CFMoto 450 CL-C Cruiser, or Bobber?

Chinese manufacturer CFMoto adds the CFMoto 450 CL-C cruiser (or bobber?) to their 450cc lineup.

As part of the 450 CL lineup, “CL” denotes classic while the last “C” designates it as a cruiser. The case of the 450 CL-X, the “X” means the bike has some off-roading capability.


  • It utilises the same twin-cylinder, 449cc engine as the CFMoto Ibex 450 adventure bike, with the same state of tune.
  • The powerplant produces 44 hp at 8,500 RPM and 44 Nm of torque at 6,250 RPM.
  • The engine also uses the now ubiquitous 270-degree crank configuration and dual counterbalancers.

  • Power is sent six-speed gearbox, with slipper clutch.
  • The engine is carried by a chromoly steel tube frame.
  • Front suspension consists of a pair 37mm upside-down forks.
  • The rear is supported by a monoshock and twin-spar swingarm.

  • A four-piston, radially-mounted J.Juan caliper grabs a single 320mm disc in the front.
  • Front and rear wheels are 16-inches.
  • Bosch ABS is standard for both ends.
  • A round 3.6-inch TFT display. It does not appear to feature connectivity, though.

  • Fuel capacity is 12-liters.
  • CFMoto claims a curb weight of 181kg.

Truth is, the bike does not only invoke memories of the Triumph Bobber, but many parts do look like the Bobber’s. Check out the engine fins and engine capacity plate on the side of the cylinder. That fuel tank, round headlight, etc.

Anyhow, the CFMoto 450 CL-C cruiser does look good and at a more affordable price.

Wahid's lust for motorcycles was spurred on by his late-Dad's love for his Lambretta on which he courted, married his mother, and took baby Wahid riding on it. He has since worked in the motorcycle and automotive industry for many years, before taking up riding courses and testing many, many motorcycles since becoming a motojournalist. Wahid likes to see things differently. What can you say about a guy who sees a road safety message in AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."

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