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Honda NC750X mendapat pelbagai kemas kini terbaru bagi tahun 2021.

Bagi tahun 2021, model baharu ini kini didatangkan dengan sistem fly-by-wire dan sistem ekzos serta valve timing yang telah dipertingkat.

Hasilnya, enjin parallel 2-silinder 745cc dengan penyejukan cecair – yang kini patuh Euro5 – menawarkan 58.8hp pada 6,750rpm (peningkatan 4hp berbanding model sebelumnya) dan 69Nm pada 4,750rpm.

Selain daripada fly-by-wire, Honda NC750X 2021 ini juga dilengkapi dengan Honda Selectable Torque Control dengan tiga tetapan berbeza berbanding hanya dua tetapan sebelum ini.

Tunggangan juga tampil lebih efisien dengan penggunaan throttle elektronik yang kini menawarkan tiga mod tunggangan termasuk satu mod User yang membenarkan penunggang membuat tetapan sendiri.

Bagi yang berminat dengan varian tertinggi yang lengkap dengan transmisi DCT (dual clutch tranmission), sistem tersebut juga telah diperkemas bagi menawarkan prestasi enjin dan gear yang lebih efisien.

Secara keseluruhan, rekaan NC750X ini tampak lebih model dengan reka bentuk yang turut dibantu dengan penggunaan lampu LED termasuk daytime running light (DRL).

Honda turut mendakwa reka bentuk fairing juga telah dipertingkat bagi melindungi penunggang daripada keadaan cuaca pelbagai.

Bukan itu sahaja, Honda turut merendahkan ketinggian tempat duduk kepada 800mm berbanding 830mm sebelum ini hasil daripada penggunaan kerangka serba baharu yang kini 1.8kg lebih ringan.

Sistem ‘suspension’ pula hadir menerusi fork teleskopik 41mm yang dibantu oleh Show Dual Bending Valves yang boleh diselaraskan bagi compression dan rebound.

  • Honda has just filed the patents for a new 800cc engine.

  • It could be the platform for an 800cc Honda Africa Twin.

  • The patents also show it being equipped with DCT.

Honda has just filed the patents for a new 800cc parallel-Twin engine. While the patent documents show a naked bike like the previous Hornet 650, they may just be working on a much-awaited middleweight 800cc Honda Africa Twin.

Big Red has acknowledged that they lack a middleweight adventure. Indeed, the gap is too large between the CRF250L/CRF250 Rally and Africa Twin 1100. An 800cc adventurer fills this gap nicely.

But let’s get back to the patent.

The engine should also be the replacement for the current 745cc engine which has been in the market since 2014. It’s also the platform for an entire range of Honda bikes including the X-Adv crossover scooter, NC750D Integra scooter, NC750S naked bike and NC750X adventurer.

The patent also shows the engine equipped with Honda’s proprietary DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), which is already on the X-Adv and CRF1100 Africa Twin.

More than that, the cam cover’s shape is clearly similar to that of the CRF450R, new Africa Twin and VFR1200F which means it will feature the Unicam set up. It’s not variable valve timing/lift, however.

Having an 800cc to 850cc displacement also makes sense since their European rivals namely BMW and Triumph are currently the ones to beat. We shall see what comes of this.


  • Apabila bercakap tentang motosikal lumba paling praktikal yang boleh kita miliki sekarang, terdapat beberapa pilihan yang tersedia dengan pelbagai spesifikasi dan tanda harga yang berbeza.
  • Tawaran terkini dalam kategori yang semakin berkembang ini adalah Ducati Supersport S dengan ciri-ciri serta prestasi yang sama taraf.
  • Bagi mereka yang merasakan yang ianya memiliki tanda harga yang terlalu besar, di sini kami senarai beberapa contoh terbaik yang mempunyai kedua-dua prestasi dan kebolehan pengembaraan.


When talking about the best practical sports bikes to buy now, there are a few options available with different specs and price tags.

The latest addition to this growing category is the 2017 Ducati Supersport S with features and performance to match.

To those who feel that it carries a huge price tag, here are some other prime examples when it comes to a bike that has both performance and touring capabilities.

In this day and age, motorcycle enthusiasts are constantly looking for the best motorcycle that is able to tackle a number of riding and weather conditions. The constant search for the ultimate balance between sports performance and comfort touring rideability is inevitable and manufacturers are beginning to take notice. (more…)

A series of leaked patent images seem to suggest that Honda is set to follow Kawasaki into the realm of supercharged motorcycle engines.

It seems as if some top motorcycle manufacturers are reaching the ceiling of what is technologically possible with modern day motorcycle engines.

