Royal Enfield On Track To Debut Maiden Electric Motorcycle By 2025

Royal Enfield is embracing the electric revolution with plans to introduce its debut electric motorcycle by 2025.

  • Royal Enfield progressing steadily towards inaugural electric two-wheelers launch in 2025. 
  • a team of nearly 100 two-wheels and EV expert is currently developing a thriving ecosystem to create a proper electric motorcycle. 

A recent report from The Hindu Business Line affirms the brand’s steadfast progress toward this milestone. Acknowledging the shifting tides of the motorcycle industry, Royal Enfield remains committed to both its traditional internal combustion offerings and its pioneering electric venture.

To achieve this vision, the company has established a dedicated electric vehicle division and harnessed the expertise of Mario Alvisi, a former Ducati executive, as the Chief Growth Officer.

With unwavering focus, a close-knit team of nearly 100 experts is working to create not just an electric motorcycle but a thriving electric vehicle ecosystem. Their mission is to craft distinctive, high-performance electric motorcycles that encapsulate Royal Enfield’s signature charm.

Eicher Motors, Royal Enfield’s parent company, has strategically invested in Spanish electric mobility firm Stark Future, fostering potential synergies. This strategic partnership seeks to leverage their respective strengths in a collaborative pursuit of innovation.

While certain components like battery cells are sourced internationally, Royal Enfield actively engages in in-house manufacturing and supply chain partnerships for other essential parts. The company has expanded its supplier network, embracing 11-12 new collaborators and exploring further opportunities.

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