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V-twin magic, timeless naked styling, and neutral handling is the tried and tested recipe that makes the Suzuki SV650 rather brilliant.


New Keeway MBP M502N naked bike is the QJ-owned brand’s first entry into the EU, and it’s targeted towards newbies.


Here’s a much closer look around of the new QJMotor SRK600 naked that was also present during last weekend’s SRT800 launch.


KTM Malaysia announces availability of refreshed 2022 KTM 250 Duke naked featuring new lights, seat and colours, priced from RM21,500.


KTM wil roll out not one but two 890 Duke range in February which includes the 890 Duke R and 890 Duke GP.

According to reports, the Austrian firm will unveiled the 890 Duke R on February 7th followed by the grand-prix inspired Duke GP on February 22nd.

While we can already picture how the KTM 890 Duke R will turn out, the 890 Duke GP is still a mystery.

However, it is safe to assume the 890 Duke GP to get premium race-spec component, similar to the KTM RC 8C track bike but without the bespoke features.

KTM is calling the two bike launch as “Midweight NAKED February” , meaning the possibility of a full fairing motorcycle is not on the cards, yet we believed the Duke GP will feature some race bike components.

The two models could also offer fresh new colourways, with KTM might go crazy over the GP variant.

The Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café was introduced into the Malaysian market back in 2018 and now, there’s and updated 2020 model that has just been introduced with minor changes to the package. We’ve tested the current Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café and you’ll find our official review at the end for those who are interested to know more. (more…)


  • Motosikal Honda CB125M Concept telah dipersembahkan sewaktu acara pertunjukan EICMA 2018 di Milan baru-baru ini.
  • Motosikal supermoto mini itu telah diperkenalkan bersama dengan saudara kembaranya, model Honda CB125X Concept.
  • Antara spesifikasi yang ada pada motosikal Honda CB125M Concept ini adalah roda 17 inci Marchesini, tayar ‘slick’ Pirelli, dan ekzos SC-Project.


  • The Honda CB125M Concept was presented during the recent EICMA 2018 show in Milan.

  • The mini supermoto was unveiled alongside its adventure bike sibling, the Honda CB125X Concept.

  • Some of the specs fitted on the Honda CB125M Concept are 17-inch Marchesini wheels, Pirelli slick tyres, and an SC-Project exhaust.

The introduction of the Honda CB125X Concept 125cc adventure bike was presented during EICMA 2018 in Milan together with its super mini-moto sibling, the Honda CB125M Concept. When it comes to making the base Honda CB125R even more enticing, the folks over at Honda Europe R&D department came up with this particular baby. (more…)

  • Sebuah motosikal naked Moto Corsa 2,000cc sedang dalam perancangan untuk diperkenalkan pada tahun hadapan oleh sebuah pengedar motosikal yang bertapak di UK bergelar Moto Corsa.
  • Diberi nama Moto Corsa 2K, motosikal naked berprestasi tinggi ini akan dilengkapi dengan panel badan karbon fiber dan juga kelengkapan lain dari Öhlins, Dymag, dan Beringer.
  • Jentera yang berorientasikan prestasi amat tinggi ini akan dijana oleh sebuah enjin ‘V-Twin’ 1,961cc S&S dengan 100hp dan 180Nm tork.


  • A 2000cc Moto Corsa naked bike is being planned to be released by UK-based bike dealer called Moto Corsa sometime next year.

  • Called the Moto Corsa 2K, the high-performance naked bike will have carbon-fibre bodywork plus other goodies from Ohlins, Dymag, and Beringer.

  • This highly performance-oriented machine will be powered by a 1961cc V-twin S&S engine with 100hp and 180Nm of torque.

A bike dealer called Moto Corsa originating from South West England has unveiled their master plan to start production as a premium low-volume motorcycle manufacturer and their first-ever machine promises to be a beast. Currently, a 2000cc Moto Corsa naked bike is in the works and the plan includes a maiden production figure of only 20 for a start. (more…)

  • Kebanyakan penunggang baru hari ini dengan mudahnya dapat bertukar dari motosikal kapcai ke motosikal lumba atau naked.
  • Dalam jangkauan di antara 200cc hingga 500cc, motosikal tahap permulaan ini semakin meningkat permintaannya dan para pengeluar telah menyedari akan hal ini.
  • Motosikal lumba dan naked seperti KTM RC390 dan 390 Duke telah menjadi tunggangan pilihan utama, malah bagi penunggang veteran sekali pun.


A lot of new riders today are quickly upgrading from kapcai to sports bike or naked bike.

Ranging anywhere between 200cc to 500cc, these entry-level motorcycles are getting a lot of demand and manufacturers are taking notice.

Sports bikes and naked bikes like the KTM RC390 and 390 Duke have become the ultimate riding choices even for veteran riders.

In this day and age, technology and advancements in the world of motorcycling have made more and more high performance motorcycles readily available for just about everyone and anyone. From small capacity Japanese cubs to European superbikes, one can and definitely will find the perfect bike for any occasion. (more…)


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