Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR

  • The 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR is a homologation special for World Superbike Championship racing.

  • It’s limited to only 500 units.

  • We came away wide-eyed from testing it.

“You have to develop a war cry to fully unlock the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR.”

“A war cry is a form of expression, usually shouted out loud, to strengthen one’s resolve in the face of adversity. We see in all war movies as the warriors give one big yell before charging their enemy’s position after being pinned down. Could you ever imagine how the greatest battles in history would’ve been like had they ran silently to the other side with bayonets fixed? It would look less than heroic.” (more…)

A recent interview with Dorna’s CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, with GPOne unveiled one hell of a bomb in the MotoGP world as Kawasaki recently requested if they’re able to compete in a race as wildcard BUT with their WorldSBK-spec ZX-10RR. (more…)

John McGuinness is back on the racing calendar for 2020 as he inked a new deal with the Quattro Plant Bournemouth Kawasaki Team. The 23-time Isle of Man TT winner will be racing this beautiful Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR in multiple IOMTT categories which includes Superbike, Superstock, and Senior TT. (more…)

  • Dominasi Alvaro Bautista dan jentera Ducati V4 R dalam kejohanan WorldSBK sudah pasti membakar semangat Kawasaki.
  • Ianya disemarakkan lag dengan penggunaan teknologi MotoGP dalam jentera Ducati V4 R.
  • Mereka membayangkan bahawa mereka akan muncul dengan sebuah Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR yang baharu bagi musim 2020.


  • Kawasaki is probably reeling in shock from Alvaro Bautista and the Ducati V4 R’s dominance in WorldSBK.

  • They are also upset that Ducati used MotoGP technology in the V4 R.

  • They’ve hinted that there’ll be a new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR for the 2020 season.

Kawasaki had kept their faith in the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR for the 2019 WorldSBK season. The bike had won four titles in a row, after all.

But the combination of the Ducati V4 R and Alvaro Bautista laid everything bare, destroying the entire field. It’s not good lose face this way so a new ZX-10RR must be in the works for 2020.

It was bound to happen as Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT) Senior Engineer Ichiro Yoda told German website Speedweek.

Kawasaki isn’t happy about Ducati building a number of special, homologation models that are far removed from the “normal” V4. To them, it’s going against the spirit of WorldSBK and thus has stuck to the slightly hotted-up Ninja ZX-10R, which became the ZX-10RR.

However, one has to remember that WorldSBK rules actually encourage this route. A factory needs to build 250 homologation specials in the first year, followed by another 250 in the next. The sales price is capped at € 40,000.

The question is if Kawasaki wants to really go down this route. The superbike segment is shrinking but there are still plenty of interested parties. But Kawasaki is the only one among the Japanese Big Four who are not involved in MotoGP. Consequently, they will definitely need to respond to the Ducati V4 R in WorldSBK, and that means a new ZX-10RR.

  • Pasukan Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK telah memperkenalkan barisan penunggang mereka bagi tahun 2019 untuk kejohanan World Superbike Championship.
  • Barisan penunggangnya terdiri daripada juara empat kali, Jonathan Rea dan penunggang baharu, Leon Haslam.
  • Musim baharu akan bermula pada minggu hadapan di Phillip Island, Australia.


  • Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK launched their 2019 line-up for the World Superbike Championship.

  • Riders are four-time champion Jonathan Rea and new signing Leon Haslam.

  • The season kicks off next weekend at Phillip Island, Australia.

The Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK launched their line-up and bikes to continue their dominance in the 2019 World Superbike Championship.

Four-time and defending WorldSBK Champion Jonathan Rea and new signing Leon Haslam revealed the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR at a resort not far from the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit in Australia.

The circuit plays host to the final round of pre-season testing and the first round of the 2019 championship. The tests will take place next Monday and Tuesday, while the season opener begins later that weekend.

It goes without reminding that Rea absolutely destroyed the WorldSBK field last year with the Kawasaki. Out of 25 races, he won 17, placed second four times, once third and once fifth. He suffered only 1 retirement throughout the year, while the final Race 2 in Qatar was cancelled.

Jonathan Rea on the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR

Despite the strong challenges mounted by his rivals Chaz Davies of Ducati and Michael van der Mark of Yamaha, Rea prevailed.

So, what made him such a powerful force?

“What I’ve learned with my experience over the year is to stay calm and focused with my team. We have the best crew in the business, the best motorcycle underneath me. I feel like the pressure is always on me, I need to find my way with the bike. Once we did that last year, we were absolutely unbeatable,” explained Rea.

Leon Haslam is back to racing full time in WorldSBK since 2015. Son of the great Ron Haslam, he shows that speed is in his family’s genes.

Leon Haslam on the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR

“I’m just waiting to wake up, it’s like a dream. I had 9 good years in WorldSBK but I’ve never had an opportunity like this. To be involved with KRT, Kawasaki, joining the team that has dominated the last four years… I just can’t wait, I want to start racing now,” he said.

Tune in next week and beyond as we bring you news from the world’s premier production racing series.

  • Kawasaki Motors Malaysia telah mengeluarkan satu pemberitahuan yang berkaitan dengan panggilan semula sedunia bagi model Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R dan ZX-10RR.
  • Model yang terjejas telah dihasilkan dari tahun 2016 hingga 2017 berpunca dari satu kemungkinan kerosakan gear transmisi apabila dikenakan dengan daya impak yang besar.
  • Usaha memperbaikinya terdiri daripada menggantikan gear output 2, 3, dan 4 dan gear input 2 dalam transmisinya.


Kawasaki Motors Malaysia has issued a notification in relations to the worldwide recall for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR models.

The affected models manufactured from 2016 to 2017 stem from a possible transmission gear failure when presented with high impact force.

The repair consists of replacing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th output gears and the 2nd input gear in the transmission.

It was only five days ago when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall of around 4,000 units of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR from 2016 to 2018 in the US. The recall was announced to a faulty transmission system that might cause the gears to break during shifts. (more…)


  • Satu panggilan semula Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R baru sahaja bermula di Amerika Syarikat di mana NHTSA telah mengenal pasti satu isu yang besar berkaitan dengan gear transmisi.
  • Hampir 4,000 unit motosikal ZX-1-R dan ZX-10RR yang telah dikeluarkan dari tahun 2016 hingga 2018 telah dikenalpasti menghadapi isu ini.
  • Daya impak yang kuat mungkin akan menyebabkan gear transmisi untuk rosak sewaktu penukaran gear terutamanya sewaktu dalam gear 2, 3, dan 4.


A Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R recall just started in the US where the NHTSA has identified a major issue related to the transmission gears.

Almost 4,000 units of ZX-10R and ZX-10RR built from 2016 to 2018 have been discovered with this issue.

A high impact force may cause the transmission gears to break during shifting especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears.

2018 Ninja ZX-10RR

There’s a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R recall currently happening in the US right now where almost 4,000 units of ZX-10R and ZX-10RR built from 2016 and 2018 have been identified to be affected. Based on the report made by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), “A high impact force may cause the transmission gears to break during shifting.” (more…)

  • Desas-desus mengenai juara WorldSBK, Jonathan Rea, berpindah ke MotoGP telah timbul sekali lagi.
  • Selepas memenangi kejuaraan buat kali ketiga berturut-turut bersama pasukan Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT), Rea bakal meneruskan kerjaya WorldSBK-nya sehingga hujung tahun 2018.
  • Rea mengatakan bahawa dia hanya akan berpindah sekiranya ada kekosongan dalam pasukan pengilang MotoGP.



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