Not too long ago, Kawasaki reintroduced the supercharger with the H2 and H2R. However, the step towards forced induction wasn’t entirely new. Back in the early 80s, the Japanese motorcycle big four all had a supercharged model for offer – Honda had the CX500 and 650 Turbo, Yamaha had the XJ 650 Turbo while Suzuki had the XN 85 Turbo and Kawasaki had the Z750 Turbo.

Anyway, the point is – supercharging isn’t entirely new for motorcycles. In fact it has been around since the 1930s, it seemingly took a break from the mainstream and now it is making a come back. Again.

New to the modern supercharging bandwagon is Honda Motorcycles, though yet unconfirmed but a leaked patent image seems to suggest that Honda will soon follow Kawasaki down the forced induction road.

The leaked image (shown above and below) doesn’t show much expect that the engine looks like a single-cylinder unit with the supercharged mounted on the left.

The patent image also doesn’t do much to suggest which Honda motorcycle will get the supercharging treatment, but word on the internet suggests that the NC750 (pictured above) could have been designed to eventually receive a supercharger.

Kawasaki has always maintained that it’s H2 and H2R won’t be the only machines to get a supercharger. So could we be at the brink of another big-four forced induction era? We certainly hope so.

First glimpse of the upcoming new 2017 Honda X-ADV adventure scooter.


Forthcoming new Honda ADV adventure-styled scooter teased in new video.


Radical 2016 Honda NM4 Vultus updated with new range of special paint options plus new exhaust. (more…)

Production version of Honda City Adventure concept scooter spotted road testing, will reportedly be called ‘ADV’ or ‘X-ADV’. (more…)

The mighty red wing marque that is Honda has finally taken the wraps off its two updated-for-2016 adventure sport models. Meet the 2016 Honda NC750X and Honda CB500X twins. Both models were unveiled online ahead of their slated public debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Here are the details we’ve managed to garner as of now.


2016 Honda NC750X

Compared to its previous iteration, the 2016 model sees the NC750X gaining with a facelift. It now looks more rugged and adventurous than before, but we’ll agree if you think the facelift is rather ‘mild’.


Complementing the aesthetic revisions are other updates such as LED lights front and aft, followed by a taller windscreen for increased wind protection, a pair of new Showa ‘dual-bending valve’ forks, as well as increased helmet storage space.

Furthermore, variants primed with Honda’s DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) have gained with additional riding modes for riders to select too.


2016 Honda CB500X

Unveiled alongside its revised big brother is the revised 2016 Honda CB500X. The second of the CB500 range to undergo an update after the CBR500R, exterior changes are once again mild in this mid-sized adventure-sport.


Underneath, revisions here include a 100mm-taller windscreen, LED lighting front and aft, a revised front suspension set with pre-load adjustability and new colour schemes too.

2016 Honda NC750X

64992-16ym-nc750x nc750x-2016-dynamic-001 nc750x-2016-dynamic-006 nc750x-2016-dynamic-037 nc750x-2016-dynamic-053 nc750x-2016-static-001 nc750x-tank

2016 Honda CB500X

65001-16ym-cb500x 65002-16ym-cb500x 65003-16ym-cb500x-1 65004-16ym-cb500x 65005-16ym-cb500x 65006-16ym-cb500x

Sources: Visordown ( Link 1 / Link 2 ) and ( Link 1 / Link 2 )

HK_2014_NC750X (22)

Honda calls it the next evolution of the NC700X, the bike that made its name by having a cargo space as the “tank” now comes with a bigger engine and a new name to reflect that, the NC750X.

By increasing the bore by 4mm to 77mm, the liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine now gets an extra capacity of 75cc and that bumps up the power output from 51hp to 54hp at the same 6250rpm while maximum torque is increased from 61Nm to 68Nm at 4750rpm. Seems little but the improvement with both power and torque curves are spread throughout the whole rev range.

On top of the power increase, Honda also added an extra balancer shaft to what they call injecting the engine with just the right amount of ‘good’ vibration. This makes the engine feel more refined yet still keeping the distinct “throb” delivered by its 270° firing order.

Even the muffler has been revised internally to allow a better flow from the engine’s increased capacity and now apparently also have a more “characterful” note. Still, from all that according to Honda, the NC750X can reach about 400km from its 14.1L underseat fuel tank.

The rest of the bike remains the same with the famous storage compartment large enough to take a full-face helmet.

The 2014 NC750X is available in Sword Silver Metallic and Matt Pearl White at RM54, 988.00. This model comes with a two year or 20,000 km manufacturing warranty.

HK_2014_NC750X (36)


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